Benchmark 62030 30 Dog Roller Electric Grill Review

Have you ever experienced the taste of a perfectly prepared hotdog? If you need the best portable electric grill to make hot dogs of any size then consider the Benchmark 62030 30 Dog Roller Grill. So what exactly makes this grill stand out among other electric grills?

Does it have the sturdy body to withstand years of grilling? How does it compare to other top performing grills like Kenyon B70082 Floridian All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill? Read on to the end as we take a keen look and review of Benchmark 62030 30 Dog Roller Grill

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Features and Specifications

Extra large size

This dog roller grill measures 8 inches in height, 22 inches in width and 20 inches in depth. With such enormous size, it allows you to cook 30 standard size hot dogs at once. Very few grills offer such large grilling surface, not even the George Foreman 5-Serving Multi-Plate Evolve Grill System.

Nonstick rollers

This electric grill has stainless steel rollers. With such a sturdy material, these rollers will give you years of happy grilling before deteriorating n performance. Besides the stainless steel rollers also has the nonstick property. No wonder the manufactures provide the three-year warranty on this electric grill.

Sufficient grilling power

In addition to its large space that accommodates many sausages and hot dogs, this grill provides enough power to cook the foods evenly. From the 120 Volts input, the equipment consumes around 9.2 amperes. The 1100watts heating element, therefore, can heat the entire cooking surface very fast.

High torque motor

The electric grill features the high torque motor that provides 360 degrees roller rotation. Owing to the high torque it can turn all the rollers happily without excess heating. That, in the end, results in evenly cooked food.

The Good

Sturdy construction

The entire body of the Benchmark 62030 30 Dog Roller Grill features the premium grade stainless steel. That awards it the robust body just like the Waring CountertopStainless Steel Electric Griddle. Furthermore, its low profile design and the 27 lbs weight also give it much-needed stability.  It’s, therefore, the sturdy, stable and reliable grilling equipment.

Removable drip tray

Without proper channeling and management of grease and fats, even the sleek grill soon presents the disgusting appearance.  This grill, therefore, integrates the removable grill in its design. Thus during cooking, the fats are channeled to the grease tray thus making up for easy removal.

Independent front and rear heat control

Tapping from its innovative USA design, the Benchmark 62030 30 Dog Roller Grill is equipped with an adjustable thermostat’s feature. Hence that makes it easier to control the cooking temperature as each food demands. Better still you can use the grill to cook two foods at different temperatures. That’s because it provides for the independent heat control for the front and rear grilling surface.

Easy to access and use controls

In addition to the independent heat control, the grilling equipment has the graduated temperature control knobs from low to high heat levels. Also, each of the knobs has the LED light for a better visual alert. Besides, it has very few controls on the front face.

On-off roller switch

This dog roller grill gives you complete control of the roller rotation. On the front panel, it has the on-off switch for controlling power flowing to the roller. Thus you can decide when to commence the roller rotation and when to stop it.

 Easy to clean

After grilling you wouldn’t fret when asked to clean this unit. It offers you an easy to clean surface. For instance, its stainless steel rollers feature the nonstick surface. The metallic exterior surface is smooth and easy to wipe clean. It even has an integrated drip tray for easy grease management.

If you area fun of grilling especially sausages and hotdogs then you can’t afford to miss this Benchmark 62030 30 Dog Roller Grill. With just a click of the button below, you can have one or two


The Bad

There are a few drawbacks f the grill worth mentioning.

Lacks inbuilt temperature gauge

Unfortunately, this unit has no inbuilt thermometer to help you keep track of the food as it cooks. But you can easily buy a grill thermometer and install on it.

Lacks the built-in stand

Unlike the George Foreman 12-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Rectangular Electric Grill which has an easy-to-remove stand, this grill has none. You, therefore, have to operate it, therefore, requires a countertop.

Who Is It For?

This grill is ideal for someone who wishes to make many hot dogs or sausages in less time for example when you own a cafeteria or food truck.  It will help you to make quick breakfast items and thus forge a good relationship with your customers for faster service and tasty foods.


Even though it lacks built-in heat gauge device and easy-to-remove stand, very few grills can rival its simplicity, sturdiness and vast grilling area. Making breakfast for your family or friends has never been this easy like when you have this Benchmark 62030 30 Dog Roller Grill. Why not click the button below, order one, and experience what you have been missing?