Top 12 Grill Brushes in 2020 Review

At home, it is always a barbecue night. Our family loves grilling. We grill everything. We love the smell of pork barbecue marinated in oyster sauce. We love Korean barbecue. We love the Japanese style chicken barbecue. In fact, most of our dishes are barbecues marinated in different sauces.

Since we love grilled food so much, we have invested in a Coleman charcoal grill. For this grill, we have used different grill brushes to keep it clean and always ready. Some grill lovers tend to forget this – you have to keep your grills clean in order to produce best-tasting grills. How to do it? You should have one of the best grill brushes out there.

After grilling, you have to clean your grill. It is not just hygienic. A clean grill also helps in producing that great grilled smell and taste. Want to know the best grill brushes to choose from for your everyday grilling needs?

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12 Best Grill Brushes Review

Let us take a look at some of the best grill brushes that you can find online and from your local stores.

Weber 6464 18-Inch Bamboo Grill Brush

The Weber 6464 18-Inch Bamboo Grill Brush is available in two designs. A grill brush with 12-inches handle and one with an 18-inches handle.

This barbecue grill brush has a bamboo handle. It is made with a highly renewable source that is environmentally friendly. It is a 2in1 grill cleaner. It has a scraper on the other side and a brush on the other.

The bristles of this best bbq brush from Weber are short and sturdy. You can scrap your grates with the scrapper and use the brush to completely remove dirt and burnt food crumbs on the grates.


  • With scraper blade
  • Short, sturdy brush bristles
  • Wood handle
  • Long or short wood handle
  • Comfortable handle
  • Light
  • Stainless steel bristles
  • Headstrap


  • Bristles fall off easily
  • Bristles clog easily
  • Bristles too short
  • Stainless bristle easily melts off
  • No angle brush
  • Not ergonomic design
  • Slippery handle

Char-Broil Cool Clean Nylon Bristle Grill Brush

There are two popular types of grill brush bristles – nylon and stainless steel. There are accidents where fallen off stainless steel are left on the grill and gets mixed with grilled food. You can avoid this with Char-Broil Cool Clean Nylon Bristle Grill Brush.

This grill brush comes with nylon bristles. If you have porcelain and chrome wire grids grates or cast iron grates, this is a good brush to have. The bristles are designed angularly to make it easier to clean grill our grill. The multi-blade scraper can scrape burnt food on the grates.

The head of this grill brush comes with a hook. When not in use, you can just hang it in your kitchen. The head can be removed for easier cleaning. Most grill brush reviews consider a hook as an added selling point for a nylon bbq grill brush.


  • Hook for hanging
  • Double scraper
  • Nylon bristles
  • Removable head
  • Grid lifter feature
  • Wire scraper feature
  • Angled bristles


  • Nylon can’t remove dried residue
  • Bristles wore out easily
  • Bristles easily bend
  • Double scraper design fail

Crazy Mazie Wooden Grill Scraper/ Cleaner

The Crazy Mazie Wooden Grill Scraper/Cleaner comes with an oak handle in light pink. If you are looking for a gift for him, this one is a sure winner.

This best grill scraper and cleaner in one that is made of wood, comes with wire brushes design. The thin end of this brush can be molded into your grates for easier cleaning. Instructions are easy to follow on how to do it.

Using it to clean your grill is easy with its T-shape handle. The handle design is ergonomics for a more controlled grip while cleaning.

The easy to hold handle is more n 17 inches long. If you need to scrape some burnt food off your grill, you can do so without getting burned. Even while grilling, this strong oak brush from Crazy Mazie can help you in removing food residue buildup.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Long handle
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Durable handle
  • Unique design
  • All wood
  • Environmentally friendly grill cleaner
  • Safe to use
  • Doesn’t leave scratches on the grill


  • Need force when cleaning

Woody Nub Grill Scraper – Wood BBQ Cleaner Grilling Accessory

It looks like an antique hanging on the wall but it’s not – it is a grill wooden brush. It is the Woody Nub Grill Scraper – Wood BBQ Cleaner Grilling Accessor. It is made of Red oak and Beech hardwood. If you want a non-toxic grill cleaner, this wood scraper is for you.

This hardwood grill scraper from The Great Scrape is a backpacker’s savior. It is small, but it can do its job. It is coated with butcher block oil. It is a treatment to keep it non-toxic and safe to use.

The Woody Nub Grill Scraper is 16 inches long.  When not in use, you can just hang it. It comes with a hanging hole on its head. The flat grill scraper part doesn’t have wires bristles. The end part of the scraper is designed like a bristle to help you removing burned food scrapes.

Because it is made of Red oak and Beech hardwood, being sturdy is one of its qualities. You can apply enough pressure to completely remove all food debris and burnt foods during cleaning.


  • For compact grills
  • Solid hardwood
  • Coated with non-toxic mineral oil
  • Allows manual grooves formation
  • No dangerous bristles
  • Easy to grip handle


  • Grooves formation takes time
  • Needs two hands to hold it

Weber 6495 Cast-Iron Brush

For a thorough grill cleaning, the Weber 6495 Cast-Iron Brush will surely help you. The bristles of this brush are angled. Because of its design, it can fit in between the cast iron grates of your grill.

This weber bbq brush comes with two brush heads. The separate bristles will cover a single grate to clean both sides. A slow up and down movement will make your grill clean in no time.

At 10 inches long, this is ideal for backpackers who love to grill outdoors. You can just drop it in your backpack, it is small that it won’t take much space. After cooking your dinner, simply take your Weber stainless steel brush and clean your grill.

Durability is not a question with its stainless bristles. They are extra thick to ensure longer life. When not in use, you can hang it anywhere using its sturdy rope hook.


  • Sharp bristles
  • Longer bristle reach
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to hold grill brush
  • Stiff bristles
  • Bristles get in between grates
  • Wire brush bristle design
  • Cleans fast
  • Sturdy rope on top
  • Sturdy strap
  • 100% USA made


  • Hard to pair with a particular grill
  • The brush design is awkward
  • Doesn’t fit a Weber grill
  • Poor bristle angle
  • Short handle

Weber 6686 Detailing Brush

The Weber 6686 Detailing Brush is a budget-friendly grill brush. In terms of quality and durability, it has what a Weber product is known for.

The design of the Weber 6686 Detailing Brush bristles allows very detailed cleaning. With its long handle, you can take advantage of its sturdy bristles to clean grates and burners. The shape of the bristles allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas. This Weber grill brush can reach heat deflectors, burners, and areas under the grates.

With its bristles, you can clean two spots at the same time. If you will tilt it, you can easily get into holes and crevices on your grill.

The bristles of this Weber grill brush are made of stainless steel. It is weather resistant. It can clean two grates at the same time. To make cleaning easier, it comes with a handle with ergonomic plastic grip. Also, it has a leather hang strap that you can use to hang it on lazy days.


  • Long handle
  • Good bristle size
  • Strategic design of bristle heads
  • Light
  • Sturdy handle
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with Weber compact grills


  • Lacks scraper
  • Bristles easily fall off
  • Bristles get clogged easily

GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper Best BBQ Brush for Grill

The GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper Best BBQ Brush for Grill is an improved Grill Brush that comes with a scraper. Unlike its predecessors, it is now easier to clean your grill with its scraper.

This grill brush has three heads. Each head has its own bristles. In one push, you can clean as much space as this grill brush can cover. This means that one powerful stroke with this grill brush is equivalent to up to 3 strokes of an ordinary grill brush. It also comes with a 360-degree rotator making cleaning easier. The 360-degree rotator and its scrape are the main selling points of this grill brush from Grillart.

With the rotator, you can do one stroke under the grills and it can cover more areas. For added help, Grillart attached this grill brush to an 18 inches handle. Now you can clean your grill in as fast as 30 minutes even if the grill is still hot.

If you are worried about having steel wires added to your grilled food, this Grill Brush can save you. The steel wire bristles on this brush are embedded. The bristles are embedded and woven firmly to prevent it from falling off. On the side of this grill brush is a scraper blade that removes dried food residues.

Because the bristles are a bit hard, don’t use it on a ceramic grill grate. The bristles can scratch the grate. After cleaning your grill, just soak this grill brush or put it under running water.


  • stainless steel keyring
  • nonslip handle
  • tight woven bristles
  • 360-degree rotator
  • 3 bristle heads
  • Long handle
  • Non-slip handle
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to wash
  • Comes with scraper


  • Heavy at ¾ pounds
  • For compact grills only
  • Handle is soft

BBQ Brush Bristle Free | Premium Stainless-Steel Bristle Free Brush

If you are not a fan of stainless bristles, you can check Pit King’s BBQ Brush Bristle Free | Premium Stainless-Steel Bristle Free Brush. Their main selling point is being bristle free. As people are now complaining of falling bristles, Pit King believes that it is time to make something new and safe.

Without bristle, this grill brush is just made of stainless formed like a brush. Though it is stainless, Pit King assures its customers that it is rust resistant.

For cleaning, you can easily do it even if you just finished grilling with its 16 inches long handle. The thick and long handle will keep you safe from the heat of the grates. The handle is ergonomically designed for added comfort when gripping it.

To make your grill cleaning activity easier, Pit King added a scraper to this grill brush. You can start cleaning by scraping hard and burnt foods then use the brush to completely take it off.


  • Long handle
  • Bristle free
  • It comes with a scraper
  • Stainless brush
  • Rust-free brush
  • Very sturdy


  • Hard to remove small debris
  • Can’t get to crevices and holes

Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush – Bristle Free Barbecue Brush

If your grill has ceramic coated grates, you will want a Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush – Bristle Free Barbecue Brush. This grill brush won’t leave scratches or marks on your grates after cleaning.

This Kona grill brush is made of metal. It is spiral-arranged. It is thin enough to get in between grates during cleaning. You can easily clean your grill with the help of its long handle. The handle comes with a leather strap for a more comfortable grip.

What we like about Kona Safe Grill Brush is the lack of bristle. With this brush, you can clean with ease. You no longer have to worry about stainless bristles falling off and sticking on your grates.


  • Affordable
  • Manufacturer warranty offered
  • Long handle
  • Bristle free
  • Ceramic coat friendly
  • Comes with metal hook
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • The brush is angled for best cleaning result


  • Stainless steel is prone to rust
  • Hard to clean holes and small surfaces
  • Use it horizontally
  • Need pressure when used

BBQ Grill Brush cleaner – kit 3 in 1 18″ Best BBQ Brush

For the best grill brush, I have three things in mind. It needs to have a long handle, a durable and strong bristle, and metal end. All these qualities can be found on BBQ Grill Brush cleaner – kit 3 in 1 18″ Best BBQ Brush.

When not in use, you can hang this grill brush with its metal end. The metal end has a strap on it. When needed, just dip the brush in a bucket of water and you can start cleaning your grill.

The BBQ Grill Brush cleaner – kit 3 in 1 18″ Best BBQ Brush comes with a 10 inches handle. It is long enough so you can bend anyway you want to clean your grill. One of the selling points of this brush is being 3in1. It has three heads of woven steel wire. A single movement of up and down is enough to clean half of your grill. For best result, do the up and down step at least 3 times. Add pressure as well.


  • Stainless steel bristles
  • Easy to clean bristles
  • Thick, quality bristles
  • 3in1 head brush
  • Up to 5x faster
  • The handle is prone to rusting


  • Strap for hanging is insubstantial
  • Handle is prone to rust
  • Hard to clean sides and small gaps

Kona 360° Clean Grill Brush

A 3in1 grill brush, the Kona 360° Clean Grill Brush will make your grill cleaning a lot easier. Because it is 3in1, one stroke is now equal to 3 strokes. The selling point of this grill brush is its 360-degree rotator.

With its 360-degree rotating capability, you can now clean your grill from top to bottom. For best result, you can dip the brush in a pail of water.

This best grill brush from Kona is soft despite being made of stainless. It doesn’t leave marks or scratches unless you apply too much pressure. It can be used in cleaning grills such as porcelain, infrared, or ceramic.

This stainless-steel brush is attached to an 18 inches handle. You can use both hands for added pressure. The handle is ergonomically designed for best fit.

With three brushes in one handle, you might have a problem cleaning small gaps. Cleaning the gap between each grate can be a problem. It doesn’t have a scraper as well, so you need to add extra pressure when cleaning dried burnt food.


  • Lightweight
  • Three in one design
  • Three brushes heads
  • Sturdy design
  • Long handle
  • Stainless-steel bristles
  • Hard-wired bristles
  • Easy to clean
  • 360-degree rotator
  • Faster cleaning time
  • Comes with a hook


  • Hard to use in small cracks
  • Can’t clean gaps between grates
  • Gets rusty easily

Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper – Extended, Large Wooden Handle and Stainless-Steel Bristles

A grill brush and a scraper, this is what the Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper – Extended, Large Wooden Handle and Stainless-Steel Bristles are all about. It is a 2in1 grill brush that can help you clean your grill in one sitting.

This grill cleaner comes with removable pads. The pads are attached to the brush. When the pads get too dirty, you can just replace it with a new one. This way, the metal brush doesn’t get too dirty.

The one issue that I have with this grill brush is the size of the brush. Since it is not made of bristles and it is large, it doesn’t reach gaps. It can’t be used to clean the sides of the grates. It is an effective tool in cleaning the top part of the grill but not the other parts or sides.

The scraper can be used to remove debris and burnt foods on the sides of the grate, but it can’t be totally get cleaned unless you use another grill brush.


  • 2 in 1 grill brush
  • No bristles to fall off
  • Comes with hook
  • Comes with removable and replaceable pads
  • Long handle
  • Sturdy handle
  • Rust resistant stainless parts
  • 100% USA made


  • Comes with plastic handle
  • Can only use on grill’s surface
  • Can’t reach gaps and small grill cracks

How to Choose a Good Grill Brush

A quick look at your grill brush would tell you that it is time to replace it. If there are grease build up, clogged bristles, and damaged handle, then get a new one. To test our grill brush if it is still okay, you can use a plier to try and pull out some bristles. If it holds on, then it means it is still. If not, then it is time to get a new one.

Here are some of the things that you can consider when looking for a new brush from a pool of best grill brushes in your local store.


When looking for a good grill brush, there are three choices in terms of material. It can be made of wood, brass, or stainless steel.


A wooden grill brush is a traditional grill brush. It looks like a paddle. Most wood grill brushes are 20 inches long. It means you are on a safe distance from the grill or fire when using it. At the end of this wooden brush is a cut that looks like a teeth.

To clean your grill, you have to exert force and effort when using a wooden grill brush. Though it looks cool and fascinating, it is not recommended for people who prefer an easy way of cleaning their grills.


Brass grill brushes are popular among grillers who love soft bristles. It works like a stainless steel grill brush but with softer bristles.

The only issue I had with brass grill brushes are the bristles falling off. They fall off easily.

Stainless steel

When it comes to grill brush materials, stainless steel is the most popular. This kind of grill brush is very easy to use, effective, and durable. Stainless steel grill bush can be of use for months before the bristles start falling.


When it comes to grill brushes, the first thing to check is the bristles. The way the bristle feels in your hand and looks will determine how good it is. It should feel sturdy. Pull it twice or thrice and it should not give out.

Comfort and ease of use

After grilling, you will spend at least 20 to 30 minutes cleaning your grill. It depends on how large your grill is and the type of food you grilled. It means you will be holding your grill brush for a time.

Before buying a grill brush, hold it first. Feel it in your hands. Does it feel comfortable? Is the handle long or large enough for your hand?

Once you feel its size, try to use it. Pretend you are brushing your grill. Does it feel okay? Does it feel effective? If something feels off while trying a certain grill brush, don’t take it. Find a grill brush that you can use comfortably and easily.


There are two different types of grill brushes. You can either have a grill brush with plastic around the brush and a grill brush that has a lot of attachment.

The plastic around the brush

This is how a traditional grill brush looks like. It looks like a small paddle. There are bristles at one end. The handle is covered with plastic. It is easy to use. It is light. It can be used to clean your grill in a matter of minutes.

Unnecessary features/gimmicks

Then there are grill bushes with enticing attachments. I have seen a grill brush with water sprayer on one end. If your barbecue is getting on fire, you can use the sprayer to slow the fire down.

There are grill brushes that come with a scraper on the other side. You can use the scraper to remove hard grill stains. Then for final cleaning, you can use its soft bristles.

Remember that some manufacturers add gimmicks to their product to add to its selling point. Before you get swayed, ask yourself – is it necessary? Will those added features really help?

Hole or strap

Find a grill brush that comes with a hole or strap so you can just hang it when not in use. When in use, you can hang it on the side of your grill. When not, you can clean it and hand it on the kitchen.

Motorized bristles

Though the word ‘motorized’ is very enticing, know that it doesn’t make the cleaning easier. Motorized grill brushes work like a regular brush. You have to exert force and effort to make it work. The only difference is that the bristles are moving on its own for motorized bristles. As for a traditional grill brush, it cleans wherever your hands put it into.

Integrated scraper

New versions of grill brushes now comes with integrated scraper. This is useful if you have a large grill. A scraper can easily remove those debris and burned food in your grates. It can also remove formed oil residue from your pork and beef barbecues.

360-degree rotator

This is like having motorized bristles. The difference is that with a 360-degree rotator, your grill brush can clean even the small sides of your grill. It can also clean the bottom part of the grates.


The length of the handle affects how you can use your grill brush. This is true especially if you have short arms or if your grill is higher than you.

Long handle

A long handle can help you reach crevices on your grill. If it is too high, the long handle can help you reach both ends of the grill. A long handle means less effort for you while brushing your grill.

Short handle

If you are tall, having a short handle grill brush is highly efficient. With short handle, you won’t have to keep bending your body just so you can reach both ends of your grill.


The bristle is an important part of a grill brush. When shopping for a new grill brush, you have to consider the bristle. Do you want a brush with soft bristles? Do you prefer those grill brushes with harder bristles?

The bristles are the one doing the main cleaning job. With softer bristles, you can easily clean the entire grill and its gaps. However, you need to exert more effort to make it effective in removing stains and dirt. If you are using a grill brush with harder bristles, you might find it difficult to clean crevices.


When searching for the best grill brush, you have to consider the weight of the brush. You will be using for 15 to 30 minutes for cleaning. Would the weight affect your cleaning power?

If it is too light, you might need to exert extra effort to remove all those debris and hardened stains. If it is too heavy, your hand and arm might suffer and feel the strain.

Ease of cleaning

After using it to clean your grill, how would you clean your grill brush? Some grill brush can be cleaned with running water. Some soak it in a water with dishwashing soap.

Grill brushes with bristles are harder to clean especially if the bristles keep falling off. Stainless steel brushes that are bristle-free are much easier to clean. Still, if your grill has grates with small gaps in between, having a bristle-free grill brush is not for you. Check what you need and list the best grill brushes that can meet your need. Choose from that list.


Cleaning your grill is essential in maintaining that smoky taste and smell you enjoy so much when grilling. It is also hygienic to keep your grill clean. When grease and oil from your grilled food are left alone, it can stink. After months, it can rot. Once you use your grill again, that rotten smell and taste can get into your newly grilled food.

To avoid such mishap when grilling, make sure to have a useful grill brush at hand. Choose a grill brush that you can comfortably use. It should be light, easy to hold, and easy to use. Make sure it is easy to clean as well.

Lastly, when choosing from a list of best grill brushes, you should pick that one that matches your grill’s design. If you have a Weber grill, why not pick a Weber grill brush? Or if you have a grill with large gaps in between grapes, why not pick a bristle-free grill brush?