Top 12 Grill Cleaners in 2020 Review

Cooking on a clean grill is not only appetizing but also a healthy practice. Whether you own gas, electric or charcoal oven bbq grill, it soon gets dirty over time.

Smoke coats grill, bbq sauce, and grease get stuck on the grill too. And after several cooking cycles, baked on grease and oily substances are formed. Even the side tables if not cleaned provides a safe breeding ground for bacteria.

So if you grill regularly, you can’t do without the best grill cleaners. They not only keep the bbq machine clean but also improve its appearance and prolong its lifespan.

With the right cleaning products, cleaning an oven, broiler or fryer doesn’t have to take long hours. For example, routine grill cleaning can take even less than ten minutes using the fast acting bbq cleaner.

So here are the top 12 grill cleaners that are effective on all the grill stains you can think of:

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12 Best Grill Cleaners Review

Carbona 320 Carbona 2-In 1 Oven Rack And Barbeque Cleaner

A clean oven rack or grill grates give you the confidence to grill food in your backyard with pride. With Carbona 320, cleaning the dark sports in your grills, accumulated grease, and other gunk leftovers won’t be a dreaded task.

The two in one gas grill and barbeque grates cleaning agent promises to give you an easy way to clean your grills and award it the brand new look again. It will effectively remove stubborn stains such as grease and other stuck food remains on the grill.

It doesn’t matter whether you have the steel or enamel surface to clean. The Carbona works efficiently on those two surfaces.

In addition, it comes complete with everything you will ever need during the grill cleaning moments.  With the big and sturdy rack cleaning bag, it will completely house the racks and thus provides for easy coating of the grates by the cleaning fluid.

Your hands don’t have to come into contact with the cleaning fluid. And you don’t have to incur an extra cost to enjoy that protection. That is so because the package provides you with the protective gloves that you easily dispose of once you are through with the cleaning exercise.


To help in the easy coating of the grill grates with the Carbona, it comes in a sufficient 500 ml capacity container. With such a large capacity of the cleaning agent, you won’t experience any shortage while cleaning the racks and even your BBQ machine side shelves.

As the energy saving cleaning solution, it won’t prompt you to turn on your gas or electric grill in order to effectively remove the grease. Just pour in the solution in the bag, dip the grill, close it tightly and wait for some hours.


  • Straight forward to use
  • Comes complete with all the accessories needed
  • Saves on energy
  • Safe and doesn’t endanger lives
  • Cleans both stainless steel an enamel surfaces
  • Big rack cleaning bag
  • Lightweight container 1.5 pounds


  • Isn’t effective in cleaning aluminum surfaces
  • Can’t remove rusts

Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

The innovative barbeque cleaner uses plant-based ingredients to form a solution that’s effective in cleaning the stainless steel, porcelain or steel grill grates. Using extracts like coconut oil, lavender essential oil, filtered water, and other trusted ingredients, the therapy premium derives its therapeutic formula.

Not only does it play the role of a cleaner but it protects the cleaned stainless steel surface too. All those smudges, streaks, fingerprints that prevent your grill from glowing are no match for the therapy premium cleaner.

In addition to helping you clean bbq stainless steel grills, the bbq cleaning product has many alternative uses. It promises to deliver the same superior results when cleaning refrigerator, stoves, microwaves, sinks and even dishwashers.

Applying the grill degreasing solution is simpler since it is packaged in a ready to use spray container. Its design allows you to grip the pump container (16 ounces) with one hand and use the same hand to pump the liquid out.


The actual cleaning process involving the therapy premium stainless steel cleaner is straightforward. Simply spray and wipe off the surface; no elbow grease rubbing!

And did I tell you that you don’t have to look for another wiping cloth? As part of the package, the purchase of the therapy grill cleaner entitles you to a microfiber cloth. Owing to its 14 inches by 14 inches size, the microfiber cloth is larger enough to clean large surfaces in no time e.g. refrigerator door.

The sturdy and elegant pump bottle is also stable to rest on its own on a flat surface since it has a slightly wider base compared to other parts of the container.

Once you are done with cleaning, the grill cleaner also doubles as the polish. Thus it leaves your grills shining clean. Furthermore, due to the coconut oil ingredient employed in its formulation, the bbq effective cleaner awards your cleaned surface the protective ability.

It will thus repel fingerprints, dust, and dust thus prolonging its effect.


  • Large capacity 16 oz pump
  • Both cleans and protects the surface from fingerprints and dust
  • Has the non-offensive therapeutic scent
  • Bluffs to brilliant shine easily
  • Can be used more than once


  • An over application of the cleaner hinders buffing to full shine

Easy-Off Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner

Regular cooking calls for habitual cleaning too. But sometimes you may find stubborn stains that don’t come out easily. For example, baked-on grease, spills or grime may not be easy to remove with regular oven cleaners. Easy off Professional oven and grill cleaner is one of those best grill cleaners for build up stubborn stains.

If you own the heavy-duty oven, broiler or everyday oven easy off professional is a reliable and efficient cleaning product. While other cleaners require intense rubbing of the stains, the professional cleaner employs the grease cutting formula.


When you apply it on the baked-on grease and other accumulated stains, it won’t take long to produce results. Within 5 minutes it promises to soften the stain, after which you can simply wipe it off.

Owing to its advanced grease-cutting formula, the easy grill cleaning product is ideal for spot cleaning of thick build up stains. So whether you want to carry out regular cleaning of your grill/oven or overhaul cleaning it will still be effective.


  • Takes on stubborn grease and grime with ease
  • Act fast within five minutes
  • Eliminates rubbing and uses the grease cutting formula


  • The highly concentrated solution that fits heavy duty cleaning

Grill Cleaner Spray – Professional Strength Degreaser

Having made a name in engineering high-end BBQ grills, Weber brings you the must have cleaning accessory; Weber cleaner spray. Even the finest grill gets a thin film coating and accumulation of grease plus other spillages on the grill grates. The result is grill surface that snot only dull but negatively influences the taste of food.

But with the Weber professional degreaser, no dirt stands on your way to a clean and tasty food; not even the baked spills. The professional bbq degreaser uses the non-toxic citrus-based formulation to make a revolutionary grill-cleaning spray.

In addition to cleaning grills, the product also plays the same role in cookers, microwaves, and smokers. Removing the stubborn darkened spots don’t have to be difficult.

A large percentage of ordinary grill cleaners employ toxic ingredients. But the Weber professional spray creation has no such chemicals. By using the USDA approved formula, the Weber grill spray cleaner has become one of the best effective bbq degreasers.

Apart from its effectiveness, professional strength degreaser is safe to the environment. By being both non-flammable and non-corrosive, it contributes positively to the environment.

Furthermore, it uses the ingredients that are phosphate free and easily broken down by organisms when released into the soil. Thus it’s the cleaning product that you can safely use in your backyard yet leaves no negative impact on your vegetation.


The 16 oz capacity sprayer employs the fast cleaning action even on the most crusted grease on the grills.


  • Formulated on non-toxic substances
  • Acts swiftly to remove accumulated grease and dirt
  • Energy cleaning; requires no grill heating during the cleaning process
  • Used for cleaning multiple surfaces


  • Users complain that the contents of the can run out fast.

Grill Cleaning Spray – BBQ Grid And Grill Grate Cleanser By Citrusafe

Are you tired of grill cleaners that leave an aftertaste that infiltrates into the next grilled food? Then try the Citrusafe cleaning spray. Like its name suggests it relies on the naturally sourced ingredients like citrus.  It’s the grill grate cleaner that won’t require you to heat the grill to loosen the grease and produce best results.

The Citrusafe grill grate cleanser allows you to remove grease from your grates while they are cool. By so doing it helps you to make significant savings on two most precious resources; time and fuel.

Although it can clean different surfaces it produces best results on stainless steel and porcelain enameled coated grill surfaces. And since most grill surfaces are made of those two materials, it promises great results during the cleaning exercise.

Not only does it promise easy cleaning of your grills but even the interior and exterior of propane gas and charcoal grill. After a light spray of the product on the griddle, grill and the hood a light brushing removes the grease effortlessly.

Using the 23 oz spray can, the d-limonene grill cleaning agent is easy to use. Moreover, the 680 ml capacity will take you several rounds of cleaning.

With citrus as the base ingredient, it’s an environmentally safe product. Its non-toxic and non-corrosive ability makes it the friendly bbq cleaning agent. Even after use, the phosphate free chemicals released into the soil are biodegradable.


Unlike other cleaners that force you to wear gloves, dust mask, the innovative Citrusafe grill cleaning spray won’t irritate your skin. While other products produce the choking fumes, the grill emits the sweet citrus smell.

The friendly but powerful cleaner can be used on other equipment such as cookers, smokers, microwaves, and ovens. So you can safely buy it as the multipurpose cleaner.


  • Based on naturally sourced ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Has the sweet citrus smell
  • Packaged in an easy to spray pump
  • Saves on energy
  • Its flavor doesn’t infiltrate to food


  • Not suitable for thick overstayed grease stains
  • Require light scrubbing for best results

TriNova Grill Cleaner Spray for BBQ

Are you tired of seeing the previous barbecue remains lingering on your grates? Obviously, it isn’t a pleasing site.  That’s why you should try out the TriNova grill cleaner. It promises to help you effectively remove baked-on food residue and grease from your grill grids.

The professional strength cleaner is effective on various surfaces such as stainless steel and iron surfaces.  For the perfect removal of the filth, spray it and wait for a while.

After which you can use any cleaning tool such as a brush, wooden or metallic tool free of bristles to gently scrub and wipe off the dirt. You won’t have to apply a lot of effort during the cleaning exercise after soaking it with the Trinova grill cleaner.

Furthermore, as you spray the stainless steel cleaner, it produces no choking fumes. Hence you won’t have to bother investing in a mask.

The Trinova grate/grill cleaner is packaged in a nonstick 18 oz container. With its ready to use formulation, it’s straightforward to use and light enough to hold with one hand.

In addition to making dirty grates shine again, it’s also effective in cleaning the exterior surface of grills. When you combine the TriNova professional strength cleaner to the right cleaning brush, no baked-on grease will stand your way.


  • Produces no choking smell
  • Compatible with many cleaning tools and accessories
  • Packaged in an attractive non-stick container
  • Cuts through and softens grease fast


  • You have to scrub off stubborn stains even after spraying TriNova

Easy-Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner

Baked on spills and grease can be difficult to remove from the oven or broiler. That’s why you need the right grill cleaner to simplify and ease the process. Easy-off professional cleaner is one such trusted product for your oven, broiler or barbecue grills.

Not only does it ease the cleaning process but it utilizes the fast acting formula.  When you apply it for example in the everyday spot cleaning, in less than five minutes you will have finished the usually cumbersome cleaning duty.

Unlike other grill cleaners, constituted from toxic chemicals that force you to wear gloves, easy off degreaser is different. Its skin friendly and produces no harsh fumes. Thus you don’t have to wear any mask or gloves.

Since it boasts the toughest formula, it promises to help you remove even the deep-seated baked on spills and otter stubborn stains on your grill and ovens. No wonder it has become one of the top grill cleaner product all over the USA.

Owing to its tough, fast-acting formula, you don’t have to heat your oven to clean it using the easy off professional. It cleans your grill while in the cold state.  Thus it helps you to make savings on fuel.

Since it is packaged in the ready to use pump can, it needs no other preparations. That makes it simple to use grill cleaner. Just hold the spray can a few inches from the stain and spray. Moreover, the spray can is sturdy and has the tight-fitting lid that discourages spillage.

The BBQ grill cleaner begins to act in seconds. But for the built-up baked stain, you may have to wait longer and repeat the procedure for complete removal of the stain.


  • Has the non-overpowering sweet lemon scent
  • Fast acting formula
  • Not skin irritant thus you need no gloves
  • Usable for several cleaning cycles
  • Effective on even baked spills and other stubborn stains


  • Not suitable for cleaning aluminum surfaces
  • Calls for thorough rinsing otherwise the chemical remain will smell and smoke when you heat the oven

CitruShine SH32, EMW1605286

Do you wish to preserve the factory finish on your grill surface? Then you have to choose carefully on the type of oven or grill cleaner you use.

Citrushine is one such cleaner and polish that promises to help you preserve the beautiful gloss of the stainless steel surfaces. In addition, it also suits porcelain, chrome, brass and even ceramic tiles. So it’s the multipurpose cleaner.

With Citrushine as your oven cleaner, you won’t have to go through elbow grease cleaning again. Simply apply it and wait for some time for it to take effect then wipe off gently and rinse off that surface. By avoiding the hard scrubbing preserve and prolong the shiny appearance on your grill.

In addition to cleaning stains, it also helps to protect and restore the sparkling appearance on those surfaces.  The stainless steel cleaner leaves behind the surface that resists fingerprints, water, and even grease. Thus contributes significantly to maintaining the beautiful factory finish of your oven.

But it isn’t just the grill cleaner only; the product finds similar application in stainless steel pots, pans, refrigerators, and dishwashers. In addition, it also promises to leave your ceramic tiles and Formica surfaces sparkling clean.

As one of the best cleaner for stainless steel kitchen appliances, the product’s composition uses no toxic ingredients. Thus you can safely use it around your kitchen environment.

Apart from leaving the gloss finishing, it also gives out the pleasing citrus scent. Moreover, you only need to apply a small squirt of the cleaner to achieve great results. Thus the 12-ounce container can server for several cleaning cycles.


  • Suitable for different surfaces like stainless steel, brass, porcelain, Formica, and ceramic
  • It cleans, polishes and protects
  • Has the non-skin irritant formulation
  • Employs the non-toxic ingredients


  • Leaves behind the slightly waxy surface

Mr. Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner

Without regular cleaning maintenance, all grills, and smokers whether it electric, charcoal or propane powered soon accumulates oils, smoke, grease, and dust.

Mr. Muscle oven degreaser is one such trusted product you must not miss in your next cleaning routine.  Your grill griddle, fryer or smoker doesn’t have to accumulate smoke film anymore. There are many reasons to give the oven cleaner a chance

Taping from its special formulation, the bbq degreasing agent possesses the heavy-duty cleaning power. As such it promises to clean a wide range of stains from your oven or smoker and leave it perfectly clean. Stains and marks as a result of grease grime, oily organic matter, and smoke soot are no match for the Mr. Muscle cleaner.

Furthermore, you can apply it in a wide range of surfaces including ovens, bbq grills, broilers, and ventilating hoods. The liquid-based grill cleaner will clear grease or smoke film and hence help you restore the grill lid to an admirable state.

Although it’s in liquid-based form the 19-ounce cleaner employs the self-scouring action and thus requires no vigorous scrubbing once applied on a dirty surface. For that reason, it finds numerous applications among industrial and commercial cleaning users.

Once applied to the baked-on grease, for example, it clings to it, breaks it down and in less time. So if you desire to clean stubborn stains from your grill grates quickly and thus gives way to barbequing, think of Mr. Muscle grill cleaner.

Unlike other grill cleaners, you can apply the liquid degreaser to either a warm or cold surface and still realize incredible results.


  • Utilizes the self-scouring ability
  • Removes a wide range of stains
  • Comes in plain scent form
  • Fast acting formula


  • Emits strong fumes so you have to wear a dust mask

Zep ZUOVGR19 Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner

Some build up stains are so stubborn that they require a little bit of heating and the right degreaser to effectively remove them. So when you are looking for a reliable oven and grill cleaner for warm surfaces, then try out the Zep heavy duty cleaner.

Packaged in an easy to spray container, the 19 ounce Zep cleaner can be directed to otherwise hard to reach parts easily. Once bought you don’t have to mix it with any other solvent because it is sold in a ready to use a spray can.

The heavy duty grill cleaner is effective over hard to remove stains such as carbon deposits, baked on food and grease wastes. You can spray it on racks, grill exterior surfaces, and even sides.

Using the Zep oven cleaner isn’t complicated. It requires you to preheat the oven to a temperature of about 200oF. Then once you have switched off the oven hold the aerosol approximately 10 inches a way then spray a light coat on the dirt.

Then leave cleaner for about 7 minutes or so to penetrate into the dirt and loosen it off the grill. Finally, wipe off the loosened grime with a damp sponge.


  • Packaged in a ready to use the spray can
  • Loosen even stuck stains
  • Easy to use


  • Produces heavy chemical smell

Diversey Break-Up Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner

If you ever find it difficult to scrub ventilation hoods, griddles, fryers, and broilers then you need to upgrade your cleaning product.  Choosing an efficient and easy to use cleaner will lighten the task and makes it enjoyable. That’s where the Diversey break-up professional comes in.

It’s a heavy duty grill cleaner that removes a wide range of accumulated dirt. Packaged in a 19 oz spray can, the professional cleaner is easy to use. As an aerosol spray, it will effectively help in cleaning even the hard to reach hidden areas.

In addition to being used on the stainless steel surfaces, it will also help in removing stubborn grime from porcelain enamel, glass, plain ceramic tiles, and iron surfaces. When sprayed on such surfaces, it quickly breaks down and softens the stains. That minimizes the need for elbow grease scrubbing or scouring.

Owing to its efficiency it finds common usage in institutions, industrial and commercial cleaning applications. As the widespread barbecue cleaning product, it’s effective in removing stains such as baked on grease, spills, and smoke films. Furthermore, it posses extra strength to clean even the carbonized soils.

Once you have wiped off the stains with clean clothing, it will restore the bright appearance on your oven or broiler. Its application is not limited and therefore you can spray it on either warm or cold surfaces and still register positive results almost immediately.


  • Effective on stubborn stains
  • Comes in an easy to use spray
  • Applicable on both warm and cold surfaces
  • Possesses the prompt acting formula
  • It’s Kosher and NSF A8 certified
  • Has the plain scent
  • Uses the non-CFC formula


  • Calls for the use of hand gloves
  • Some stains call for some light rubbing to clean out

Compac’s Magic-Stone Grill Cleaner Scrub

If you have been grilling steak for a longer period then you understand how difficult it is to remove the baked-on grease that has accumulated over time from your grills.

Although difficult and time-consuming to most liquid based spray cleaners, such stubborn stains on the grill grids are no match for the scouring brick. It gives you an easy way of cleaning grills.

The magic stone has been manufactured from the complete hygienic and bacteria free ingredients.  But even while scouring away the crusted grease, it won’t harbor such germs.

That’s possible due to the rigid design that prevents it from absorbing and retaining moisture or liquids. Thus it possesses the ability to curb the spread of bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella from the grill.

With just light pressure, the magic stone removes the stubborn grime and hard water marks. And even while doing so; its 100% glass heated property prevents it from wearing out too fast. Therefore you can use it two times on grills heavily infested and built up stains. Otherwise for regular maintenance cleaning you can use it for about 6 to 8 times.

It won’t matter whether the grill is cold or slightly warm, the abrasive brush works on both surfaces.

As the multipurpose home cleaner, the abrasive grill brush will similarly remove paint, encrusted dirt, cement or rust from grills or metal surfaces.


  • Completely odorless
  • Produces no allergic reaction to the skin
  • Usable multiple times
  • Removes even the most stubborn stain quickly
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • Absorbs no moisture or liquid thus hygienic
  • Require little pressure


  • Requires more time and effort to complete cleaning the grills

How to Choose Good Grill Cleaners

Cleaning BBQ equipment is a crucial event that you can’t overlook. Accumulated baked on grease and bbq sauce on the grills and side tables if not cleaned harbor bad bacteria. Although many people enjoy grilled meat and hamburgers, very few take on the cleaning of the grills with ease.

However, it doesn’t have to be so when you have the best grill cleaners. With such grill cleaning products, the rather cumbersome task becomes easier. It will even help to restore the luster appearance of the oven.

But do you know how to choose the right cleaning product for your smoker, oven, and grill? Here are the most essential factors that if you look into will land you the best bbq cleaner:

Precise effectiveness

Before you buy an oven cleaner, you have to consider its effectiveness. Consider the kind of stains that you wish to remove. If you wish to clean the stainless steel grills then go for the cleaner that is dedicated to cleaning stainless steel grills, if it cleans other surfaces as well then let those be a bonus.

Do not choose a general cleaning product and expect it to remove the baked on grease on your grills, stovetops, sinks and any other kitchen appliances. Remember a cleaner might be effective in cleaning the floors but not suitable for grill grates which are cooking surfaces.

Your safety

Although you want a bbq cleaner that can efficiently clean all the built-up stains, it shouldn’t do so while compromising on your health.

Remember there are cleaners that require you to first put on gloves or mask and use them a well-ventilated area. Others require you to first preheat the oven and use the aerosol on warm grills. So choose the product that’s safe to use.

Ensure that you are at peace with the safety requirement listed by the manufacturer. But it is preferred to go for the grill degreaser that is certified as non-toxic, biodegradable and non-CFC.

Consequently, give first priority to cleaners using natural ingredients like D-limonene.


Although some bbq degreaser leaves behind no scent on your grills, others are scented and thus affect the smell on your oven. When you use the scented grill cleaner to clean your broiler, most likely that smell may show up in the food.

Therefore it’s best to either go for the plain scented versions or one that has the odor that pleases you. For example, the Easy-Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner possesses the sweet lemon scent

The intensity of the stains

The type of food you prepare regularly on your grill will determine the kind of stains that build upon it. If you mostly cook oily and greasy foods, then crusted grease will most probably show up on your grill grates.

Barbecue grill cleaners also differ in their formula. There’re those that are meant for the every day mild cleaning. Still, there are heavy duty cleaners that are used on grills with baked-on grease and spilled food that has accumulated over time.

So, know the type of stains that you want to do away with then match it with the right cleaning product.

Ease of use

It’s crucial to know the ease of use of a product prior to its purchase. Specifically, dig out on the intensity and length of the preparation time required by the grill cleaning product.

There’re those cleaners that are packed in ready to use package. Such requires no advance preparation.  Yet there are others that will require you to first preheat the oven to a certain temperature before spraying it and then waiting for a predetermined period before cleaning out the stains.

So know the preparation requirements, the waiting time for the cleaner to take effect and determine if it suits your schedule. If you are a busy man with less time to spare, go for the cleaning product with minimum time and tools requirement.

The ingredients

The list of ingredients constituting a bbq grill cleaner determines how friendly it is to your oven’s surface. In addition to cleaning the smoke and degreasing the grill, some cleaning products contain harsh chemicals.

Such chemicals will scratch the surface being cleaned or corrode it too.  Thus defacing and reducing its value. That’s why it’s also imperative to use an oven cleaner as directed by the manufacturer.

Added benefits

The primary use of grill cleaners is to soften and thus remove stubborn stains. But there are other oven cleaning products that provide additional benefits. For instance, the Therapy Premium Stainless Steel cleaner cleans, polishes, and even protects the cleaned surface from dust and fingerprints.


Cleaning your bbq grill, oven, side tables or broiler doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Identify the most stubborn stains like food spills and crusted grease. Then use the best grill cleaners and tools that suit those grimes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you will never go wrong.

When stains have piled up on your grill, it’s logical that you might have to soak it for a while. At times it will require you to make several cleaning cycles to completely wipe off the stains. But in the unlikely event that the liquid based cleaners prove inefficient, try the Compac’s magic stone cleaner.

So take one more look at the grill cleaners. For the regular spot routine cleaning, the fast-acting formula is best. Otherwise to soften hard crusted grease stains go for the heavy duty formulated grill cleaners. And with the guidelines provided above you can now select the right grill cleaner.

So have you picked your favorite grill cleaner?