Best Grill Thermometers in 2020 Review

While grilling or smoking meat, a thermometer makes your work easier. Imagine the nuisance of having to open the smoker lid every now and then to check whether your meat is ready or not. Furthermore you will be tied down attending to the meat from the star to the end.

That’s why you need the best grill thermometers to simplify your work. It will tell you of the exact oven’s and meat’s temperature at any given moment.

Moreover, a smart grill thermometer will give you preset cooking programs and even send you an alert on your phone when it’s ready.

That gives you the freedom to attend to other matters while the cooking goes on. For example you can then watch your favorite soccer team playing team with your friends as the cooking goes on.

But do you know the right thermometer to use on your oven, bbq or smoking unit?

That’s why we want to help.

To give you the tested and tried grill thermometers and equip you with that knowledge too. Here are our best 16 grill thermometers:

Best 16 Grill Thermometers Review

ThermoPro TP-08S Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer

The ThermoPro TP-08S is the smart wireless digital thermometer for measuring the meat and oven temperature. As the wireless thermometer, it allows you to monitor your cooking even while you are 300 feet away.

But if you go beyond the range and lose your link, it sends you an alert.  It can be used to measure temperature in various areas like BBQ, candy, oven, smoker, meat, and other foods.

It boasts the heat resistive probes and wires up to 716oF. Furthermore, it provides you with sufficient cable length to reach deep into the oven without straining. And even when the power goes off your precious timer and temperature settings are saved in the device.

By allowing you to manually determine your cooking temperature it gives you the much-needed precision. And during cooking when the temperature threatens to deviate from your preset value the device sends you a notification through flushing and beeping.

Setting up the device isn’t complicated. The transmitter and receiver come from the factory paired up already. All you have to do then is insert the batteries and its fit for use.

With its sturdy stainless steel probes, it should offer you longer service. By allowing the food grade probe to go 8.5 inches deep it offers high accuracy and reliability.

As one of the best meat thermometers, it offers a wide temperature range from 32oF to 572oF. Thus it can monitor all your cooking temperature with a reliable accuracy of ±1.8°F.

The receiver is very easy to carry around or position safely on a table. If you are not stationed to one place, then just hook it to your belt. Alternatively, if you are busy at your table then just pull out and make use of the countertop stand


  • Sufficient cable and probe length
  • High precision
  • Rubberized cover, thus easy to hold
  • Easy to read LED display unit
  • Supports remote monitoring up to 300 feet
  • Compatible with Weber iGrill app
  • Longer battery hours; 200 hours
  • Magnetic in nature
  • Boasts the 4 probe design


  • For the easy manual adjustment of temperature, the device requires the up and down buttons

Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer

Imagine the convenience of receiving the updates on how your food is cooking through your Smartphone! That gives you the room to chat with your guest until the meat is ready. That’s the benefit that Weber iGrill 2 offers you.

To suit the high oven temperature, the grill thermometer uses the two meat probes with the maximum heat resistance of 716oF. Therefore, it will safely take even the peak oven temperatures without breaking down.

Once it has recorded the temperatures, it displays the values in the easy to read way using the LED display unit. As the wireless device, it employs the Bluetooth connectivity to enable you to execute some commands at the comfort of your seat.

Furthermore, when you download the iGrill app from either the Google play store or app store, you open many avenues of controlling the meat thermometer from your smart device.

By employing the magnetic technology on the receiver and transmitting unit, the Weber makes it easy to attach the device on your smoker’s exterior or fridge. The Weber grill meat thermometer displays a range of temperature readings as from -22o F to 572oF.

To support the long hours of operation, the smoker meat thermometer incorporates a 200-hour battery. Thus you won’t have to suffer frequent power shortages during our cooking process.


  • Led temperature display
  • Uses the magnetic technology for quick and easy attachment to surfaces
  • Supports WiFi connection
  • Has the long life battery
  • Easy to use


  • Shorter Bluetooth range
  • Walls may obstruct your connection

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

Thermo Pro TP20 is simple to use a wireless thermometer that requires no synchronization to use for the first time. It’s the thermometer that you can use on your food with a clear mind since it boasts the ROHS, CE and FCC certifications.

Furthermore, it can give you the readings in either degree Celsius or Fahrenheit scale over the range of 32oF to 572oF

With its dual probe technology, you can use it to measure the temperature of the oven or the smoking meat.  It gives you different probes for tracing the food and grill temperature with an accuracy of plus or minus 1.8oF.

The probes feature the sturdy stainless steel material. Thus you can use the device several times without them breaking down. Additionally, the probes have the thermal resistance of up to 716oF. Therefore you can use them over a wide range of cooking temperatures.

Are you worried about grilling in a low light condition, for example in the evening? With TP20, that’s no challenge because it features an LCD display with back-lit technology.

As one of the top thermometers for smokers, it offers you the remote monitoring of your cooking temperature up to 300 feet away. With 9 USDA preset cooking temperatures for foods such as pork, beef, ground poultry, fish, lamb, and other foods, it’s easy to choose your desired cooking temperature.

To predetermine your desired cooking level, the digital grill thermometer provides you with preset cooking status like medium, medium rare, medium well and well done. Surprisingly it also gives you room to reset and store your own cooking level.

As one of the best thermometers for smokers, TP 20 prevents against overcooking. Once your food has cooked to the pre-set status, you receive an alarm


  • The thermometer is splash proof
  • Keeps time and temperature settings even if the power goes off
  • Rubber sleeve box
  • An easy to hook transmitter and receiver
  • Sends notification once food attains the preset temperature
  • Provides countdown and count up timer for easy timing during cooking
  • Complete with batteries


  • Produces loud beep sound whenever you dial a button

 DigiQ DX3 BBQ Temperature Controller, Digital Meat Thermometer

Constantly opening the grill lid leads to the temperature fluctuation and thus unevenly cooked food. That’s why the DigiQ DX3meat thermometer comes in. It concurrently monitors the oven heat intensity and the temperature of the food being cooked then adjusts accordingly.

It helps you to avoid lifting up the lid by tracking the food temperature and then controlling the grill’s temperature.  That’s possible since it self regulates the amount of oxygen needed by the charcoal in the oven. It does that by varying the speed of the revolutionary fan positioned at the smoker’s vents.

Therefore it’s able to lock in the entire flavor but cooks the meat to the utmost tenderness state. But to further reduce the possibility of overcooking, it offers you a cooking method called ramp mode.

Once the food temperature approaches your preset temperature, by for example 30 degrees less, it lowers the heat intensity thus buying you more time to remove your meat.

The digital meat thermometer has the universal adaptor and thus can be used in other grills like the big green and the Weber. So all you have to do is buy the adaptor that suits your smoker or grill model.

Furthermore, the thermometer has built-in technology that prevents the overcooking of food. Once the food is properly cooked, the transmitter sends you a message together with an audible alert. To cover for the use in a high noise environment, you can adjust the alert volume from zero to 10.


  • Automatic control of the flow of oxygen into the grill or smoker
  • By using the adaptor kit, the digital thermometer can be used on a wide range of grill models
  • Prevents overcooking of food through the ramp mode
  • Allows for the adjustment of the alert message once the food is ready
  • Simple to set up and use


  • The adaptor kit is sold separately

ThermoPro TP-16 Large LCD Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

Although it’s portable in size, the Thermo Pro TP-16 is the grill thermometer exhibits the simplicity of use and greater accuracy. With it cooking on your stovetop, oven and smoker don’t have to involve guess in determining whether the food is ready or not.

To offer the ease of determining the correct cooking temperature, the smoker thermometer has the preprogrammed cooking temperature for some foods as recommended by USDA. However, in addition to the preset cooking temperatures, you can set your individual cooking temperature requirement.

When choosing your preferred cooking temperature, the dual probe thermometer offers you the wide range as from32oF to 572oF. For convenience, the thermometer can give you the readings in either Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. For exactness, it supports the accuracy of ±1.8°F.

With a food grade probe that’s 6.5 inches long and measures 6.5 inches, the wireless grill thermometer delivers accurate readings. To make its use on the oven easier, it has the 40 inches long mesh cable. Thus it can reach the base of the oven with ease. Both the probes and the mesh cable feature stainless steel material for added strength. In addition, they will withstand the heat temperature of 716oF.

To help you determine the exact internal temperature of the meat being grilled, the thermometer uses the large LCD screen that gives large and visible writings. And once the food has been cooked to the preset level the receiver gives you an alert.

With its two levels cont down and count up timer, cooking simple foods like vegetable side dishes very efficiently.


  • Sturdy stainless steel probe and mesh cable
  • Allows for manual input of the cooking temperature
  • Easy to operate
  • Upon registration of the product after purchase, you are offered 3 years warranty
  • Supports both the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales
  • Highly portable


  • Must be handled with care since it isn’t waterproof

OXO Good Grips Thermocouple Thermometer

Are you looking for a grill thermometer that can give you quick readings in seconds? Then try out the OXO thermocouple thermometer. With OXO, you won’t have to wait for minutes for it to settle on a reading. Get your oven temperature in as quick as 2 seconds. And to switch it off or on, simply fold or unfold the probe, that’s it!

For added protection, the thermometer has been designed and given the waterproof ability. And apart from that it also has the easy to clean probes.  And once you are through with using it simply slide it in the provided microfiber pouch. Thus it’s the device that promises to last longer

As one of the top-rated grill thermometers, it supports the wide range temperature scale, from -58o F to572oF. Thus you can record any of your cooking temperatures.  For the preciseness of the heat intensity, the OXO thermometer allows you to customize your desired resolution to reflect either 1o or 1.0o.

Unlike other thermometers which force to insert the probes deep into the meat, the OXO features a better technology. It taps on the thermocouple technique and thus you won’t have to insert the probe tips deep into the meat to register an accurate reading.

Considering that the probe easily rotates out without touching, it helps to keep your fingers safe from burning when the probes are hot.

To help save on battery power the wireless thermometer features automatic shut down. When you leave it to idle for 3 minutes it will automatically go off and save your battery power.

Its automatic screen rotation feature makes the device easy to use by both right and left-handed users.


  • Features automatic power shut down
  • Gives quick reading
  • No need to push its probe deep into the meat
  • Has the thin probes that cab e used in baking too
  • Can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius scale
  • Easy to read LCD screen with large displays
  • Automatic backlit technology


  • To access the batteries, change from Fahrenheit to Celsius scale you need a screwdriver
  • Has no magnet thus won’t stick on the fridge or oven case

  Adrenaline Barbecue Company Maverick XR-50 Extended Range Digital Remote Wireless 4 Probe BBQ & Meat Thermometer

The XR-50 has a set of unique features that make sit one of the best remote grill thermometers. It allows you to keep track of your meat yet attend to other activities even 500 feet away! The four probes thermometer promises to change your cooking monitoring to be much easier than before.

To provide the longer lifespan, the thermometer features the hybrid probes that are waterproof. You can use the probes to take the temperature readings of food, oven or both at the same time.

Our minds are crowded with activities. So the grill thermometers provide the high or low alarm setting for the range of 14oF to 574oF. That means when the temperature goes below or above the preset value, you will receive an alert.

Although you can use it to track your meat as it grills and even the oven temperature, the XR-50 thermometer channels all that information to one screen.  The screen incorporates backlit technology and the large display of values. So whether you are in direct sunlight or in a poorly lit condition you can read the writings on the LCD screen with ease.

The unit is easy to set up and use. Both the receiver and transmitter units give you multiple ways of attaching it to surfaces.  You can use the kickstand and rest it on the flat surface, a magnet to attach it to a metallic surface or just hook it as the need arises.

To switch between the Fahrenheit and Celsius scale simply press a button. Once you have received the alarm alert, you can silence it off by pressing a button too.

Once the signal is lost, the receiver unit will display a flashing light but struggle to reconnect for about 3 minutes before beginning to beep.


  • Color-coded probes for easy identification
  • Easy to switch from F scale to C scale
  • Instant synchronization technology
  • Has the bright and easy to read display
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use


  • Has no Wi-Fi setting

Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

For the accurate temperature monitoring using non-contact technology, the Nubee gun thermometer is the way to go.  The temperature gauge device taps on the infrared technology and delivers the laser-sighted device.

Since it’s powered by a 9-volt battery it can track and give the precise readings over a wide range as from -58oF to 932oF. That should cover the usual food cooking and oven temperatures.

With its laser sighted technique, finding the highest temperature of an area or device isn’t complicated. Scanning the area will detect, record, and store the highest temperature reading and save it.

To support taking accurate measurement of different surfaces, the gun style grill thermometer features the adjustable emissivity setting. And once you have taken the data, the heat gauge device gives you the option to choose how to display your temperature reading. Simply use the provided switch to choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius scale.

As one of the top-rated grill thermometers the Nubee has been certified by different bodies like US FDA, ROHS, FCC, and CE, so it’s the product that promises to give you quality service.

To help prolong the battery life, the device employs the automatic shut off feature. When the battery power level goes down, the gun style thermometer w gives you an alert signal.


  • Employs the automatic power shut off feature
  • Gives accurate readings
  • Adjustable emissivity
  • Simple to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Has the thick plastic casing
  • Employs noncontact technology


  • Changing the emissivity is a tedious process
  • Fragile battery connector

Inkbird IRF-4S 1500 Feet Waterproof Wireless BBQ Thermometer

Although the Inkbird has several admirable features, there are two outstanding abilities that are hard to ignore. First, it can send its signals up to 1500 feet and secondly it uses the rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Its overall construction and design award it the longer lifespan than other grill thermometers. For example, you can use it in the outdoor environment since it is IPX5 waterproof certified. In addition, when you fully and firmly insert the probes, water can not get through the connection.

With its high capacity 1000mah lithium battery, it can send strong signals that aren’t barred by walls but reaches far away. When in the best line of sight, the strong signals, it permits you to have the remote monitoring of your grill up to 1500 feet away! When fully charged the battery offers 60 hours of use.

Since it features the magnetic design you can strongly attach it to the smoker or the oven surface easily. For longer continuous monitoring, about 9 hours, the grill thermometer offers a temperature range of 32 degrees to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. As one of the best thermometers that give accurate readings, it has the precision of ±1.8℉.

When the transmitter and receive accidentally disconnect, they will automatically connect again. With its 9 preset cooking temperatures for different foods selecting your desired cooking heat level is easier.

Once you set your timers or temperature values, even if the power goes off, the settings are still maintained in the device’s memory. Owing to its LCD screen with backlit technology; you can use the smoker thermometer at any time of the day.

As your reliable smoking or grilling partner, when the meat threatens to go over your preset temperature, you will automatically receive ea alert. Similarly, when the oven heat intensity deviates from the preset temperature, a beeping and flashing alert will appear on the receiver.


  • Waterproof probes
  • No need of synchronizing the transmitter and receiver
  • Offers a rechargeable battery with long life run time
  • The hi or low alarm is only programmable one at a time on the probe
  • Features compact and sturdy construction
  • Comes complete with a 50cm USB charging cable


  • Pushing the probes into the device isn’t that easy as it requires extra effort
  • Probes should have been much longer; aren’t six feet

Weber 6750 Instant Read Thermometer

The Weber 6750 is the simple smoker thermometer that offers reliability in its displayed values. Unlike other grill thermometers that take a longer time to settle on reading, Weber’s digital smoking thermometer offers an instant reading. It will take about 15 seconds to sense and relay a temperature reading.

By having the digital screen that displays large values, Weber makes it easy to recognize quickly any reading displayed on the screen.  For the ease of use, it employs the swivel head and the sturdy stainless steel probes.

The Weber is not only the grill thermometer but it can also be used to monitor the temperature of a BBQ, meat and other foods. To safely monitor different heat intensities, it employs a wide temperature range from 32oF to 446oF. Since it has the accuracy of ±1.8℉, it’s the grill thermometer that you can rely on.

And when turned on and not in use, it will automatically shut off after about 15 minutes. For convenience, the BBQ thermometer can display it reading in both Fahrenheit and Celsius value.

To safeguard its beautiful appearance, it comes with the protective casing.


  • Registers fast and accurate readings
  • Easy to read display
  • Employs auto shut off function
  • Has the protective casing


  • Very basic features
  • Has no waterproofing ability

Weber iGrill Pro Ambient Probe

The Weber iGrill ambient pro thermometer is the easy to use heat gauge device. It easily clips onto your grates to detect the true temperature at any given moment.  So if you have a large grill with unreliable built-in thermometer then tries Weber iGrill Pro Ambient thermometer may fit you.

Unlike other grill thermometers that feature double probes, the Weber iGrill Pro uses a single probe to detect the temperature variation of your grill grates or meat.

Its single probe boasts the sturdy stainless steel material. Thus it promises to offer a longer duration of service without breaking down.

Owing to its wide temperature range of -22oF to 572o F, it can tolerate high temperatures. Following the maximum temperature limit of the stainless steel probe, it fits those with large grills. Furthermore, it will also perform excellently on the food warming grates or lid mounting design.

When moisture seeps even through the best grill thermometer, it negatively affects its operation. Consequently, the Weber ambient thermometer has been double crimped for extra waterproofing ability. The crimps are on the probe and the connection point to keep off water.

To offer the ease of remote monitoring of your cooking process, the smoker thermometer gives you the wireless access through the Bluetooth connection and additional Wi-Fi app too.


  • Easy to mount on your grill grates
  • Provides for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection to the device
  • Double crimping offers extra water shielding


  • Not suitable for portable grills; their grates are very close to the burners thus not compatible with the thermometers maximum temperature probe limit

 DOZYANT BBQ Barbecue Charcoal Grill Pit Wood Smoker Temperature Gauge Grill Pit Thermometer

For the man searching for a smart BBQ thermometer that can take him for ages, the DOZYANT is an option to consider.  It gives you the sturdy body of stainless steel material. Thus such a cover won’t break easily and also environmentally friendly too.

An efficient cook won’t take chances in guessing when the food is ready. Instead, he uses the reliable and accurate grill thermometer like the DOZYANT grill pit thermometer. To help enhance the visibility of the displayed messages, the easy to use temperature gauge employs the large face that measures 23/8 inches.

In addition to being sturdily built the stainless steel casing is also waterproof. Even when you use it for a prolonged period in the high heat environment it still displays the messages clearly without getting foggy

With its temperature range of 50oF to 800oF is capable of measuring the temperature of an oven or cooking method.  To prepare pork, lamb or beef steak of the appealing taste, the cooking temperature is very crucial. The DOZYANT give you the accuracy of 2 percent in the value displayed on the screen.


  • Easy to install or operate
  • Has the waterproof cover
  • Strong stainless steel probes


  • Difficult to calibrate

Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

As the smart grill temperature gauge, the Nutrichef can be used in both indoor and outdoor grills with ease. After taking the temperature readings of your food it will send you an alert through your Smartphone thanks to the Wi-Fi mobile app.

But even when you are beyond the Bluetooth visibility range it can still send you the alert over 150 feet range.

To help monitor your cooking easily, the BBQ thermometer presents you with presets cooking levels for your favorite food. You can thus choose the rare, medium or well-done mode.

In addition to the preset cooking levels, it also allows you to adjust their values and save them on the device.

As the device that is used within the high heat environment, the Nutrichef thermometer has the heat resistant capacity of up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit.

But in addition to that, as one of the top-rated smoker meat thermometers, it’s constructed with a long cable length of 32 inches. That provides enough allowance to leave the temperature gauge a safe distance from the intense heat.

And considering that the cable is heatproof and the probes made of stainless steel, you won’t have to worry about them staying in the oven for the entire cooking period.

Apart from the heat proofing the device also has the waterproof ability. Thus it promises to last you for a longer period.

Since it uses the Smartphone or iPhone mobile app, you can always tell the cooking temperature of your food from your phone at any given time. Moreover it accommodate up to six probes at the same time.

After setting your preferred cooking or temperature level, the smart grill thermometer will send you notification and sound an alarm once that set target is reached.


  • Allows you to view real-time temperature cooking level
  • It’s both water and heat proof
  • Connects with Smartphone device or iPhone either through the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Sufficient cable length
  • Compact and sturdily built
  • Has the standard temperature range of 32oF to 572oF.
  • Allows you to revisit your past temperature cooking levels,


  • Its app comes with only the essential functions so you have to make adjustments for personal settings.

Weber 9815 Replacement Thermometer

We all have some old pieces of equipment that we treasure. So if you have an old grill that you still treasure but has a faulty thermometer, then the Weber 9815 replacement thermometer may be your best pick.

The replacement thermometer forms the right match for Weber grills that feature a thermometer hole to the right side of their lid. Specifically, it will fit well with models such as Platinum Series II, fits spirit, Genesis, and master-touch.

With a face that measures 1-13/16 inches, it offers an easy to view graduation marks. Furthermore, the grill thermometer has its graduation in both Fahrenheit and Celsius scale.

As the dual purpose grill thermometer, you can use it to measure the temperature inside the grill and the temperature of the cooking food.

The 5-inch long prong should last much longer since it features the stainless steel material.


  • It’s a dual purpose grill thermometer
  • Easy to read temperature graduations
  • 5-inch long stainless steel prong


  • Offers very basic features

ThermoPro TP22 Digital Wireless Remote Cooking Food Meat Thermometer

The TP22 is simple to use dual probe BBQ thermometer. Upon purchase, you won’t have to synchronize the receiver and transmitter. Just insert the batteries and you are fit to go.

With theTP22 as one of the best remote grill temperature gauge, you won’t have to stay hooked to your grill as the meat cooks. Even as far as 300 feet away, you can monitor your cooking process from your Smartphone.

To suit the novice chefs who might have challenges in selecting the right temperatures for some foods, the heat gauge has 9 preset temperatures meat cooking functions. That includes ground beef, ground poultry, fish, lamb, veal, chicken, pork and ground poultry.

To further simplify the cooking process it gives you the preset meat cooking levels like rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done.

On theater hand, it also gives you room to set your own eat cooking temperature manually. To support such the manual heat settings, the oven meat thermometer is equipped with both the countdown timer and the count up timer.  Thus it is easy to program your meat to cook for exact longer hours at a particular temperature.

And once the cooking attains the cooking level reset earlier on, you will receive a beeping alert accompanied by the lighting up of the LCD screen.  The device allows you to choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius scale.

With its step down probe tip design, the thermometer registers accurate and precise readings. It can display temperature values as from 32oF to 572oF, with an accuracy of ±1.8°F.


  • The transmitter and receiver pre-synchronized at the factory level
  • Temperature and timer setting kept in memory even if the power goes off
  • Easy to hook transmitter/receiver
  • Comes complete with batteries
  • Can measure temperatures of two cooking meat at the same time
  • Built-in alarm alert when the food is ready
  • Sends alert through your mobile phone


Traeger Pellet Grills BAC236 Digital Kit Thermometer

The Traeger digital kit thermometer combines two key features; simplicity and accuracy. So if you need the simple to install yet accurate temperature gauge for your smoker, then consider giving Traeger pellet grill kit a try.

Even smoking needs specific constant heat intensity. Lifting up the lid every time to check on the meat is time wasting and also reduces the efficiency of your smoker.

But when you have the Traeger BAC326, you won’t have to guess on the cooking temperature. You simply read from the display unit the actual cooking temperature at any given moment.

Unlike the analog display unit that’s difficult to read out, the Traeger gives its reading in the brightly lit LED display.  It won’t matter whether you are in the low light area or not.

Unlike the three-speed smoker control, it gives plenty of setting functions with a blend of thermostat control too. You can thus vary your smoking temperature up to 375oF. The clearly labeled rotary knob makes it easy to select your desired cooking temperature.

At the press of a button, you can switch the smoker thermometer either off or on.


  • Clearly labeled and straightforward to use settings
  • Easy to install
  • Provides accurate readings
  • Features sturdy construction


  • Rust easily and thus has to be shielded from moisture content

How to Choose the Best Grill Thermometers

There are many thermometers that claim to be effective in monitoring your grill’s cooking temperature.  So how do you distinguish between best grill thermometers and ordinary ones?

You’ve got to know the exact qualities and features to look out for when shopping for the right bbq thermometer. Getting an excellent grill thermometer, will not only help you deliver the juiciest meat but also simplifies your cooking process.

So to choose the best thermometer for your bbq, here are the essential features to guide your selection;

Choose between analog and digital thermometers

Analog grill thermometers do not require batteries to operate.  Furthermore, they are also easy to clean and calibrate. But they don’t have additional benefits like built-in alarms, remote control ability and may be difficult to read out for some people.

Digital thermometers, on the other hand, are powered by batteries, more accurate, have preset programs and easy to read. In addition, they make it easy to monitor your cooking process through your handset.

So know your main aim of buying a thermometer then choose between analog and digital as per your need dictates.


Most of the meat thermometers use one, two or more probes. It is advisable to go for at least two probes grill thermometer. Such a design will allow you to monitor your grill meat and the oven’s temperature too at the same time.

Furthermore, the probes and their cables should be made of durable and heatproof material. Consequently, stainless steel material with a heat resistance ability of 500 degrees Fahrenheit will be a good choice. Other bonus probe features to look out for include splash proof and antibacterial ability.

Easy to use interface

The best grill thermometers should present the easy to navigate interface. Having too many controls on the front face may be confusing. Ideally, lookout for the thermometer that has few control buttons on the front face and the controls are clearly labeled too.

The additional controls can be provided for in the thermometer’s app.


A meat thermometer won’t be of much use if it can’t offer consistent accuracy even at higher temperatures. A thermometers’ accuracy will help you undercooking or overcooking of your meat.

Therefore it’s best to choose the heat gauge device that gives an accurate reading to one or two degrees only. It’s best to confirm your thermometer’s accuracy with some other known temperature measuring device.

You can then know how accurate it is before putting it into real use.

Display unit

However accurate your thermometer could be, if it doesn’t have a good display unit then it won’t be of much use.  A good display unit should present large and easy to recognize numbers.

At the same time, it should be the interface that you can read at any time of the day without any trouble. Thus go for the thermometer that employs the backlit technology. You will then find an easy time using the device when there is insufficient light.

Quick response time

The best heat gauge device should be one that doesn’t take a long time to settle on a reading. Consequently, the thermometer should have a response time of 20 seconds and below. Quick response time will update you instantly on what’s happening in your oven.

Wide temperature range

The wide temperature range will accommodate different cooking styles. So before buying a smoker thermometer, know the maximum heat requirement you will need. Then look out for the grill thermometer that can happily support that heat intensity.

Therefore, choose the device that supports your temperature requirement, both in the lower and upper limits.

Built-in alarm system

When using the wireless meat thermometer, it’s normal to set up your cooking and then get busy on other things. An alarm system on your thermometer will see that you get the timely notification once your food is ready.

The alarm should be audible enough such that you can hear it in a high noise zone. It shouldn’t be the alert that beeps only once. In addition, you can consider having those thermometers that have an app that enables you to receive alerts through your iPhone or Android device.

Preset temperatures

The best grill thermometer should have programmed cooking temperatures for different foods. You then don’t have to manually adjust the heat requirement every time. Even the novice chef will find such a device easy to use.

But at times, the preset programs may not be giving you the exact taste you desire. So it is better to go for the model that allows you to edit and save the preset cooking programs to reflect your taste.

Automatic shut down

Digital grill thermometers run on batteries. That could be button cell size, AAA dry cells or rechargeable batteries. Whatever its source of power it should run out and then has to be replaced or recharged. But the automatic shut down features helps to prolong a battery’s run time.

You may forget to switch off the grill thermometer after cooking. The auto shut off feature ensures that your device goes off after a predetermined period of inactivity. So if you think you are usually forgetful, then consider the automatic shutdown feature a mandatory requirement.

Remote control distance

One of the main advantages of using the wireless grill thermometer is the ability to monitor the cooking process when you are away. The thermometers employ the transmitting and the receiving unit, which are wirelessly connected.

Each model has its maximum distance on which the receiver and transmitter may still communicate. Usually, the wireless grill thermometers can send alerts to the receiving unit when 50, 150, and 300 feet apart.

But some even claim up to 500 feet like the Adrenaline Barbecue Company Maverick XR-50 Extended Range Digital Remote Wireless 4 Probe BBQ & Meat Thermometer. So choose what suits your need.


Having a grill thermometer that incorporates a timer is very much useful in the cooking process. Go for the model that has both the count down and count up timer. When the timing is complete most thermometers will send you a beeping sound or even message.


You need the best grill thermometer for your gas, electric or wood pellet powered smoker. Controlling your grill is then easier from the palm of your hand.

You won’t have to abandon your friends and struggle with food preparation.  Simply wait for an alert and serve your friends with the juicy, soft and delicious meal. Say bye to the ugly burnt meat or the embarrassing undercooked poultry.

The above review equips you to make the right choice. It gives you the must have features that will lead you to the right grill thermometer. It gives both the analog and digital thermometers for your ovens.

Armed with the correct knowledge now, you can go ahead boldly and choose the right smoker thermometer.

Don’t be left behind, be the smart chef. Revisit the grill thermometers. When you think you have found a model that fits you, compare notes with other customers’ feedbacks. Then make up your mind!