Top 14 Smokeless Indoor Grills 2020 Review

According to the WHO, reducing your fat intake to less than 30% lowers the risk of developing unhealthy weight gain and non-communicable diseases

How many of your friends like fried meat? Do you know that frying as compared to grilling infuses more fats into food?

Cutting down on your fat intake is easier.  Grill your own food.

There are indoor grills of various sizes to choose from. That varies from countertops to stand alone designs to suit different servings.

And even if you have limited skills in searing steak or preparing pancakes, there are the best indoor grills with fully automated functions.

Such indoor home grills ease your work. Through LED lights, it will let you know the right moment to toss in your meat when it’s ready and even the grilling temperature to use.

Before you rush in to grab your indoor grilling machine, here are our indoor electric reviews. Stick to the end and it will save you from buying the fake grill that you will quickly toss away after a year of use.

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Best Smokeless Indoor Grills Review

Here are 14 indoor electric grills of different capacities. They all promise to help you trim the excess fat from meat, make grilling easier and fun too.

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler

If you are looking for the best countertop grill then consider the Cuisinart indoor grill. Its construction gives it the countertop design among the electric indoor grills.

It presents you with five cooking functions meaning you can use it as a full grill, full griddle, Panini press, half grill/griddle, and contact grill.

At the heart of the in-home griller is the nonstick plate measuring 11 inches by 9 inches. To allow for simple cleaning it’s removable and employs the reversible design too.

The cooking plate has been made in such a way that it permits the easy flow of fats and grease into the drip tray. That leads to the flavorful and healthy meat.

The entire housing of the Cuisinart indoor grill features stainless steel material and the Panini styled handle. Thus it’s the equipment that promises to last longer.

To support the simplicity of use, it has the control knobs that permit you to select different grill functions for a particular tem    perature.

Different food possesses different thickness. For that reason, the Cuisinart grill uses the floating cover design to adjust to different food thickness.

In order to let you know when the grill has attained the right preheat temperature, it uses the red LED light. Similarly, once the cooking is complete it also shows through the glowing of the green Led light.

The package also provides you with a scraping tool to aid you in cleaning process.


  • Perfect for indoor grilling of fish and meat
  • Has the nonstick plates
  • Easy to set temperature range
  • Attached drip tray thus easy to remove and replace
  • Has multiple cooking options


  • Plastic buttons that do not last long

Excelvan Portable 1120W Electric Barbecue Grill Adjustable Temperature

The Excelvan is an indoor grilling machine that weighs 5.5 pounds and rated 1120 W. With a cooking space that measures 15 x 10 inches, it’s the indoor grill that fits dinner parties. Different types of foods and cooking styles demand different temperatures.

That’s why the portable barbecue grill provides for easy to adjust temperature controls. So whether you desire to warm food at low heat or sear steaks at high temperatures, it’s no challenge when you have the top-rated indoor grill. Its side adjusted thermostat also contributes to easy temperature control.

Nothing spoils the spirit like cooking in a smoky environment. Fortunately, the barbecue grill features the smokeless design with nonstick drip tray.

Not only does it help to collect grease and fats but when you add water to the tray, it reduces the amount of smoke produced significantly. The nonstick design also explains the easy to clean aspect of the indoor grill.


When you plug it into the wall socket, the LED lights glow to signify the flow of current through the grill. And once the cooking is complete another LED light sends signal too.

To provide for complete even heating, the plate features die-cast aluminum and the ribbed cooking surface. Furthermore, the perforations on the cooking plate enhance the drainage of fats and grease from the food to the drip tray, thus leading to healthy food.

At times you might require transporting the grill form one location to the other, it employs the lightweight and cool to touch handle.


  • Nonstick grilling surface
  • It’s easy to clean use
  • Allows for the grease and fats to drip through from the cooking surface
  • Allows for smokeless grilling
  • Easy to move since it’s light and has cool to touch handles\
  • It’s ETL approved


  • The non-stick coating peels off and doesn’t last very long
  • It lacks temperature gauge

Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Stainless Steel

The Cuisinart indoor grill weighs 16.84 pounds but provides you with 240 sq inches cooking space. Although it’s single equipment, it supports a total of six cooking functions. That means you can enjoy the full grill, full griddle, half griddle/grill, contact grill and Panini press with the Cuisinart grill.

As if that’s not enough it gives you the bonus of full blast feature to help you sear at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. That locks in the meat juices for enhanced flavor in the steak.

Its grill plates have been carefully designed to be both reversible and removable. Besides they boast the sleek brushed stainless steel materials for extra visual appeal.

And when you consider that the plates are dishwasher safe too, you realize that they are trouble-free to clean. Not even cheese or grease will offer a challenge to clean from the grill.

For convenience during cooking, the unit provides you with the LCD display unit. Setting cooking time or dual temperature control then becomes easier.

Once you have set those cooking parameters the fully adjustable lid helps you to lock in the heat and begin your cooking. In addition, you can also benefit from the 60-minute countdown timer that incorporates the blue LED indicator.

All the fats and grease that drip off the cooking surface falls into the integrated drip tray. To make cleaning even simpler the package provides you with a three-prong scraping tool.


  • Allows for dual temperature control
  • Easy to read LCD display unit
  • Multiple cooking functions
  • The lid is adjustable
  • Sturdy and non-stick cooking plates
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Removable grills
  • heating element sandwiched between plates thus very efficient


  • The three prong scrapper isn’t an efficient cleaning tool

Hamilton Beach (25361) Electric Indoor Grill & Searing Grill

Hamilton Beach is a simple indoor grill with impressive features. To begin with, it offers the nonstick cooking surface of 118 square inches. That provides sufficient space to prepare food enough for a handful of people.

It provides for convenient temperature settings at different intervals of 200, 250,300 350 and 400 degrees.

Then finally it gives you the searing temperature of 450 degrees that ensures the meat retains its juices and thus flavor too. The temperature adjustment knob lets you select the exact cooking temperature you desire.

With the Hamilton beach indoor grill, you don’t have to guess if it has attained the right preheat cooking temperature; it incorporates the green lights that glow once you have attained that pre-select temperature.

Once you have set the food to cook, the stainless still lid helps to contain the heat. Besides it provides for easy monitoring of food through a tempered glass window. On the other hand, the extra larger drip tray traps all the grease and fats that drip from the grilling plates.

Eventually, the non-stick grill plate and the drip tray may get dirty. With their removable design, you can easily clean them manually or use the dishwasher. Even the stainless steel lid is removable too. No loophole for grilling in a dirty environment.


  • Easy to clean design
  • Does the great searing job
  • Has temperature indicators at every setting
  • Has the hooded design to lock in heat
  • Has the dome that accommodates even large chicken breasts
  • Provides for non-contact grilling
  • Easy drainage of grease
  • Takes care of the usual cold or hot spots problem


  • Cooks so slowly
  • Difficult to clean

T-fal GC702D53 OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill

The grill incorporates the automatic sensor cooking technology. The optigrill quickly senses the thickness of the food and swiftly adapts it to one of the 6 cooking programs. The programs range from poultry burgers, sausage, and pork, sandwiches, red meat, fish and seafood.

The cooking plate is die-cast aluminum awarded the nonstick coating. That means once the food is fully cooked removing it from the plate is trouble-free.

It also employs the specially angled cooking plates. The design allows for the fats and grease to easily slip to the drip tray. And when you fill the drip tray with water you will enjoy the smokeless grilling. At the same time, the cooking plate and the drip tray can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.

The indoor grill’s casing is sturdy brushed aluminum. Apart from its attractiveness, the housing material gives the indoor the longer lifespan.

It has inbuilt indicators for easy food monitoring at various levels. The flashing purple light glows once the grill has attained the desired preheating temperature and its time to place your food for the cooking process to begin.

During the cooking process, the cooking level indicator shift from yellow to red. When the food attains any of the levels; rare, medium and well done, audible signaling sound is produced.

In addition to the six preset programs, the indoor grill provides for easy defrosting of frozen food. Better still it gives you an easy way to fully cook even the frozen food. To provide efficient heating, the grill has a powerful 1800 watts heating element.

The indoor grilling equipment gives you the option to choose between the automatic and manual cooking mode.


  • Automatic food thickness sensor technology
  • Provides for 6 preset cooking programs
  • Gives both visual and audible food cooking level indicators
  • Easy to clean
  • Angled plates for easy dripping of fast and grease


  • At times the automatic cooking mode goes faulty

George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

The George Forman type grill claims 1600Watts and has the unique features that enable it to function as one of the best indoor outdoor electric grills. It’s the grill machine that can cook food for 15 servings; no wonder it has the circular 250sq inches cooking surface.

It has the easy to set up or remove low profile stand. That allows you to change your grilling location from the patio to indoor on account of the weather. Thus it’s easy to shift from stand to countertop function.

When fully assembled on its stand it reaches up to two and a half feet high. But without the stands, it reaches up to 6 inches.

With the temperature probe, selecting the cooking temperature from the five heat settings is simpler. The heat settings accommodate both the low and high searing temperatures. It’s the perfect indoor smokeless grill since it uses no propane, charcoal and has eliminated flare-ups too.

The grill plate features the durable non-stick coating. Not only does that makes it easy to clean but it reduces the amount of oil you’ll have to smear on the grilling surface.

With the patented slope design of the grilling surface and removable drip tray, collecting and disposing grease fats and other dirt from the grill becomes an easy task.

All the fats then trickle down to the fat collection tray. Once you have disposed of the grease, cleaning the drip tray is easy thanks to its dishwasher safe design.

For efficient cooking, George Forman has the domed vented lid that provides for adequate circulation of hot air. That enables the in-home griller to cook even thick roasts and steak.


  • Can prepare food for large group
  • Can be used both in the indoor and outdoor environment
  • Uses the domed lid
  • Has the preset five heat settings


  • While on the stand, the grill can easily fall at the slight external push

Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill, Black

The Delonghi boasts the fully embedded grill plate that supports the even heating of the cooking surface. The indoor grill consumes about 1500W of power at 120v input. Owing to its 12 by 6-inch cooking surface, it can prepare a large amount of food for a large family.

Its die-cast aluminum cooking surface promises to last longer owing to its sturdiness. Unlike other grills that suffer from the uneven heating, the Delonghi grill employs the fully embedded M shaped heating element. The aluminum cooking surface thus conducts heat evenly across the entire cooking surface.

Transporting the Delonghi electric grill from a patio to indoor should be simple due to its 11 pounds lightweight.  Furthermore, it also has the cool to touch handle.

Considering that it incorporates the adjustable thermostat controlled heating, its easy to set the desired cooking temperature for every food.

Cleaning the indoor electric grill after cooking should be easier since both the grill plate and the drip tray have the nonstick surface. Besides they can both be removed during the cleaning exercise.

The indoor electric grill has been designed with the utmost safety features. For instance, whereas the lid features tempered lid for extra strength and safety in case it breaks down, the handles are cool to touch.

Besides, the unit features lights to show when power is off or on.  And did I tell you that it has a shield around the grill that minimizes splattering?


  • Dishwasher safe pan
  • Has the adjustable and datable thermostat
  • Grill plate and drip tray have the nonstick surface
  • Large grilling surface
  • An easy to clean design
  • Solid and stable base


  • The tempered glass lid is very close to the cooking surface thus you can’t cook large chicken breasts.

Power Smokeless Grill

The 1500W powerless grill is an electric grill that utilizes the turbo speed smoke extraction technology to provide you with smoke-free grilling.

So if you are allergic to smoke then the power smokeless grill should be your best friend.  For that reason, it provides you with the rare to find BBQ grill taste that brings back the wonderful summertime memories.

With an extra large grill surface that measures 13.5 X 8 inches, it gives you more than enough cooking space to prepare steak to share with your friends in no time. On the same note, its surface boasts the non-stick ceramic material. Cleaning the grill then become less tedious.

When compared to other types of indoor electric grills, power smokeless produces even less smoke. That’s because it minimizes the smoke by incorporating smoke and hot air extracting fans. That means no smoke is emitted to the air thus it’s one of the best smokeless indoor grills.

The grill doesn’t limit your food choice. It provides you with interchangeable flat grill and griddle cooking surfaces. You can thus choose what suits you grill for every cooking time.

Considering its heavy-duty die-cast aluminum cooking surface, it’s not a wonder that it has become a top rated indoor grill.

Picking of meat from the cooking area is easy since it features the nonstick surfaces. During the cooking process, the excess fats and grease roll smoothly to the drip tray. But even that doesn’t stick to the collection tray; thanks to the nonstick surface


  • Easy to clean ceramic tech nonstick surfaces
  • Provides regulated even heating that eliminates hot spots
  • Has the interchangeable griddle and grill plates
  • Glass Lid
  • Supports the smart temperature control with LED lights
  • Incorporates the heavy-duty die-cast aluminum material


  • Fragile glass window

Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill

Although you first have to preheat a grill, most of these grilling machines experience a sudden drop in temperature upon introducing the food to be cooked. Most grills then take longer than the necessary duration to recover from that heat loss.

That’s where the Breville large indoor grill thrives. It has the element IQ heat sensors integrated into the grilling plates. That helps to detect the sudden drop in temperature and initiating the swift heat recovery.

The countertop grill has the heating element incorporated into the grill plates thus maximizing the heat transfer.  On the other hand, the base can be tilted to ease the flow of fats or adjusted to make the flat grilling surface for preparing pancakes or flat eggs.

And once you are done with cooking, simply remove the grill plates and drip tray and clean them in the dishwasher.

The non-stick grilling plates are of cast aluminum, titanium coated material. That makes up for oil-free cooking and simple cleaning of the plates.  And with the stainless steel, cast aluminum casing the Breville is a durable countertop grill.

Considering its 6 adjustable height settings, you can cook larger sandwiches and even reduce undue pressure on the delicate foods. To enjoy the BBQ quality sear, switch to the flat grill plate BBQ mode.


  • The automatic adjustment from heat loss after introducing cold food
  • The heating element embedded into cast aluminum grilling plate for maximum heat transfer
  • The base can be adjusted to different heights
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Easy to clean
  • Ribbed top plate
  • Has the count down timer and audible sound alert
  • Removable drip tray


  • The griddle coating wears off after short while like a year
  • Cleaning requires a lot of time
  • Short power chord

Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe, Brushed Stainless

The Cuisinart presents you with wide cooking functions. With the reversible cooking plate that functions both as grill and griddle, you can grill steak, chicken or prepare pancakes on the same indoor grilling machine.


That’s possible since it employs the indoor grill griddle combo technique. The innovatively designed electric grill uses the LED technology to notify you when power is flowing and when it’s ready for cooking.

When you incorporate the Cuisinart GR 150 into your cooking equipment, you can prepare big orders with ease considering its 240 sq inches grilling surface. Although its one of the largest indoor grill, it consumes just about 1800 watts of power to heat food on the extra large cooking area.

Do you enjoy seared steak or fillets? The deluxe indoor grill offers you the searblast feature that locks in the flavor in the poultry or fish. That gives the high searing temperature of 500°F for 2 minutes to cook fish, meat or chicken.

The floating cover technology employed by the grill permits you to adjust to 6 different positions to top melt. Grilling pizzas or sandwiches is then never a challenge.

For safety purposes, the unit features an automatic shut down provision once the grill heats for two hours.

Cleaning the grill is simple. Its accessories like the scraper, removable plates, and drip tray are all dishwasher safe. Even the sturdy brushed stainless steel housing when wiped, shines and add elegance to every kitchen.


  • Uses the grill griddle combo plates
  • Has an integrated automatic shut down feature
  • The drip tray is removable and dishwasher safe too
  • Ha an attractive brushed stainless till housing
  • Independent temperature controls
  • The top cover adjusts to various heights
  • Has no on-off heating cycles but rather the constant heating


  • The provided input power cords get hot thus may need to be replaced

Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill

Philips’ smokeless indoor BBQ grill has three unique features that push it at the top of the best smokeless grills. By employing the superior infrared technology combined with special heat reflectors, it delivers the delicious evenly grilled food without producing any smoke.

Furthermore, unlike other electric indoor grills, the Philips grill provides the constant 446°F grilling temperature throughout the cooking process.

From the 120 V input, the indoor grilling machine consumes about 1660 watts. That gives sufficient amount of grilling energy.

The non-stick aluminum grid provides the right cooking surface that imprints the BBQ grill marks on food. To help minimize the side splattering the grill features the advanced patented design.

Setting up the indoor grill takes less than a minute since it exists in two pieces. To provide you with balance and reduce the chances of accidents occurring, the grill machine comes with non-slip feet.

Consuming a lot of fats is unhealthy in our lives. That’s why the Philips grill is constructed with the technology that lets the fast seep away to the extra large drip tray during grilling.

When you are done with grilling, cleaning the home grill machine is trouble-free. That’s because its accessories and parts are dishwasher safe.


  • Easy to clean
  • Employs infrared heating technology
  • Maintains the constant temperature during the cooking process
  • Highly stable due to the non-slip feet
  • Requires less preparation time
  • Comes with a free recipe book for guidance


  • The intensity of heat is fixed and can’t be adjusted

George Foreman GRP4842MB Multi-Plate Evolve Grill

The George Forman type grill offers the convenience of cooking since it supports a wide range of cooking options; from waffle, grill to Panini. Every chef knows the importance of choosing the precise cooking time and temperature as your recipe demands.

George Forman grill understands that perfectly thus it gives you the digital control panel. The digital time and temperature control ability simplifies the cooking process

The quality of grill plates influences the flavor of food cooked. That’s why the best George Forman grill employs the non-stick premium grill plates.

In addition, the plates have the multilayered ceramic coating for extra durability. That means the plates maintain their quality even when the grill attains extreme temperatures.

As the best indoor grill machine, the Evolve grill helps to minimize energy wastage. It does so by employing the heating element that’s embedded into the grill plate.

Although the grill plates are dishwasher safe, the ceramic coating and their removable design further helps to simplify the cleaning process. With the grill buttons leveled to the grill’s exterior wiping off the front face is an easy task.

To accommodate different food thickness, the indoor electric grill incorporates the floating hinge design in its construction. You can thus cook thick steak or chicken without a struggle.

Baking or toasting requires the flat surface. The smart indoor grill gives you a knob to reset the grill thus providing the leveled cooking surface.


  • Has both the waffle and grill plates
  • Uses the embedded heating element
  • Easy to use digital control
  • Durable grill plates
  • Dishwasher safe grill plates
  • Supported by a three-year warranty
  • Features floating hinge
  • Offers the restaurant quality searing option


  • The upper grill plate soon become sticky after several usages

 Swissmar KF-77041 Classic 8-Person Raclette with Reversible Cast aluminum

The swissmar electric grill provides you with up to date quality service. With its 1200W rating, it can prepare 8 servings quantity of food. Moving it from one place to the other is easier. Its 9 pounds weight makes it very portable.

To confirm its quality, the best indoor grill employs the reversible grill top. The grill top is made of the nonstick cast aluminum material. That should give it the much needed longer lifespan.

The grill plate will thus prepare crepes and pancakes with incredible quality. The enameled base of the grill also looks sturdy and attractive.

Once you have the Swissmar have the indoor portable grill, you can begin cooking right away. It gives you the complete cooking accessories like the 8 heat resistant spatulas, 8 raclette dishes, recipe book, and even the user manual.

All you have to do then is plug your grill into the socket power outlet and begin cooking tasty meals.

The in-home griller gives you the provision to vary the heat input as per your cooking demand.


  • Comes with complete cooking accessories
  • Nonstick cast aluminum grill plates
  • Reversible design grill plates
  • Minimizes spattering greatly
  • Gives you the recipe booklet to inspire you with great cooking ideas


  • Its metallic top doesn’t offer superior performance like the granite counterpart top

George Foreman 9-Serving Classic Plate Electric Grill and Panini Press

Frankly, not everyone needs to own an extra large grill except those who have a larger group to feed. So what if you own a small family and need the right electric grill, to make cooking easier and faster?

Then George Forman grill should be your option. Here is why; it’s moderately priced and has the cooking space of 144 sq inches. That is enough to cook food of about 9 servings.

The cheap indoor electric grill employs the embedded heating element plus the dual contact heating technique to deliver the cheap electric grill that cooks incredibly fast. Besides the grill plate also has the George tough nonstick coating thus wipes clean after ever cooking.

Despite its portable design, it offers you two cooking position by varying the back kickstand. You can either position it at a sloping angle to let the fats roll smoothly to the drip tray. The second option is to set it flat to prepare pancakes.

Once the grill has preheated and ready to accept the food to be cooked, the green light glows as the welcoming signal.


  • Constructed with the dual heating technology
  • Moderately priced
  • Has the adjustable hinge
  • Dishwasher safe drip tray for easy collection of fats and grease
  • Minimizes the use of butter and oil on the grill plates


  • Consumes larger space on the countertop
  • Its power cord should have been much longer

How to Choose Good Smokeless Indoor Grill

Most people if not all love grilled meat fish or poultry. But not everyone knows how to prepare barbecued meat for friends.

Does evening barbecues leave you wanting for more?  Then why not organize for your very own may be weekly? With the best indoor grill, you can get a close taste of barbecued steak or chicken.

It all starts by understanding what makes the greatest indoor grilling machine. A larger percentage of superb indoor grills are powered by electricity.

That allows you to grill food fast regardless of the time of the year. So when you get an in-home griller with the perfect features, you are on your way to enjoying the restaurant quality grilled food.

Thus to choose the best indoor grilling machine that cooks tasty food in less time, think of the following factors;

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Good Indoor Grill


Generally the higher the wattage of an electric grill, the higher its ability to cook food faster. To cook food faster with lots of juices locked in, you need the higher wattage indoor grill about a thousand watts and above. Most portable indoor grills have to be preheated to a certain degree before tossing the food to be grilled.

To low wattage indoor grills, tossing in food lowers their temperature significantly from which they never fully recover or consumes a lot of time to readjust to the changes.

Furthermore, at times while cooking you might wish to open the lid and view the food as it gets cooked. Doing so causes a significant amount of heat loss. But if you pick the high wattage electric grill, the equipment will recover in seconds from such a heat loss.

So, in short, know what you usually grill and the heat requirement. Then go for the indoor grill that has the right power wattage to give forth the intensity of heat you require.

Ease of maintenance

All the cooking equipment overtime gets dirty. Therefore the best indoor grill should have the provision that minimizes the stains that stick onto the grill plate. But in addition, it should have the easy to remove parts for simple cleaning exercise.

Consequently, the right indoor cooking grills should the removable grill plates and drip tray. Besides if they are dishwasher safe the better; when they get dirty you simply toss them in the dishwasher.

An adjustable thermostat and temperature control mode

The heat required to grill a sandwich is far much different for that needed to sear a steak. But despite the difference in cooking temperatures, all demand accuracy, and consistency of the heating temperature. Therefore to give you the simplicity of grilling every type of food with, look for an indoor grill that gives you an adjustable thermostat. That gives you an option to tweak your grill temperature to perfection at every cooking process

But in the event that you can get the adjustable thermostat, go for the grill that gives you more fixed cooking position so to select as per your cooking demands.

The ability to control temperature is very crucial. So think of what suits you. Do you want to go for automatic temperature control or manual adjustment where you key in the temperature values from the dial pad?

Led lights to indicate the cooking state

It is wise to have the tabletop indoor grills with led light indicators. Such grill lights will let you know when power is flowing through the device and cooking is going on.

At the same time, the light will alert you when the in-home griller has attained the right preheat temperature and thus you can toss in the food to cook.

Besides when your food is ready or has reached the particular cooking state, a LED light of given color will glow.

Having the home indoor grill that communicates through LED lights at every cooking process is best. You can thus trace the cooking process without much worry.

The commonly LED lights used in such cases include red, orange, green or yellow.

Floating hinge

The best contact grill should cook a sandwich in such a way that it leaves the fillings intact. Since most tabletop grills operate on dual cooking plates. A floating hinge feature is essential. It allows you to set the lid to close evenly without exerting undue pressure on the food being cooked.

The floating hinge permits you to adjust the lid to the thickness of the steak or sandwich to cook properly on either side.

Adequate cord length and gauge

The best indoor electric grill offers many advantages over the charcoal or gas grill. But one major downfall is that it limits your movement. It chains you to a socket power outlet.

To go round this downfall, choose the best kitchen grill that has a longer electric cord. A short cord will tie your grill closer to the wall and eventually making it dirty.

In addition, if you can find the removable power cord then go for it. That will give you an easy time during the cleaning process. Besides the chord length, ensure that the cable is rated to withstand the high power that the grill requires. Otherwise, the power cord will heat up excessively

Kitchen and storage space

Even the best indoor grill will inconvenience you if it can’t fit in your available kitchen space. If you want to go for a bigger grill then first measure the available space in the kitchen. Otherwise, if space is limited, and you only grill occasionally, then choose the portable countertop grill.

Casing material

The grill’s housing is a key factor since it dictates its lifespan. Or are you prepared to buy an indoor grilling machine every three years?

It is thus important to choose the solidly constructed tabletop grill. Look out for top quality materials like stainless steel or silicone.

Heating element design

At the core of every electric indoor grill lies the heating element. It’s the flow of current through the heating element that results in heat being produced. When shopping for the best electric indoor grill, pay special attention in the way the heating element has been incorporated into the machine.

Choose the design that has the heating element embedded into the grill plates. That allows for maximum heat transfer and even heating of the cooking surface.

Automatic shut down

Although not a must, but the automatic shut down feature is beneficial. It’s wise to have the indoor grilling unit that can automatically shut down after a predetermined period of inactivity. Not only is the feature beneficial for safety reason but it also helps to prolong the lifespan of the electric grill.


The above electric indoor grill reviews present the best indoor grills that fit every person. For instance, if you need the simple grill that can serve a few persons then check on the Hamilton beach 25361. Although simple, its adjustable temperature, stainless steel lid and removable sturdy grill plates make it hard to ignore.

If you need the indoor grilling machine that embraces the modern infrared technology, with good grilling power, then consider Philips smokeless indoor BBQ grill.

Otherwise, if you need a grill that can serve both in the indoor or outdoor environment then George Foreman 15-Serving grill suits the description.

So regardless of your budget, you are sure to find the best indoor grill to suit your need. In fact, if you check on some of the grill machines mentioned above have their prices been discounted greatly.

With the indoor grill buyer guide given above, you don’t have to shop blindly. Go for that grill that provides you with the must-have features that you require.