Top 15 Smoker Grill Combos in 2020 Review

A smoker and a grill are important pieces of cooking equipment in the kitchen. Since each, support different cooking style they are valuable in our lives.

But having each unit stand alone as a grill, smoker and roaster is not only expensive but takes up lots of space. In addition, their portability is highly hindered by their robust size.

That’s where you need the best smoker grill combo. It’s the single equipment that can grill smoke or roast food.

So here is the complete review of the cookers that combines at least a grill and smoker into one unit.

But do you know the features that make up the best smoker grill combo? We’ll also talk about that into details.

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15 Best Smoker Grill Combos Review

After a careful research and considering customer feedbacks and demands, here are the top 15 smoker grill combos;

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG24B Pellet Grill with Sear Box Bundle

The construction of the Camp chef Pro provides a unit that has a strong framework and easy to use. Right from its assembly to operation, it’s straightforward and trouble-free to operate.

Unlike other smokers/grill combo units that are difficult to ignite, the SmokePro uses the automatic ignition system. That simplifies how to light up the equipment.

The Camp Chef Pro can prepare food for a large group since it has the total cooking surface area of 570sq inches. That is the main cooking area of 429sq inches and the warming rack of 141 sq inches.

To suit all type of cooking, it provides for wide temperature fluctuations from 160 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the SmokePro gives you the digital meat probe. Thus at any given time, you can tell the temperature of the meat you are roasting.

In case power fails during its operation, the grill features the built-in shutdown mode. That function enables it to restart and continue the cooking process to its completion.

The burning of the pellets results into ash. To ease the tiresome task of cleaning out the ash, the outdoor grilling equipment is fitted with convenient ash clean out provision. A metal cup is rightly positioned to collect then ash. Once you are down with cooking simply slide it out and dispose of the ash.

As you barbecue meat, you would need certain accessories and utensils close by. The smoke pro understands that clearly and gives you the side shelf that measures 16 by 12 inches.  Similarly, it also makes up for easy grease management. Hence it’s the smart combo grill that gives you painless cleaning time.


  • Easy to operate
  • Provides properly cooked and savory food
  • Well built with metallic case
  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy control using the dial-up features on the front panel


  • It has no side shelf table or workspace

Pit Boss Grills 72700S PB72700S, Pellet, Electric Grill, BBQ Smoker

The pit boss brings you the enjoyment of having an electric grill and a BBQ smoker into one unit. The combination of the smoker and grill functions widens the type of food you can prepare with the pit boss grill. So it blends 8 types of cooking; you can bake, grill, char-grill, roast, braise, smoke, sear or barbecue with ease

As the medium capacity grill, it provides you with the cooking surface of 700sq inches. That should give you enough cooking area to prepare food that can serve approximately 4 to six individuals

Its overall construction boasts incomparable sturdiness. The cooking grids are made of porcelain coated cast iron. The overall exterior surface features heavy gauge steel with the high-temperature powder coating.  So it’s the unit that will withstand the high searing temperature without any failure.

Since sturdiness won’t be anything without stability, the electric smoker/grill has the sturdy castor wheels with lock feature. That gives you the peace of mind to grill without worrying about an imbalance.

Controlling the equipment is easy from its digital control board. For instance, it offers wide cooking temperature range from 180 degrees to 500 degrees. So all you have to do then is to select the right temperature that matches your cooking style at any given moment.

In addition, it features the P adjustment control that allows you to reduce or increase the intensity of the smoke as you desire. That result in an exceptional smoked tasty food!


  • Heavy gauge steel parts
  • Ease of controlling temperature
  • Ability to adjust the intensity of smoke
  • Can cook for a larger group
  • Has an S tier rack
  • Wheels can be locked for enhanced stability.
  • Offers side self


  • It only operates excellently with the Pit boss pellets

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker with Patio Cover

The Z grill is the solid heavy and stable 112-pound cooking unit.  It’s the smoker that is easy to use thanks to the automatic electric feed system. With its large cooking area and the 25 000 BTU heat intensity, it’s the party size BBQ grill.

When you have the Z grill and smoker combo, cooking for a large group of guest won’t be a challenge to you. It offers you the large cooking surface area of 700sq inches. The major cooking area is 513sq inches while the food warming rack occupies 187sq inches. The grill surface area will happily accommodate 5 whole chickens, 20 burgers or even 6 racks of ribs!

To suit the wide cooking area it has the large hopper capacity of 20 lbs. When set to smoking mode, the 20lb oak wood pellets will take about 15 hours before they are exhausted.

The Z grill has been designed to serve you for a longer period of time. That’s why it has the heavy duty stainless steel body, and grill lid. Backing up the solid construction is the fan forced convection heating that negates the need of a rotisserie.

As the complete cooking unit, it offers you big storage space on the cart. Thus storing the bbq accessories, seasonings or wood pellets won’t be a challenge.

During cooking, hot grease or fats are generated. But the smoker/grill offers a convenient valve to drain the hot grease away and thus keep the whole unit clean.

It presents a wide cooking temperature from 160 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. That provides sufficient heat requirement for most foods. To provide for easy control of the grill, it comes complete with the electric digital controls.


  • Convenient hot grease drainage valve
  • Provides for grill patio cover
  • Boasts solid steel constructed body
  • Easy maneuverability with the wheels and the braking system
  • Offers the versatility of cooking options
  • Smart smoke technology with precise temperature control


  • Its smoke production, may not be sufficient to some chefs

PK Grills PK360 Outdoor Charcoal Grill and Smoker Combination

The PK 360, is an outdoor cooking equipment, that uses charcoal and functions both as a grill and a smoker. It’s the portable equipment that suits tailgating or camping. The unit assumes the easy to set up capsule design. In addition, it comes complete with the simple to spread stand.

With the cooking surface that measures 360 sq inches, it isn’t a small unit to despise. While out camping, it will provide you with tasty smoked or grilled food. That’s possible due to its heat efficient design.

Notice its thick cast aluminum casing that gives it the weatherproofing ability for enhanced lifespan. To further support its durability, the cooking surface boasts the marine quality stainless steel.

Efficient airflow is an important feature in any grill /smoker unit. That’s why the PK 360 features the 4 point vent system instead of the usual 2 points. The 4 point vents provision makes up for increased and better control of air flow.

As one of the best grill/smoker equipment, it supports both direct and indirect heating; thanks to its 2 zone set up structure.  Cooking demands consistent heating. To help check and monitor your cooking temperature, the PK grills comes with the highly accurate, (+/_ 1%) thermometer.

As the convenient smoker and grill combo, you don’t need to worry about an extra preparation table. Pk 360 provides you with extra work space shelves. The side tables boast weatherproof glass fiber, polyester reinforced material.  To support the ease of storage, the shelves come off easily.


  • Sturdy and rustproof construction
  • Has the portable design
  • Highly accurate thermometer
  • Easy cleanup and ash management provision
  • Enhances stability using the rear stabilizer hooks
  • Better heat conduction and consistency
  • Gives you a bar to hook your cooking accessories
  • The hinge has the lock/release feature


  • Expensive

Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker

You don’t have to permanently rely on electricity or gas for preparing evening barbecues. Using charcoal, the char-griller allows you sear meat at low temperature, slow roast or grill food with incredible results.

The grill that doubles as a smoker too, has the design that suits grilling or smoking for ages. The overall exterior surface features 22gauge steel material. Furthermore, it bears the powder coating finish.  That gives it the ability to withstand corrosion. On the other hand, the interior surface of the char griller is made of the porcelain coated steel material.

The charcoal grill and the smoker combo unit have the cooking surface of 447 sq inches. The main cooking area is 314 sq inches and the food warming rack has an area of 133 sq inches. That provides a big grilling surface.

As one of the best grill that functions as the smoker also, it has the structure that uses less charcoal. The triple wall insulation and the locking lid help to retain the heat within the cooking chamber. In the end, you use less charcoal to generate intense heat.

Though it’s charcoal powered temperature control is simple with the char griller. The top and bottom dampers can be adjusted to dictate the amount of air entering and leaving the grill. That allows you to have the temperature within the range of 200 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the stainless steel heat gauge, you can tell the cooking temperature at any given moment. You will thus know how to adjust the heat intensity.

The metal shelves that gives extra work or serving space, are foldable during storage time. Besides, the shelves provide hooks to temporarily keep utensils for quick access.


  • Durable design
  • Easy control of cooking heat
  • Simple to clean using the ash damp pan
  • The large wheels that lock enhance the stability of the grill/smoker two in one unit.
  • Conserves fuel
  • Has the easy to remove warming rack


  • Doesn’t support indirect heating

Traeger TFB42LZBC Grills Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Are you tired of charcoal and gas grilled food? Do you wish for the wood-fired taste of steak? Then the Traeger fulfills your dream. The wood pellet grill/smoker provides you with the superior taste that gas can’t provide.

The 98 pounds weight grill powered by complete hardwood pellets provides 418 sq inch cooking surface area. That’s enough to accommodate 4 whole chickens or 24 hot dogs! Its design allows you to enjoy 6 in one cooking option like to roast, braise, smoke, bake, grill, and bbq food.

Since different foods require different cooking temperatures, the Traeger uses the digital elite controller to provide accurate temperature control.  Thus you can smoke food on low heat or sear steak at high temperature like 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The combination grill smoker unit provides fast and reliable electronic ignition switching. Just turning an off/on button ignites the whole unit.

To provide years of service, the grill/smoker is built using the sturdy steel material with the powder coating finishing. The grill grates, on the other hand, are porcelain coated to offer the ease of cleaning.


  • Fast and reliable ignition
  • Offers the versatility of cooking options
  • Precise temperature control
  • Large pellet hopper capacity of 18lbs
  • LED display of the grill cooking temperature


  • Has no extra storage space

 Pit Boss 71220 Kamado BBQ Ceramic Grill Cooker

The 22 inch Pit boss has the thick ceramic body that locks in heat. With such a design it maximizes the use of every charcoal lump.  The modernized BBQ grill cooker can cook a wide variety of foods since it features effective temperature control.

Entertaining friends or family members will be simpler if you have the unit that combines the grill and smoker into one body. With the cooking surface that covers 567 sq inches, you can prepare a larger chunk of roast at once.

Moreover, the cooking area has been constructed into a two-tier system. Furthermore, the upper grill grate can be flipped over for multiple cooking settings. That provides enough space to smoke ribs, roast turkey or sear meat with ease.  As the smoker /grill combo equipment you can even bake pizza at your backyard.

Each level of cooking tier features the heavy duty stainless steel cooking grid. That should give years of uncompromised cooking. Since temperature is an important aspect during cooking, the Kamado has the big and simple to read thermometer.

And once you are done with cooking, the Pit boss grill cooker gives ample space to hold your utensils as you serve your guest. Moreover, the side tables feature solid bamboo material. Hence it has more than enough strength to carry the cooked food.

When the parties are over, simply fold over the bamboo side shelves and make it a compact unit. Then the wooden handle gives you the perfect way to grip and lift up the lid without getting burnt.


  • Spacious cooking area
  • Strong side shelves of bamboo materials
  • Easy to control cooking temperature with the calibrated cast iron damper
  • An easy to lift up lid
  • Stainless steel hardware like hinges, springs, and bolts
  • Dual sides cooking upper grate


  • The position of the heat shield limits the use of the lower grate

Traeger Grills TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

A celebration like an end year party is never complete without sharing some deliciously seared steak, smoked ribs plus cool drinks too.

But the wrong or inadequate cooking equipment can spoil all the fun. However, with the Texas wood pellet grill and smoke, you can serve even the whole neighborhood with ease. That’s due to its 646 sq inches grilling space. Such a space can cook 9 racks of ribs, 32 hot dogs or 6 chickens.

Despite being wood pellets fueled, it uses the digital elite controller to give you the precise temperature control with the accuracy of +/_ 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  So you can enjoy both low heat and high heat cooking of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

As you regulate the heat intensity the LED display unit gives you the exact cooking temperature inside the smoking or grilling chamber.

Regardless of the prevailing weather, firing up the all in one grill and smoker combination is a sure bet; thanks to its electronic auto start ignition system. All you have to do is flip a switch and the flame is up.

The home chef who owns the Traeger grill enjoys simplified cooking with minimum interruption. With its 18 lbs hopper capacity and the set it and forget simplicity, it requires very minimal adjustment from time to time.

The porcelain grill grates feature the non-stick surface. Thus even after cooking the juicy burgers, cleaning the grates is still a pleasant task.

The strong steel case with the powder coating promises years of happy grilling.


  • Offers the 6 in one cooking flexibility
  • Strong, rustproof and durable housing
  • A reliable electronic switching mechanism
  • Easy to read the cooking temperature
  • Highly mobile with the lockable caster wheels


  • It struggles to pass the 325 degrees temperature mark
  • Less accurate; temperature range of +/_ 20 is very wide

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker

The highland reverse smoker features the simple design but provides 619 sq inches in the main cooking are and 281 sq inches in the firebox. Think of the amount of food you can cook in the cooking area of 900sq inches!

One outstanding impressive feature about the reverse flow smoker is the provision of 4 baffles. That helps to channel accordingly the smoke and heat to the main cooking chamber. And the end result is an evenly cooked and delicious meat.

Furthermore you can restructure and customize the smokestack and the removable baffles to suit your design and use.

Despite its simplicity, it features impressive strength and promises years of grilling. The fuel basket and the overall body of the grill is heavy gauge stainless steel material. The cooking grates on the other hand feature porcelain coating.

Cleaning the all in one smoker and grill combination equipment shouldn’t be difficult since it has the clean out door through which you can empty out the ash.


  • Allows you to customize the offset smoker set up
  • Gives even heating
  • Larger fuel basket
  • Multiple baffles to channel in the smoke and heat


  • You need sealant to further confine the heat inside the chamber, otherwise it leaks

Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera Smoker and Grill

Do you know that cooking with flavored wood chip or pellets influences the taste of food?


That’s why the Oklahoma three in one cooking machine provides you with the dedicated firebox chamber. As you burn the flavored wood chips, the wood grill with the smoker combination lets you control the smoke intensity and hence flavor of your food.

The Oklahoma smoker grill combination machine isn’t a small unit to be underrated. It offers the primary cooking area of 254 sq inches and the 738 sq inches smoking chamber. Furthermore, you can engage both chambers at the same time.

To make your cooking easier and prepare a large amount of food, the grill machine provides four adjustable cooking grates. As if that’s not enough, it further avails two hooks for hanging meat and a rib rack set. What more could you have requested?

The provided dampers let you control the heat and smoke intensity inside the smoke chamber.  But even at high temperature, the Oklahoma grill/smoker/BBQ has the cool to touch lid handle. The chrome plating on the lid handle suits it for the harsh outdoor weather.

Besides, cleaning out the ash or tending to the fire is simpler through the provided clean outdoor at the side. A chef ought to be organized and keep all the cooking accessories in one place. This Oklahoma gill/smoker, therefore, provides for large storage facility through the inbuilt shelf.


  • Simple ash cleaning provision
  • Adjustable grill plates
  • Allows you to control the some and heat intensity
  • Ample storage space


  • Slightly expensive
  • Time-consuming to assemble

  Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – WIFI enabled

Think of the benefits you can enjoy when you have a portable smoker that doubles as a grill too! Such a piece of equipment pumps more enjoyment into your camping or hunting experience. That’s the enjoyment that Green mountain grill promises and actually delivers.

With its lightweight body of 57 pounds transporting it from your home to the desired destination shouldn’t be a problem. The foldable legs allow you to position the portable grill to be at the right height. Once folded, the legs double as the handle.

So, not only does that contributes to its stability, but you won’t have to strain and stoop down so low to reach the grill.

As the handy outdoor cooking equipment, it accepts dual input power supply. You can either plug it into the usual 110v wall socket outlet or connect it to the 12v dc supply.

To qualify it among the top smokers grill cookers, the pellet grill taps on the latest technology to ease its control functions.  It incorporates the digital Wi-Fi controller. Such a level of technology allows you to monitor and control your cooking process through your Android or iOS device from a remote location.

On the other hand, the thermal sensor, (Sense-Mate) helps you to keep track of the grill temperature. The meat probe then displays the actual temperature of the cooking meat.

The pellet grill allows you to grill even the large poultry or rib rack; hence it features the peaked lid to create that extra space.


  • Dual power input requirement that’s easy to get
  • Lightweight and takes up the compact design
  • Allows for Wi-Fi control and monitor of the cooking process
  • Can accommodate big chicken or rib rack with ease
  • Provides you with the handy tray plus the hooks to hold utensils
  • Easy to read meat probe device


  • The legs which double handles are short
  • Setting it up requires two people

Pit Barrel Cooker Package

To the simple and inexperienced mind, the need for many controls like striking the right cooking temperature makes cooking a hard task. However, that shouldn’t be so with the classic pit barrel cooker. It simplifies the rather complicated grilling or smoking food.

If you hadn’t lived the vertical cooking experience, then pit barrel like its name suggest gives you that experience. The compact 30-gallon porcelain coated steel drum functions as the cooking chamber.

Its barrel design is simple and straight to use. You don’t even need the complex temperature controls. Yet it allows you to slow cook or smoke racks of ribs with impressive performance. It makes smoking or grilling a simple task.

The simple grill/smoker combo provides the complete accessories that you need to cook your poultry, fish or ribs. Inside the 30 gallon drum lie the standard quality grill grates. In addition, it provides you with 2 steel hanging roads and 8 sturdy stainless steel hooks. That provides you with plenty of space to hang your steak or fish to be smoked.

At the bottom of the barrel, we have the sizeable coal basket to hold the right amount of charcoal to see you through your cooking experience.

To support the classic pit barrel and give it the much-required stability, it has the three-point stand. The pit barrel then won’t topple down easily as you prepare Barbecue.


  • Boasts stainless steel body and inside accessories
  • Simple to assemble and use
  • Portable
  • Smokes food perfectly with the hanging method


  • Has no provision for advanced temperature control

Camp Chef Woodwind Classic Pellet Grill with Sear Box

The camp chef woodwind not only promises to make your cooking easier but also more flavorful. It relies on smart smoke technology to reduce your workload. It’s the gas grill that can also use electricity or wood pellets to coo your food.

So after setting it on, the automatic auger will feed the wood pellets into the grill. That helps to maintain constant smoke and heat without the need for constant attention.

The pellet grill won’t just cook for one or two people. It has a vast 570 sq inches of cooking area and the bonus food warming rack. That is a big grilling surface for even the larger family.

Using premium hardwood, the camp chef grill can attain a high temperature like 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The sear box, on the other hand, can stretch up to 900oF. Considering that it has Digital temperature control, adjusting to different levels of heat is much easier

A poorly designed wood pellet grill can be hectic to clean. That’s not so with the Camp chef woodwind grill. It employs the removable upper warming rack and the patented ash clean out design. Furthermore, it employs the dual grease tray on the sear box and the main rill chamber. That results in a mess-free environment.

The camp chef classic grill comes complete with a meat probe and a digital thermometer. It is, therefore, able to automatically sense the internal grill temperature then self adjust to the required temperature range.


  • It supports multiple cooking styles
  • Simple to clean
  • It needs no constant attention once setup
  • Can reach out to high searing temperature
  • Has a built-in digital thermometer
  • Electric ignition
  • has storage shelves


  • No Wi-Fi provision
  • Small hopper

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

The char-broil gives you the best combination of smoker and grills under one unit. The three in one cooker, therefore, allows you to smoke, grill and roast with incomparable efficiency. Besides, it features the Tru infrared technology for enhanced performance.

As the ultimate grill, it doesn’t limit your cooking. Its roast basket can hold up to 25lbs of food. That means you will roast turkey happily.

The grill plate, on the other hand, stretches up to an area of 180 sq inches. Using the wood pellets in the smoker box, the grill infuses great flavor into food without experiencing flare-ups; thanks to the TRU infrared technology.

Just from the wood pellets, the char-broil can reach up to high heat intensity of 18,000BTU. The removable grill plates feature the stainless steel material. Furthermore, they have been designed to discourage Food from slipping through between the grates.

Cleaning the Char-broil grill is trouble-free. That’s because the grill plates and grease tray are removable for faster clean up.

Furthermore, the grill comes with complete cooking accessories. It offers you the grilling/smoking basket, metal thermometer for detecting cooking temperature plus the gas hose fitted with a regulator.

Transporting the cooker from one point to the other is very easy considering its 50lbs weight and the side mounted carrying handle. Its steel legs enable the unit to stay off the ground and keep it balanced too.


  • Doesn’t need a water pan
  • The smoke box can be accessed from the side
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Trouble free to clean
  • No flare-up during cooking
  • Larger smoking or grilling chamber
  • Big woodchip tray


  • No digital temperature display

Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo

The Oklahoma cooking provides three in one feature as it can function as the charcoal grill, liquid propane gas grill or smoker. Despite its varied features, it features the sure electronic ignition.

With the weight of 204 lbs and the heavy gauge steel body, you realize it’s the grill that’s sturdily constructed to perform for a longer lifespan.

Overall it’s the gas grill smoker combo with the massive cooking area. Its main cooking surface has an area of 750 square inches. The firebox chamber, on the other hand, boasts an area of 310 square inches.

To suit the large cooking area, the gas grill with the smoker combination is powered by 3 burners in the gas grill chamber. Each burner bears the rating of 12 000BTU heat intensity. In addition, it gives you the side burner rated 12 000BTU.

Its design offers flexibility in cooking. First, it gives you two distinct cooking chambers; the smoking chamber and the gas grill area too. In addition, it tops off with a side burner and the firebox.

Since heat control is an important parameter in cooking, the Oklahoma three in one grill gives many dampers to help control the heat and smoke intensity. And while you control the heat level, the lid mounted gauges willet you know the temperature in each chamber.

The firebox has a door that gives you quick access when you need to stoke the fire. Open the door further fans more air and heat into the main chamber.

Beneath the cooking chamber, the smoker/ grill combination unit gives you the metal shelf. That helps in storing the cooking utensils and other accessories within your reach.


  • Strong and heavy steel body
  • Lid-mounted temperature gauge for each chamber
  • Cool to touch lid handle


  • Have no hooks for hanging your BBQ accessories
  • Its wheels can’t bear the 200lbs weight during movement thus they wobble

How to Choose Good Smoker Grill Combo

The main advantage of choosing the smoker/grill combo is having one unit that occupies relatively small space but plays multiple roles.

However, without careful consideration, it’s possible to get equipment that performs dismally in either of the cooking methods.

That’s why it’s essential to know the qualities that make up the best smoker Grill combo:

Flexibility in use

A smoker grill combo is only considered so if it can support various cooking styles like roasting, grilling and smoking food. Such a unit should give you the flexibility of switching from one function to the other.

Material used

The material used in making the smoker/grill combo plus its accessories determines its lifespan. So pay special attention to the quality of the material employed both in its interior and exterior surface.

For extra durability, it should be the material that can withstand the humid condition and doesn’t get corroded. Thus thick stainless steel, aluminum or enamel finishing is a good option to consider. The material should be able to withstand high cooking temperature without degrading in quality.

For instance, gauge 12 or 10 of metal would last even longer even if it eventually begins to rust.


Before you make the purchase of a cooker, first know the number of people you are going to cook for on the day to day basis.

The size of your guests or family will dictate the cooking space in a grill to select. Do you normally grill for weekend parties or for two or three guests? Then go for the extra large cooking area that allows you to prepare food once that fits your entire guests.

On the other hand, the overall size of the unit should fit your patio or garden.


Chances are high that you won’t be grilling or smoking day in day out. Thus, while not in use, you might wish to push the grill and smoker equipment to your garage or storage location.

So go for the design that has sturdy wheels to support it even during motion. Ideally, it should have the lock system and the easy to grip handles.

Consider too the weight and the overall dimension as it affects the equipment’s portability.

Grill type

Know the types of smoker/grill units in the market then decide on what fits you most. Generally, we have the following;

  • Charcoal grill and smoker
  • Propane grill and smoker
  • Pellet grills
  • Hybrid grill

Each grill type varies with the ease of cleaning, temperature control and the flavor it awards to the food. So know what you want.

Type of controls

During all cooking times there comes a time when you wish to either increase or decrease the cooking heat intensity.

The mode of controlling temperature could be a manual adjustment of the dampers or the digital controls and display. So choose the type of control that gives you an easy time.

Warranty of the product

When you dig deep into your pocket to buy a costly grill, you would wish to be certain of its quality. Hence it’s crucial to choose the product that comes with a warranty.

In the unlikely event that it doesn’t deliver to your expectation, you can get a refund of your cash.

Ease of maintenance and cleaning

Even the best smoker grill combo requires regular cleaning and maintenance practices. For example, the grill grates must be cleaned and the ash damped out.

So, it’s necessary to look out for the grill or smoker equipment that gives you easy cleaning time. Does it have the functional system that provides for quick and easy removal of ash? Do the grill plates feature non-stick coating? Finally, the grill/smoker machine should also cater for easy grease management.

At the same time replacing pellets should be trouble free.

Ease of accessing the cooking surface

Even with the best thermometer, you may still wish to have a glance at the food to confirm its status. The best smoker grill combo should, therefore, have the cool to touch handle.

Besides, it is convenient to choose the model that has the smoker and the grill compartment in different chambers. Such a set up allows you to check on the grill without interfering with the food being smoked.

Temperature range

Go for the equipment that has a wide cooking temperature. The last thing you require is the combination of the grill and smoker into one unit that can’t stretch to the required temperature.

Pay special attention to how the lid fits on the cooking equipment. A solid gasket will provide complete sealing and thus lock in heat and smoke in the cooking chambers. That enables the grill or smoker to reach a higher temperature.


Your budget will influence the type of smoker grill combo that you will get. If you are on a tight budget, then offset smoker suits you.

On the other hand, the gas-powered combos offer superior performance. It offers you an excellent smoker and a grill that lights instantaneously.

But if you desire an all round cooker, dig deeper into your pocket, and go for the wood pellet smoker combo. That will offer you the best roasting, smoking, and grilling you have ever dreamed of getting.

Bonus features

Although not a must but additional features like the ones listed below improves the efficiency of the grill;

  • Built-in temperature gauges and probes
  • An advanced thermostat controls e.g. using Wi-Fi systems
  • Side burners


It takes critical thinking and patience to choose the best smoker grill combo. However, the result is worth the effort. Any experienced chef will tell you so.

That’s why we’ve gone into greater detail to empower you on how to go about your selection. Don’t be misguided to believe that all the pricey combos are quality. Know what makes the best smoker grill equipment. Carry out your selection based on the must have features.

The review takes into account people of different budgets. Moreover, some of the cookers have discounted prices. Check out their prices and you won’t believe it!

With all the knowledge you have gathered from the review, I’m sure you can make an informed choice. You even have the customer feedback to guide you!