Blaze Professional 44-inch Built-in Propane or Natural Gas Grill Review

Blaze is recognized as one of the finest brands when it comes to outdoor cooking, so it is no longer surprising that they are consistently on the top of the list for people who are looking for the best gas BBQ grills. Among others, one of their top products that should be on your radar is Blaze Professional 44-inch Built-in Propane or Natural Gas Grill, which will be the subject of the rest of this short review.

From the thickness of the materials that are used to its heating efficiency, there are tons of reasons why this product is a favorite of many grilling enthusiasts. Is this grill a good choice for you? Read on to find out.

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Features and Specifications

Since this is a high-end grill from a brand that has established a solid reputation in the global market, you can expect it to have impressive features that give it an edge over many of its competitors.

72,000 BTU Total heat Output

This model comes with four burners. Each burner has a heat output of 18,000 BTU. The company also offers a slightly larger counterpart of this grill. The Blaze 40-Inch Grill (BLZ-5-LP-BLZ-5-CART) Freestanding Propane Gas has a total of five burners, although, the heat output of each burner is only 14,000 BTU.

Heat Zone Separators

This is one feature that makes this grill excellent if you are looking for versatility. It is possible to use all four burners at the same time while maintaining different heat levels. This allows you to quickly cook multiple dishes at one time.

1,050 Square Inches Cooking Space

With such a size, this is generous enough for most grilling applications. There is also a warming rack that is 253 square inches. Meanwhile, the main grilling area is 797 square inches.

Illuminated Knobs

This is one common design feature in other high-end grills, such as the Napoleon P500RSIBPSS Prestige Propane Grill with Rear and Side Infrared Burner. It gives the grill a more sophisticated appearance while being easy to control at night.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The company offers industry-leading limited lifetime warranty for all of the stainless steel components of the grill, which include cooking grids, burners, and flame tamers, among others. Another equally impressive product offering limited lifetime warranty on these parts is 3 Embers 4-Burner Dual Fuel Propane Gas Grill with Radiant Embers Cooking System.

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The Good

If you are still not convinced that Blaze Professional 44-inch Built-in Propane or Natural Gas Grill will make a great choice, below are some of the benefits you need to know.

Durable Construction

From the interior to the exterior, this grill is impressive because of its durable construction. It has top-notch materials that will withstand the test of time. The body is made of forged 304 stainless steel. The hexagonal cooking grid, on the other hand, is made of 12mm steel, which is thick compared to its competitors.

Even Heat Distribution

You can be confident that there will be no hot spots or cold spots with the use of this grill. The H-shaped burners are made of cast stainless steel, a material that is known for being able to distribute heat evenly.

Makes Flavorful Food

With the thick flame tamers that are incorporated into this product, it allows the drippings to go back to your food, which results in being more flavorful.

Easy to Clean

You don’t have to exert a lot of effort when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of the grill. There is a slide out tray to catch the drippings, so the grilling area will be mess-free.

The Bad

We don’t want to be biased in our review of Blaze Professional 44-inch Built-in Propane or Natural Gas Grill. In the spirit of fairness, let us also quickly look at the drawbacks of this grill.


If there is one reason why some people hesitate in choosing this grill, it would be the fact that it is expensive. Nonetheless, the cost is justified by the features and performance of the grill. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, however, we recommend Napoleon LEX 605 Built-In Grill with Infrared Rotisserie, which also comes with a built-in rear rotisserie.

Heat can be Too Intense for Some

The power of this grill can be too much for some people to handle. It may take quite a while before you get used to it. For beginners who are not yet used to high-performance grills, the heat can end up being overwhelming.

Who Is It For?

This is for people who are looking for a luxurious grill with high-end features. It is for serious grilling enthusiasts who want to have a high-performance grill with industry-leading features and an exceptional warranty.


In sum, the Blaze Professional 44-inch Built-in Propane Or Natural Gas Grill is an exceptional product despite being expensive. Every dollar will be worth it. It has premium construction, excellent heat distribution, and exceptional warranty coverage, among many good things.

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