Breville BGR820XL Smart Electric Grill Review

Few electric grills provide the flat BBQ mode grilling surface, interchangeable griddle and grill plate like the Breville BGR820XL does.  Grilling steaks on such a surface then becomes convenient. No wonder it has earned the name the best electric grill for steak.

But does it have the smart features and performance to justify that name? Let’s find out from this Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill review.

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Features and Specifications

An embedded 1800W heating element

The ordinary grill uses the exposed heating element. The BGR820XL Smart Grill, on the other hand, employs the heating element embedded to the grill grates directly. So the heat generated is quickly conveyed to the grill grates. Therefore it minimizes the heat loss and promotes quick recovery from heat loss.

Element IQ for fast and automatic adjustment

To most grills, introducing cold food to the preheated grill surface causes a drop in temperature. The Breville is truly a smart grill that uses the element IQ to detect, electronically, sudden drop in temperature.

It then initiates the quick recovery process from the heat loss and maintains the temperature throughout the cooking process.

Adjustable base angle

The base of this grill can assume different angles as circumstances dictate. For example when preparing a lump of fatty meat, inclining it gently allows for the easy drainage of fats into the drip tray just like it is featured in George Foreman 12-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Rectangular Electric Grill,  GFO201R.

But to prepare pancakes, flat eggs or toasted sandwiches simply adjust the base to a flat surface.


On the far left side of the BGR820XL screen is located the timer control dial. That allows you to set an exact cooking time you desire. In addition, the set cooking time minutes shows up on the LCD screen. Once the set time is up, the grill will alert you.

Temperature setting dial

On the extreme, right of the grill is located the temperature control dial.  The temperature setting provides for three different heat intensity cooking modes; sear, Panini and low. The searing temperature range is from 320 to 450oF.

While choosing the preferred cooking temperature the Breville smart grill allows you to dictate the units in either Celsius or Fahrenheit

The brightly lit LCD screen

This unit incorporates an LCD screen to display both the cooking temperature and the timer details. The display can be viewed during the day and night since it is brightly lit.

The Good

Here are more convincing proofs about the smart grill;

Adjustable height settings

Preparing fragile foods as sandwiches have never been so easy with this grill. Like the top-rated Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe, the Breville grill provides you with 6 adjustable height settings.

Therefore that means you are able to prevent the pressing of more weight on the delicate foods.  Owing to the adjustable height, you can prepare various foods like large sandwiches or open-faced melts.

Easy to clean

Nonstick pans are easy to clean. Well, the construction of this smart Breville grill makes it simple to clean almost like a frying pan. Notice that its non-stick plates and drip tray are removable as in the George Foreman 5-Serving Multi-Plate Evolve Grill. Furthermore, they are also dishwasher safe. So cleaning the plates and the drip tray won’t be a challenge.

Durable design

There is no use of buying an expensive grill if it can’t offer you many years of service. That’s why this grill features durable design construction. Its grill plates are of cast aluminum and titanium coated. The housing, on the other hand, employs the stainless steel material with the die-cast arms.

Fast heat response

Having used the embedded heating element in its design the grill heats up very fast.  That means less waiting time during the preheating moments. It doesn’t suffer significant heat losses. In addition, it also provides even heating surface when heated up.

Easy to change from C to F reading

Every chef would wish to read the temperature readings on a scale he is comfortable with. Consequently, the BGR 820 XL provides for temperature display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

All you have to do is press a button on the front face and swop from one scale to the other.

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The Bad

Having reviewed so far the benefits of the smart grill, it also has drawbacks as mentioned below:

Single grill and griddle plate

Although the cooking equipment allows cooking on either grill or the griddle plate, most customers wished the package could provide for two plates of each type. Additional purchase of the pair of plates costs a lot.

High price tag

When compared to other ordinary grills Breville BGR820XL is twice expensive. However, when you consider its overall quality and automatic heat response, it’s worth its price.

Who Is It For?

This grill is ideal for the families who require the grill that can fit both the indoor and outdoor environment. In addition, it will serve best those who require medium-sized grill and have taken to toasting.


The automatic recovery from heat loss, embedded heating element, and fast heating makes this a wonderful electric grill for steak. With its high heat capacity, it’s the grill to cater for all your grilling needs.

Except for the single grill and griddle plates (which you can also buy separately) provided by the package, previous users have admired the performance of the grill.  Click the button below and verify for your self.

Why go for the grill which never or slowly recovers from temperature drops?