Broil King 911470 Keg 5000 Charcoal Barbecue Grill Review

Broil King is among the most celebrated Canadian brands that manufacture most satisfying and performance-centric quality charcoal grills. They have all kind of range to offer.

This review is dedicated to one of the best portable and compact charcoal grills – Broil King 911470 Keg 5000 Charcoal Barbeque Grill.

This is an ideal patio grill with all the amazing features that you will appreciate in a high-quality grill. Let’s take a look at all the features of this model.

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Features and Specifications

Durability & Performance

This model is designed to deliver. It is rich in performance. The construction is done with a double-walled insulated steel body that ensures that the exterior of the grill stays cool irrespective of the temperature inside.

This is complete steel construction, unlike ceramic bodies that are not as efficient to retain heat. Also, the durability is safeguarded as the steel will not break or react to corrosion and rusting.


Usually, the charcoal grills consume a lot of fuel while grilling. This is an efficient model that uses less charcoal and cook more. It has insulated steel design with cast-iron damper and aluminum lower damper that makes it more efficient.

Other than that, you will find a heavy-duty gasket which further reduces the charcoal consumption. This way, you can easily spend more money on food and less on fuel. The efficiency can be compared with the high-end Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill.

Cooking Area

So, this model gives you a decent cooking surface of 255 square inches which is quite productive for small families. This is not a party grill. It can serve your family but not a party of people.

Interestingly, there is a second grate that you get with this product which is available in 201 square inches. It is a productive model that will be highly useful for you. In all the cases, this product is better than the Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14-Inch Portable Grill.

Cleaning Mechanism

Well, the removable steel ashtray helps in easy cleaning of the ash from the griller. There are not many Kamado grillers that provide this feature but beneficially this feature is available on this model.

The product shouldn’t be exposed to the water and weather because, after some time, it might get corroded. You are required to keep it stored somewhere where there isn’t a lot of air and weather affects.


To make the machine more functional, this one comes with a box of accessories. It includes accessories like chrome swing-away secondary rack, detachable resin side shelves on which you can keep things that you want to keep.

There is a mobility cart that is used to move the grill from one place to another. Also, the package comes with multiple tools.

The Good

Efficient Design

As mentioned above, this is an efficient product that requires less charcoal and cook more food at one time. Other than that, there is excellent insulation that keeps the heat inside and smokes the food perfectly.

Also, the exterior is cool so that even if there are kids or pets playing near the grill, they don’t get harmed from the heat.


Interestingly, this product comes with 10 years warranty which safeguards the product. Please note that the warranty is available on the grill parts. Plus, there is a 2-year warranty on the remaining parts and the paint of the product. If anything goes wrong, you will get it repaired during the warranty period.

Detachable Side Shelves

Like many other products like Char-Griller E1515 Patio Pro Charcoal Grill that comes with side shelves. The better thing is that this model has got detachable shelves that you can store when not in use.


The Bad

Low Smoking Temperature

This product comes with a low smoking temperature and it is usually difficult to cook with such temperature conditions. So, while purchasing, make sure that you have experience with such temperature conditions.

Easy scratch Coating

Unfortunately, the coating on the top of the grill is not very efficient. It comes off soon. While you get a warranty against the coating but it is still disappointing to see the coating come off.

Who Is It For?

This product has a small surface area. Therefore, it is for the buyers that like to purchase small capacity grillers. All the other features are there in the grill that you might like. So, this product will not disappoint.


The Broil King 911470 Keg 5000 Charcoal Barbeque Grill is a decent product available on a suitable price. You will appreciate the quality and all the other features. The most excellent thing is that it comes with multiple accessories.

If you have experience in low-temperature cooking then this product is most suitable for your needs. Happy Shopping!