Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe Electric Grill Review

Cuisinart has produced many grills. But out of those numerous models, the Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe has attracted the attention of many customers to become the best electric grill indoor equipment.

Like other top performing electric grills such as Breville BGR820XL, this grill also opens up flat to BBQ mode and doubles your cooking surface.  Despite its moderate price, this grill has plenty of interesting features.

So what is it about this grill that makes it stand out moan other electric grills?

Find out in this Cuisinart GR-150 in-depth review!

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Features and Specifications

The extra large cooking surface

As the large sized electric grill, it provides you with 240 sq inches of cooking surface. The large grilling surface is sufficiently served by the 1800 watts heating element.

Therefore when you want to prepare the juicy steak for the family or friends, this grill will never fail you. Just switch to the full griddle mode and cook 12 pancakes!

Independent heat control of the plates

The deluxe electric grill is served by two cooking surfaces; the top and bottom plate. This electric grill gives you room to control the heat intensity on each plate separately.

In addition, you can decide to switch either of the plates off. That means you can stretch out the top plate, and then cook at different temperatures on the two plates.

Reversible plates

One of the key selling features of this grill is its reversible plates. Unlike the Easy Street Electric Cart Grill, the Cuisinart GR-150 gives you the dual function plates. Each of the set of plates can serve as the grill and griddle plate. To change from the flat to the ridged cooking surface just flip it over.

Floating top cover

Tapping from the floating top cover design, this grill can adjust to six different height positions. Therefore preparing foods of different thickness or grilling pizzas becomes ideal. It closely replicates the adjustable cover design of the Breville BGR820XL grill.

The Good

Cover lock feature

In addition to the 6 adjustable positions of the cover, it also has the lock feature. That helps to keep it secure during storage.

Sturdy design

It’s brushed stainless steel housing; from the base to the cover speaks of the robust feature of the grill. That promises longer years of grilling.

Easy to clean

After a hearty meal, follows the unpleasant and difficult task of cleaning the grill and its accessories. But that’s not so with this grill; its features make it trouble-free to clean.

The integrated drip tray traps the fats and grease for easy disposal. On the other hand, the griddle/grill plates are not only removable but posses the nonstick coating too.

Even the brushed steel body can easily be wiped clean with a damp paper towel. And did I tell you that the grill accessories like the scraper are dishwasher safe too?

Convenient lid handle

This grill’s lid handle protects your fingers from the heat. At the same time when in the full griddle position, the lid handle also doubles as the stand. That helps to achieve the flat stable grilling position.

Power indicators

As the indoor deluxe electric grill, you won’t have to guess whether power is flowing onto the equipment or not. The grilling machine employs the red LED lights to show when power is flowing.

At the same time, it will light green when the grill has been preheated and ready to accept the food to be cooked.

Elegant design

The brushed stainless steel finish of the grill adds the stylish taste to any kitchen environment. It’s the piece of equipment that will never look odd with your kitchen décor.

Plenty of cooking options

Since the grill plates provide both the grill and griddle plates, this electric grill offers plenty of ways to prepare your food.

From contact grill to Panini press, top melt, half grill, full grill, full griddle, and half griddle it supports plenty of cooking options.

Plenty of searing power

If you enjoy seared filets, meat or poultry then the Cuisinart GR-150 deluxe grill should be your kitchen asset. From the 1800 watts of power, the grill can attain a high temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit for two minutes at a time.

In addition, you can sear on one or both plates at the same time.

Sliding drip tray

Have you ever been frustrated trying to position the drip tray correctly in the grill? The Cuisinart saves you from that trouble again; its drip tray has been integrated with the grill and easily slides in and out smoothly.

Think of the reversible grill plates, high sear power, easy to clean feature an extra large grilling surface. What more could you ask for in this deluxe electric grill? Don’t just wish for it, click the button below and own it today!


The Bad

Dishwasher wears it out quickly

Although the grill accessories are dishwasher safe, their continual cleaning wears them out prematurely by removing the Teflon coating.  Hence it is safer to wash the items by free hands.

Requires more counter space

When stretched to either full griddle or full grill mode, the Cuisinart GR-150 takes up more counter space. That makes grilling in small apartments very uncomfortable.

Who Is It For?

This grill is ideal for a large family who frequently grills. To such a family it is one grill that will cater for all your grilling requirements. It’s the ideal indoor bbq machine for a large family.


Although it is one grill it offers six different cooking options. When compared to the George Foreman GGR50B, The Cuisinart GR-150 offers more features packed in big space.

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