Easy Street Electric Cart Grill with Two Folding Composite-Wood side Tables and Wire Shelf Review

Every chef is looking for the best indoor outdoor grill that heats up quickly and evenly. Also, it should be easy to clean regulate the cooking temperature. So the purpose of this Easy Street Electric Cart Grill with two folding composite-wood side tables and wire shelf grill is to find out if it fulfills the above criteria.

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Features and Specifications

Sufficient cooking space

This indoor outdoor electric grill is equipped with the 200 square inches cooking space.  With such a grilling space it can adequately cook food for a medium-sized group. I f you think it’s a small grilling space then you are wrong. It provides twice the cooking area of the George Foreman 5-Serving Multi-Plate Evolve Grill System.

Powerful heating element

At the heart of this Easy Street Electric Cart grill is a powerful heating element of 1500watts. Imagine such an intensity of heat locked up in the 200 square in space. In terms of power consumption, this easy street compares to the Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill.

Side folding tables

Before you start grilling your meat, you’ll need the food preparation table. With this Easy Street Electric Cart Grill you won’t have to look for extra food preparation space. That is because it is designed with two wooden tables on either side. Besides, these extra shelves are foldable thus creating more space.

Raised cooking height

Unlike most low profile grills that forces you to bend extremely low, this Easy Street Electric Cart Grill with two folding composite-wood side tables and wire shelf incorporates the raised cooking level. That allows you to assume the healthy cooking posture.

The Good

Glass window

There is always the temptation to peep at the food while it cooks. Opening a grill lid lets the heat escapes thus bringing down the temperature. Fortunately, this outdoor grill equipment is designed to countercheck that problem it provides you with the glass window on the lid. That gives you a good view of food as it cooks without lifting the lid.

Three-position cooking element

To make your cooking easier this grill utilizes the uniquely designed heating element. It supports the evenly heating cooking surface. But at times you might need to cook food at different doneness levels like rare, medium, well done.

Unlike the T-fal GC702D53 OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill, it allows you to cook food at those three different heat levels simultaneously. Furthermore, you can also use it as the vertical rotisserie grill.  So as you can see its one electric grill that offers versatile cooking options.

Wire shelf

On top of the sturdy wood side tables, this easy to use grill gives you the bonus wire shelf at the base. Such a space becomes ideal for keeping your grilling tools close by to avoid numerous unnecessary trips.

Certified quality grill

No one would wish to purchase a grill of unknown origin or quality. This easy street grill by Meco employs the UL and CUL listed heating element. That gives you some peace of mind to use such electric equipment.

Easy to transport

As the outdoor cooking machine there comes a time when you’ll have to move it indoor for storage. Transporting this grill isn’t difficult; considering that it has the 36 pounds weight that distributes evenly on the two rolling wheels. It truly lives up to its name as the cart grill.

Thermostatic heat control

Regulating the cooking temperature is simple with this easy street electric cart. That is so because it has the thermostatic heat control unit. Therefore once you have set your preferred heat level, the unit will heat up to that level, cut off and reconnects once the temperature threatens to go down that preset value.

Sturdy metal stand

The 36 pounds weight of this grill rest on the mechanically sound metal stand. The metal frame joined at both the base and the top forms a solid structure that can’t buckle. In addition, the metallic frame is capped at the point where it makes contact with the ground

So as you can see, the Easy Street Electric Cart Grill with two folding composite-wood side tables and wire shelf isn’t a piece of equipment to be underestimated. Do wish to own one? Then click the button below


The Bad

Even though this grill has plenty of adorable features it has some drawbacks too as named below;

Disposable drip tray

Unlike the Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill which has the removable drip tray, this Easy Street Electric Cart employs the disposable drip tray. That forms the major drawback with this electric equipment.

It isn’t equipped with a rotisserie

Although this grill has the provision to act like the rotisserie grill, you’ll have to buy the rotisserie separately.

Who Is It For?

This grill is ideal for a medium-sized family who wishes to upgrade from the charcoal to electric grill. If you live in small condos with limited space in the patio, the Easy Street electric cart still fits you.


The Easy Street Electric Cart Grill with two folding composite-wood side tables and wire shelf allows you to upgrade your cooking style to fit any apartment.  Click the button below and experience the ease of using this grill.