Easy Street Electric Cart Grill with Wire Shelf Review

When looking for the right electric grill to use in your yard, then this electric patio grill reviews offers you an option to consider. Easy Street Electric Cart Grill with wire shelf is the grill that provides the versatility of use. In addition to its integrated stand, it also portrays the elegant appearance. But does it offer the efficiency of use and durability like the Kenyon B70090 Frontier All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill? Let’s find out in the review.

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Features and Specifications

Large cooking surface

This grill measures 21.5 x 28 x 40.5 inches. But its actual grilling area is 200sq inches. Thus it’s the grill that you can trust when you wish to feed about 10 people. In terms of size, it equals the Easy Street Electric Cart Grill with two folding, composite-wood side tables and wire shelf.

Three-position heating element

With a rotatable heating element, this grills element can assume three different positions. It can lie flat to provide the right baking position. You can also position at an angle of 45 degrees or position it vertically for easy rotisserie grilling. Such versatility makes it adorable to many people.

Variable heat control

Each type of cooking and recipe requires precise heating temperature. To suit all cases this easy street grill employs the variable cooking temperature. It achieves that by using a thermostat that you can set to your desired heat level.

Sufficient Heating power

To suit low to high searing temperatures this patio grilling machine is equipped with a 1500 watts heating element. Such a high wattage ensures that it concentrates the right amount of heat in the 200sq inches cooking area.

The Good

Easy to transport

This grill rests on a cart. Thus it becomes easier to transport from one location to the next using the two sturdy rolling wheels. Such rolling wheels happily bear the 34.9lbs weight of the grill without straining the user

 Wire shelf storage area

While grilling every second count. And you don’t wish to waste time hunting your tools up and down. At the base of this grills cart, it has an integrated wire shelf. That forms the perfect place to keep your grilling tools within your reach.

 Various heating methods

This grill gives you the provision to decide how you wish to cook your food. You can set the cooking area to have one uniform temperature and thus support the traditional grilling. Alternatively, you can set it to cook your meat at three different doneness levels at the same time; rare, medium and well done. Lastly, you can also position it to a vertical position to enjoy the rotisserie grilling.

Grease pan

Have you ever tried grilling grill with the grease spattered all over? To prevent such a mess and make cleaning work easier, grease pan come into use. That’s why this easy street grill uses the strategically located grease pan at the base of the grill. Thus the fats that drop from the meat are channeled to the disposable pan.

Authentic UL and CUL listed element

Low-quality grills have electric elements that burn frequently. However, this grill portrays the professional design and use the element that will last you for a longer period. The UL and the CUL listing prove its authenticity. Furthermore, it has the three prongs that allow it to fit into any standard household outlet.

Needs no extra table

With a grill that rests on the cart, it provides the ready raised cooking position. Thus wherever you go, it provides the organized setup. Furthermore, the raised stand ensures that you don’t stoop so low when cooking.

Wide stable base

The stability of any grill is of utmost importance. This grill uses the stand that is wide at the base. Besides, it makes multiple contacts at the ground. That, therefore, cuts down the chances of the grill toppling and creating an accident.

 Tight closing hood

With a tight closing lid, most of the heat generated isn’t lost to the atmosphere. Furthermore, the lid is raised and thus accommodates even large cuts of meat. Furthermore, opening and closing of the lid is easier since it has the cool to touch lid handle. Think of just how much the above features can better your cooking. Click the button below and make it a reality.


 The Bad

 Lacks extra preparation shelf

Even though it has the easy to roll cart, this grill doesn’t have an extra food preparation table as the Char-Broil Performance Black And Stainless 5-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill with 1 Side Burner.

 Disposable grease pan

Although this grill provides for easy collection of fats and grease, it uses the disposable pan much better. Like that of the George Foreman GFO201RX Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill a strong sturdy metal is much better than a disposable pan.

Lacks the easy view window

It’s very difficult to check on the progress of your food while cooking without opening the lid. That is because it has no transparent window unlike the Easy Street Electric Tabletop Grill with easy-view window and rotisseries.

Who Is It For?

This Easy Street Electric Cart Grill with wire shelf is ideal for someone who wants the compact grill that offers adaptable cooking options. Despite its small space requirement, it has a large cooking surface of about 10 servings.


Even without the side shelf, this grill is still an asset to invest in. its ability to simultaneously cook food at different doneness levels, easy to roll, high power and large grilling surface are convincing enough about its quality. To upgrade to the flexible cooking grill which commands attention just click the button below;