Easy Street Electric Tabletop Grill with 3-Position Element Review

When browsing about the electric barbecue grill reviews, you will come across grills of various capacities and weights. But Easy Street Electric Tabletop Grill with 3-position element, the basis of our review forms one of the most portable and versatile of use grill. Compared to the Easy Street Electric Cart Grill with two folding composite-wood side tables and wire shelf, which weighs 36 pounds, this Easy Street Electric Tabletop Grill is light and weighs only 23.4lbs. Here is a detailed review for a better understanding.

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Features and Specifications

Three-position element

As the versatile use tabletop grill, it can serve in three different ways. First, it supports the usual traditional grilling that requires a whole uniform heating area. Secondly when you want to prepare meat at three different well-done levels, (medium, rare, well done) this grill equally does it at one cooking. Furthermore when you are a fun of rotisserie grilling, then simply position the equipment in the vertical position.

Large cooking

Its grilling surface provides a large area that even the Kenyon B70050 Frontier All Seasons Built-In Stainless Steel Electric Grill can’t match. The 200sq inches is big enough to hold large chops of meat, 5lbs whole chicken and even hamburgers. That is made possible due to its large dome-shaped hood.

High power capacity

In addition to a large cooking area, it’s also supported by the 1500 watts heating element. That is sufficient to provide intense heat to the entire 200sq inches area. It’s therefore equipped with a high capacity heating element when compared to the Benchmark 62030 30 Dog Roller Grill.

The Good

Infrared heating

Unlike other grills that utilize the direct heating prone to producing charred marks, this 3 position grill employs the superior infrared heating method like the Kushi Infrared Smokeless Indoor Grill for BBQ, Kebab and Yakitori (Table Top). Such a heating method results in even, and clean cooked food, with minimal flare-ups. Even the fat droppings are vaporized to enhance the food flavor.

Variable heat control

For happy cooking, this equipment uses thermostatic heat control. Therefore changing the heat level from low to searing temperatures becomes simple. As a result, it also reduces the waiting time when moving from one level to the next.


Since this equipment weighs 23.4lbs only, it becomes easy to transport from your backyard to the store. Furthermore, you can also ferry it easily in the back of your truck.


The whole grill equipment is made of the premium steel forms and tubing. Furthermore, the outer surface features the Dura fuse powder finish. That not only makes it attractive but also corrosion-resistant.

Straightforward to assemble

Assembling the whole unit is trouble-free and takes very few minutes. Thus you can accomplish the assembling task even one person. That is because the critical and rather difficult components come preassembled. Thus you don’t begin your assembly from the scratch

Easy-to-attach base

Although Easy Street Electric Tabletop Grill with 3-position element features countertop design, it has the easy to attach base. All you need is tighten a few bolts and nuts then setting up the base is complete.

Painless to clean

Cleaning a grill especially one soiled with grease and charred meat isn’t a pleasant task. But this model makes the rather cumbersome task easy to accomplish. Its size allows it to fit into most dishwashers for quick and thorough cleaning. Moreover, it also has the grease cup that collects the grease into one location.

Verified quality

Electrical pieces of equipment are dangerous if poorly designed. But this electric grill features top quality since it is both UL and CUL listed. Furthermore, it has been constructed to fit into the standard socket outlet.

Heat reflector

For optimum heating, the grill is equipped with an efficient heat reflector to help in concentrating heat on the food. At the same time, the heat reflector also helps to drain excess fat drippings thus cutting down excessively flare-ups.

Stable base with non-slip provision

The grill rests on the wide and stable base. To prevent it from slipping, its base has an embedded rubber gasket around it. That, therefore, gives it a good grip of the ground.

Faster cooking

When switched to the dual-level cooking mode it will allow you to cook two foods at different temperatures. Thus you can warm bread and sear meat to either well done, or rare level. Imagine by clicking the button below, you can enjoy the benefits listed above and make your grilling more enjoyable than before.



The Bad

Even though the easy street tabletop grill has numerous benefits, below are its drawbacks worth highlighting;

Rotisserie bought separately

Although the grill can assume the vertical position for rotisserie grilling, you will have to buy the rotisserie separately. Thus it calls for an additional expense

Poor channeling of the grease

Owing to its location, food will drop into the grease catcher and eventually overflow, that can cause a short in the heating element. Therefore that calls for the frequent emptying of the grease catcher.

Who Is It For?

The Easy Street Electric Tabletop Grill with 3-position element is ideal for someone who needs the compact and portable electric grill. With it, you can cook three different foods at the same time and thus cut down on your cooking time. Besides, it occupies a very small area!


As simple at it looks this Easy Street Electric Tabletop Grill with 3-position element will allow you to rotisserie and even serve two groups requiring meat cooked at different done levels. You don’t have to waste time cooking one type of dish at a time. By clicking on the button below, you can drastically reduce your overall cooking time