Fulgor La Scappi ODEC720T2ASS 20-Inch Stainless-Steel Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill Review

Have you ever tasted perfectly seared meat? You need the hottest electric grill to enjoy such a soft and superior taste of meat. Furthermore, you also need an experienced chef to produce charred free meat. If you are a bbq master and looking for the right electric grill to further perfect your cooking skills, then Fulgor La Scappi ODEC720T2ASS 20-Inch Stainless-Steel Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill is one such equipment to consider. Here are its top features and benefits:

Features and specifications

Ceramic glass cooking surface

Its entire cooking area boasts the ceramic glass. From its innovative design this Fulgor La Scappi ODEC720T2ASS grill employs the advanced radiant heat technology with the ceramic glass heating surface. Besides, such a cooking surface adds to its stylish and decorative appearance.

Powerful heating element

This electric grill uses the powerful element that matches the Easy Street Electric Cart Grill with two folding, composite-wood side tables and wire shelf. It is equipped with a 1500 watts heating element to provide intense heat.

Five temperature heat settings

To provide the ease and accuracy of varying the cooking temperature, this grill has five distinct heat settings. The levels vary from 210 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Such a wide range of heat settings provide for accurate adjustment. All you have to do is thus select the range that fits the type of food you wish to prepare using a rotary knob.

Large cooking surface

On top of its stylish look, the Fulgor La Scappi ODEC720T2ASS features the wide cooking surface. Its grilling surface measures 14 ¾ inches wide by 8 7/8 inches deep. You can thus lay several items to cook on the large grilling surface of about 10 servings.

The Good

Removable drip tray

With the help of its removable drip tray cleaning fats and oil from this grill shouldn’t be difficult. The tray, also, collects also food crumbles during the cleaning exercise too. Cleaning the tray is simple since it is easy to detach from the main grill.

Ergonomic handles

Located on either side of this grill are the sturdy ergonomic handles. Carrying the grill off the ground during relocation is then easier and the chances of slipping greatly reduced.

Provides consistent heating

This grill doesn’t just attain high temperature only. Besides, it provides consistent uniform heating of the entire large grilling surface. For that reason, even the foods arranged on the grill are cooked evenly. Thus once you have set your desired cooking heat level, it will maintain that preset value throughout the cooking process

Simple to clean

Unlike other electric grill models which are hard to clean, this equipment is trouble-free to clean. The drip tray collects the fat and food droplets. Besides, the food remains on the ceramic cooking surface is easy to remove by the provided scraping tool. Also, the grill’s outer surface simply wipes clean with the help of a paper towel just like cleaning the Kenyon B70060 No Lid All Seasons Built-In Electric Grill


Many are the times when you have to lift and relocate a grill. With its 14 pounds lightweight, it, therefore, becomes a simple task. It is even easy to carry at the back of a truck or water bus when going on a vacation.

Multifunction cooking surface

Although this grill has its cooking surface made of ceramic glass, it has the multipurpose use. For example, you can set the low heat level and warm your food on it. You can also use the same grilling surface to boil water or even grill the usual way.

Carcinogen free

As an electric grill that uses neither gas nor charcoal to produce heat, it provides healthy cooking. It thus gives you the carcinogen-free cooked food.

LED display

To help you know when the current is flowing through the electric grill, it uses the LED light technology. Imagine at the click of the button below you too can enjoy the above benefits and even much more;


The Bad

Limited size cooking area

The major drawback of this Fulgor La Scappi ODEC720T2ASS 20-Inch Stainless-Steel Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill is the small grilling area that can’t match the vast cooking area of George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill GGR50B. To serve a large group it may force you to cook several times.

 Low profile

For convenient outdoor grilling, it’s always necessary to cook on a raised platform. Unfortunately, this electric grill has no integrated stand in its design. So when using the grill outdoors it may force you to seek for an external table.

Who Is It For?

If you live in a small apartment and wants to give it the luxurious look, then this Fulgor La Scappi ODEC720T2ASS 20-Inch Stainless-Steel Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill is for you. Despite its small size, it reaches an extreme high temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit.


Considering its size, high-temperature capability and the sleek design this electric grill is worth investing every scent. With its 14 pounds weight it’s very light and thus highly portable. Do you wish like holding a weekend party or going on a vacation? Then this is the grill to think of. Order yours today by clicking the button below;