George Foreman 12-Serving Indoor Outdoor Rectangular Electric Grill GFO201R Review

If you have heard experience with the best indoor electric grill then most likely you have heard of the name George Foreman. As one of the pioneers in that field, it makes both the small and large serving grills. For example, do you recall one of their famous models George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill GGR50B?

This time we review again one of their large serving grills; George Foreman 12-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Rectangular Electric Grill, GFO201R.

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Features and Specifications

Extra-large cooking surface

This indoor /outdoor electric grill provides plenty of grilling space. It is equipped with the rectangular grilling space of 200 sq inches. Think of the quantity of fish or steak you can prepare on the 200sq inches. It should provide around 12 servings. That makes it essential equipment for the classic backyard barbecue.

Adequately powered

A large grilling surface with insufficient heat intensity won’t be of any use. So the 200 sq inches grilling area is adequately served by a 1440 watts heating element. That means reduced preheating time.

George tough nonstick coating

Many grills claim to have the nonstick coating. A large percentage of those grills have the nonstick layer that easily wears out after a few rounds of cooking. This grill, however, uses the George tough nonstick coating. And with the correct use and care, the nonstick layer employed here will never fail you. The coatings give the grill stain proof and scratch proof ability.

Exclusively electric

This grill features exclusive electric heating. Therefore you can happily use it in an apartment in areas where gas or charcoal grills are prohibited. With its innovative technology that excludes flare-ups, it is the grill to make every landlord happy.

Patented slope design

Ever experienced how grilling the fatty meat is inconveniencing? First, it creates a mess on the grill then increases the flare-ups. Like all other George Foreman grills, this model features the fat removing slope. The inclination helps to drive the fats and grease into the drip tray.

That helps to reduce the fats from the meat being cooked by 42%.

The Good

Easy-to-remove stand

Like an efficient cooking electric grill, it’s designed with an easy to attach and detach stand. So if you wish to enjoy the patio grilling, simply attach the stand and raise your cooking surface to a convenient height.

When the weather drives you from the patio, detach the stand and enjoy the countertop cooking. Simply slide it on or off the stand; simple change over.

Variable temperature control

This grill like the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler can cook different foods. But each food requires a particular heat requirement. So this cooking machine has the variable temperature control. Specifically, it provides you with five different heat settings to suit varieties of foods.

Simple cleaning exercise

Although cleaning grills after cooking isn’t usually a pleasant task, this grill has incorporated some features to simplify the cleaning task.  For example, it has the George tough nonstick coating that prevents food from sticking on the grills.

Thus you will only need to wipe clean the grills with a damp paper towel. On the other hand, the fats are easily channeled to the dishwasher safe drip for easy removal.


This cooking unit, George Foreman 12-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Rectangular Electric Grill, Red, GFO201R has the lightweight of 15.51 lbs. When you consider that it has the removable stand, then you realize that it’s the highly portable grill.

Tight-fitting lid

This rectangular-shaped grill has the tight-fitting lid. That helps to lock in most of the heat produced. Due to the high heat concentration, the food cooks faster and even. In addition, lifting the lid off the base is easier since it has the sturdy handle too.

Temperature indicator light

Light indicators are very easy to follow. That’s why this electric cooking unit employs the light indicator for each of the five temperature settings. Thus when you select any of the five cooking hat requirement the indicator lights up and confirms to your selection.

As you have seen from the features described above, this grill is simple to use and can serve quite a sizable group. To own it, just click the button below;


The Bad


Owing to the tight-fitting lid which lacks ventilation, during the cooking exercise, the smoke heats the lid liquid droplets develop. When opening the grill’s lid, therefore you have to exercise caution lest the condensed liquid pours down on your carpeted floor.

Possibility of toppling down

When the grill is positioned on its stand, the top becomes heavier than the base. Consequently, that increases the chances of the equipment toppling down, on a slight push. Hence you have to position it at a location where a child can’t knock it down.

Who Is It For?

This 12-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Rectangular Electric Grill, Red, GFO201R is ideal for someone who wishes to host a party for 10 or 12 people. It will thus become the key ingredient for the classic patio barbecue.


When you combine this grill with the HAOONE Portable Battery Operated Automatic BBQ Grill Rotisserie with 11 Skewers, you get the cooking machine that delivers mouth-watering dishes.  Such a combination will handle almost any type of cooking you can imagine.

If you frequently hold a party for your friends or family, then this grill is the essential cooking equipment you must never miss!

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