George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill Review

Even without charcoal powered grills, you can still enjoy great BBQ moments. With the right electric barbecue equipment, your evening parties with your friends or family gatherings can reach greater heights of excitements. This George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill is one such equipment to think of during such moments.

In structural design, this grill closely resembles the George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill GGR50B. But specifically, here are the defining features of this BBQ grill

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Features and Specifications

Large grilling surface

This George Foreman provides you with a wide grilling surface that measures 240 sq inches in area. Such large capacity grilling surface can accommodate food to the capacity of 15 servings. It can, therefore, serve a bigger group compared to the George Foreman 12-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Rectangular Electric Grill

Removable stand

It comes with a stand that is two and half feet tall above the ground. With the stand, you can use this George Foreman BBQ machine both indoors or outside in your backyard. When you slide it in the stand it provides the convenient cooking experience on the patio. But when the weather threatens to disturb your cooking process, simply slide it out and thus let it take the countertop design.

Adjustable temperature controls

Cooking heat temperature varies from food to food. This BBQ machine offers you five distinct temperature control levels. It thus provides for both simple cooking like food warming to elaborate ones like searing meat. With the clearly labeled heat levels, you can choose the exact heat level that matches the food to be cooked. It can stretch up to a maximum searing temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Good

Grilling surface positioned at the right height

Imagine the discomfort of stooping so low to reach the low-level cooking surface. To solve such problem this grill owing to its stand reaches up to the right cooking level. It positions the grilling surface to be approximately two and a half feet high. You thus assume the healthy posture while cooking your meals.

Fully electric

Being completely electric it easy to use and doesn’t produce a lot of smoke like the gas or charcoal powered grills. Thus you can use it in any apartment without causing any friction with your landlord. Simply plug it in the socket and you are ready to begin your cooking; no lengthy preparations are required.

Tough nonstick coating

Many grill claims to have the nonstick coating but they wear out easily after a short while. This grill has the sturdy and specially layered George tuff nonstick coating. That assures you of its efficiency in cooking food, preventing food from sticking on the grill and giving longevity to the grills.

Fat removing slope

Like all George Foreman grills, this equipment features the sloppy design. Furthermore, it also has the channeling trucks for easy grease flow to the collection tray. The gentle inclination ensures that the grease and fats drip away from the food. That makes up for healthy cooked food with little fats.

Sleek design

Considering its black polished finish it attracts a splendid view. Furthermore, the 2.5 feet tall height makes it stand out gracefully. The black finish allows it to doubles a kitchen by blending with different backgrounds and style.

Heats up very fast

All grills have to be preheated ted before tossing j food. However, unlike other grills that take much time to heat up; this grill requires only 10 minutes of preheating duration. Thus the few minutes lets you gather and prepare your meat, fish or poultry.

Domed and vented lid

The lid features the high domed and vented design. Owing to its large capacity it accepts larger chunks of food. For instance, it can accommodate a whole chicken. Its shape also allows for the efficient circulation of hot air and ensures even cooking on all sides. The internal structure of the lid further helps to reflect heat on the food being cooked.


The whole grill with its stand weighs only 8.68 pounds. Thus it’s easy to disassemble from the stand and transport owing to its lightweight. So when the weather threatens and disturbs your patio grilling, it’s easy to slide out of the grill stand and transport it indoors even one person without requiring extra help.

Widespread stable base

Although the stand reaches two and a half feet high, it provides a good grip of the ground. That’s due to two major reasons. First, it spreads out to a wider area then makes contact with the ground at four points. Therefore the stand reinforces the stability of the George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill.

Cool to touch lid handle

Whether you want to lift the lid to toss in food or view the food as it cooks, the electric grill is equipped with a cool to touch handle that also provides a good grip. Thus even at high temperature, the lid handle prevents your hands from burning.

Integrated drip tray

The whole design of this grill makes up for easy management of fats and grease. If not well taken care of they produce the messy surface, fortunately, the grill has the strategically located drip tray just below the grilling surface. Added to its sloppy design, the grease easily drips away from the meat to the drip tray.

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The Bad


Even though the grill is fairly stable and sturdy, the equipment is top-heavy. Thus on a slight push, it would surely stable. Thus it should be used in a low traffic region or keep the kids at a distant.

No inbuilt timer

Unlike the YAMAZEN wide grill NFR-1100 S, This George Foreman grill has no inbuilt timer thus you can’t set the count down timer for cooking.


Who Is It For?

If you frequently hold BBQ parties for a medium or large group then this electric grill is ideal for you. At one cooking it enables you to prepare 15 serving size foods. Thus it’s the cooking equipment that will lighten the rather tiring cooking for a larger group.


George Foreman has made a name in making grills. And once more it displays its expertise in making this George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill. From the stand, sleek design, easy to clean parts and the large grilling surface it’s the grill that simplifies the cooking process.

Furthermore, it also gives your kitchen a sophisticated look. At the click of the button below, you too can have all these and upgrade excitement in your evening BBQ party.