George Foreman 240″ Nonstick Removable Stand Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill Review

When talking about electric grill reviews, one of the reputed companies that show up is George Foreman. The reputed company is known for making well built, efficient and elegant grills. This time one of their offerings, George Foreman 240 Nonstick Removable Stand Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill forms the subject of our review. This grilling machine gives you a wider grilling surface compared to the George Foreman 5-Serving Multi-Plate Evolve Grill System. Otherwise, read on to unearth its further features and benefits.

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Features and Specifications

Large grilling surface

If you are thinking of organizing a party for your friends, then this George Foreman 240″ Nonstick Removable Stand Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill is one such bbq machine to grab. It provides you with a total grilling area of 240square inches. That can cook 15 serving amount of food just like the George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill GGR50B. 

Nonstick grill plate

Its entire 240 square cooking area is covered by the George tough nonstick grill plate. The nonstick coating that doesn’t wear off easily ensures that you can grill your food with minimal application of oil.

Elongated stand

This electric grill rests on a tall stand. That means you can erect it on your patio and begin cooking right away without requiring any table. However, when it begins to drizzle simple detach the base and then it assumes the tabletop design.

Grease cup

Like all other George Foreman grills, the grill machine features exclusive fat removing design. This equipment has a grease cup positioned at the base which easily slides I and out. Excess fats and grease then flow easily in the cup for easy collection.

The Good

Variable temperature control

The ability to vary the heat requirement while cooking makes it possible to prepare different kinds of meals on a grill with ease. That’s why this bbq machine has the rotary heat control knob marked 1 to 5 plus the off mark. Choosing a particular temperature level is therefore exact.

Removable grill plate

After cooking on this grill, you don’t have to carry the whole unit to the sink. Its grill plate is easy to detach from the main unit. That makes it easy to wipe clean. And when you further consider that it features the nonstick plate and fat drainage design, you realize it’s the machine that is simple to clean.


The overall size of the grill is 21 x 20.5 x 11.5 inches. When you detach it from the stand it assumes the compact design. Added to the fact that it has the lightweight of 16.65lbs, it is the unit that you can easily transport without overburdening you.

Deep hood

Cooking whole chicken or large cuts of meat on this George foreman grill isn’t difficult. On top of the large grilling surface is the raised cover. With such a design you can place your large food and cover it happily without any problem. Furthermore, the interior surface of the hood also helps to reflect the heat.

Cool to touch lid handle

For easy handling of the hood, it features the cool to touch handle. Furthermore, its smooth and cured nature provides a good grip to the hands.

Good grip of the ground

Even though the grill is hoisted on a stand, it features a stable design. The long stand has protruding prongs at the base that increases its grip of the ground.

Simple to set up

Setting up the grill is a straight forward job. You don’t need any tools except when fixing the handle to the grill hood.

Beautiful appearance

When completely assembled and hoisted on the pedestal it presents the graceful look. With its appealing color finishing, it will form the center of attraction in your patio. Just like the George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill GFO240S, this grill presents plenty of adorable features that promise to improve your cooking experience. Just click the button below to order one or two for your kitchen assets.


The Bad

Despite looking spectacular, this bbq machine isn’t free from faults;

No vent on the hood

Its large covering hood is tight-fitting and has no vent. Therefore during cooking, there isn’t any space to let out steam. As a result, it condenses on the hood. Thus when you open the lid later the liquid spatters all over.

Who Is It For?

It’s for that person that needs to cook a large serving of food frequently and has very limited space to spare. It only takes a footprint of space but prepares 15 servings quantity of food.


Although it lacks the steam vent, this electric grill is still worth considering. Think of the large grilling area, easy-to-remove stand, elegant look, and the variable temperature control. Do you wish like owning one? Then click the button below;