HAOONE Portable Battery Operated Automatic BBQ Grill Rotisserie Review

Think of the benefits of a portable bbq grill with the rotisserie ability. Many occasions will call for such a grill, for instance when going to a festival or camping trips. HAOONE portable battery operated BBQ grill is one such machine! In addition, it combines perfectly with the best electric infrared grill machines

So what exactly makes the HAOONE bbq grill worth considering? Can it compare to other top electric grills like Kenyon B70400 Texan All Seasons Built-In Electric Grill in terms of sturdiness?

Let’s comb through its best features and see if it lives up to the claims.

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Features and Specifications

Accommodates 11 rotisseries

HAOONE electric grill provides plenty of space for grilling meat or fish. It accommodates 11 rotisseries at ago. So at one cooking, you will be able to roast plenty of meat for your party.

Sturdy skewers

The heart of any grill rotisserie lies in the strength of its skewers. If it burns or breaks down, your meat falls into the fire. That’s why HAOONE portable grill gives you the stainless steel skewers of length 23 inches. Owing to the stainless steel strength, each skewer can hold up to 1kg of meat.

With the strong metallic spit, you won’t worry about them breaking down and endangering the roasting meat.

Battery powered motor

It’s only the constant rotation of the skewer that leads to an even roasted meat. The manual turning of the skewers is cumbersome and inefficient. So this BBQ grill rotisserie saves you from the trouble by letting the motor turn the spit.

However, the motor is flexible in its power requirement; thus can be powered by any power bank. That’s possible since it has the USB power input port.

The synchronized turning of skewers

Charred meat isn’t tasty at all. The inefficient turning of the spit contributes to the burning of meat. But with the HAOONE grill rotisserie, you won’t have to turn each skewer individually. All the 11 skewers have synchronized movement.  So as the USB powered motor rotates, they all turn uniformly.

The Good

High capacity to serve a large crowd

The equipment has a total of 11 skewers. And each skewer accommodates a maximum of 1 kg weight. So it’s one bbq grill rotisserie that can bear around 10 kg of meat!

Built to last

Grilling machines always experience high heat intensity. The HAOONE grill rotisserie features the sturdy construction that promises years of grilling. So the skewers and the entire body of the grill accessory are made of the stainless steel material.

Readily available power

The motor is powered through a USB port. That means you can run the grilling accessory from any type of power bank. So in the event that the mains electricity fails, your cooking won’t stop. Just arm yourself with a high capacity power bank.

Light and portable

To suit the outdoor grilling, the HAOONE grill rotisserie accessory comes in a lightweight design. Furthermore, it also has other detachable parts that further increase its portability.

Compatible with many grills

Whether you have the charcoal, gas or electric powered grill, this grill accessory combines with almost all BBQ grills. So long as you have the rectangular grill, it won’t matter your heat source; you can still upgrade your grill with the BBQ grill accessory.

Adjustable width

Although the battery-powered rotisserie has the standard length of 26.3 inches, its width can be adjusted to fit different grill sizes.

Easy to install

Installing the automatic grill accessory is simple and only takes minutes. Moreover, it is designed to be compatible with the standard electrical plug.

Evenly cooked meat

When you plug in the motor to a power source, it automatically begins to rotate and turn the skewers. The constant rotation ensures that you get the soft, evenly cooked and delicious steak.  The portable rotisserie reduces the chances of meat developing charred spots.

Spare skewer

The package comes with 12 stainless steel skewers but the unit can hold only 11.  So you have one skewer left as a replacement part.

So do you have a bbq grill machine that lacks rotisserie? This portable grill accessory helps you to upgrade it and make grilling even easier and fun like never before. Just click the button below and make it a reality!


The Bad

There are a few drawbacks that stop the portable rotisserie from being an excellent bbq grill companion;

Rectangular shape

This automatic bbq grill rotisserie takes the rectangular shape. Even though it has an adjustable width, it will only fit well on rectangular grills. That is the major complaint raised by users. Therefore the grill accessory won’t fit on other electric grills such as Weber 55020001 Q 2400.

Power bank not included

Although the unit can be powered by any power bank, the package doesn’t include one. So you will have to incur additional expense in purchasing a power bank.

Who is it for?

This Haoone portable battery operated grill rotisserie is ideal for the man with the small bbq grill that lacks the rotisserie feature. If you wish to upgrade your BBQ grill machine so that you can rotisserie Fish, Lula kabobs and veggies then this grill accessory is for you.


This battery powered bbq grill rotisserie although simple, provides an easy upgrade for grills that have no rotisserie ability. For example, it can blend well with the Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe for preparing tasty kabobs, and other dishes. Moreover, it has a sturdy frame at a manageable price.

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