IWATANI CORPORATION OF AMERICA G-Station Portable Electric BBQ Grill Station Review

When looking for a cheap electric grill with standard features then try out the IWATANI CORPORATION OF AMERICA G-Station Portable BBQ Grill Station. Although it’s economical it is highly portable and sturdily constructed. Like the Traeger TFB42LZBO Lil’Tex Elite Grill, it features the rugged body that fits the outdoor weather. Here are more convincing reasons to dig about this grill.

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Features and Specifications

Two burners

Cooking on a single burner sometimes inconveniences when you wish to prepare several dishes. But with the 2 burner design of this IWATANI CORPORATION OF AMERICA G-Station Portable BBQ Grill Station, you can cook different kinds of foods at the same time. Hence like the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler, it also supports multiple cooking options.

Interchangeable plates

This grill station supports different styles of cooking. That’s why it provides you with three interchangeable plates designed to suit three dissimilar cooking styles. Therefore it will conveniently help you to prepare vegetables, grill steak and even prepare hamburgers.

Automatic shut off

Using the superior technology this grill can detect when the flame goes off. To avert accidents during such a time, it automatically shuts off the gas. Besides preventing accidents the automatic shut off also eliminates the wastage of gas.

Magnetic lock

Although it is powered by butane gas, this grill provides for the secure storage of the butane canisters. Each container slides in its chamber and further locked up through magnetic technology. That not only prevents the cans from moving up and down but also prevents them from accidentally dropping out during the transportation of the grill.

The Good

Sturdy body

The IWATANI CORPORATION OF AMERICA G-Station Portable BBQ Grill Station features the 18-8 steel body. With such a rugged body, it promises to last longer since it can brave the outside weather. Notice even its 46 pounds weight.

Patented heat panel design

Even though this grill is fueled by two butane canisters, it employs the patented heat panel design. Following such an innovative design the burners can serve you for years without wearing out. At the same time, it also maximizes on the efficiency of the gas. The two gas cans, therefore, power the grill for a longer period before calling for replacement.

Portable design

When not in use, the grill folds nicely to assume the compact and slim design. Besides it also has two other features that enhance its portability; two rolling wheels and an easy to grip handle. Consequently, it thus becomes easy to pull the 46 pounds grill on a leveled surface.

Integrated stand

As an outdoor cooking machine, this grill comes complete with its integrated stand. So once you are ready to begin cooking in your garden or campsite, you won’t have to worry about looking for a raised platform. You simply spread out the grill’s stand and begin your cooking.

Side shelf

Once it is spread out, this grill provides you with two side tables, thus mimicking the design of Easy Street Electric Cart Grill with two folding, composite-wood side tables and wire shelf. That provides a convenient space to prepare your food, hold plates or even bbq tools close by. During transportation or storage, the two shelves retract thus occupying less space.

Independent control of burners

Each of the burners is served by an 8oz capacity canister. Therefore even though this grill has two burners it allows you to have independent control of each. That means you can cook two different foods at various temperatures on the same grill.

Removable lid

When you wish to cook a dish that requires intense heat, then you simply close in the tight-fitting lid. Otherwise, you can remove the lid and enjoy the flat open grilling area. That becomes useful when you want to prepare a large roast. Cleaning the lid is also easier when detached from the main body. Even though it’s affordable this grill looks very promising. Why not click the button below and add it to your grilling machines?


The Bad

Small capacity butane canisters

This grill is fueled by butane gas. Although it accommodates two such cans, they are of small capacity; 8oz. Thus the grill may not withstand prolonged cooking without running out of gas. That forms the major disadvantage of this IWATANI CORPORATION OF AMERICA G-Station Portable BBQ Grill Station.

Who Is It For?

It’s ideal for a medium-sized family going on a campout or vacation. Instead of relying on hotel cooked food, it gives you the chance to cook food just the way you enjoy it. With two lightweight butane canisters stored in the grill, you will always look forward to bbq evenings regardless of your location.


Except for the small capacity gas containers, this is an affordable grill with the entire standard requirements. With it, you can retreat to a remote location to enjoy a peaceful environment, having an assurance that you won’t miss grilled meat flavored with your favorite drink. Click the button below to grab your copy before it’s too late.