Kenyon B70086 Rio All Seasons Built-In Electric Grill Review

If you research deeply about the top rated outdoor electric grills, one of the most reputed brands you won’t miss is the Kenyon grills. The grills are famous for two major features; sturdy construction and efficient service. This time we review one of their offers Kenyon B70086 Rio All Seasons Built-In Electric Grill. This review will help you dig out the best and worst features of this grill plus how it compares to other brands like the Easy Street Electric Tabletop Grill with 3-position element.

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Features and Specifications

Standard grilling space

When compared to the George Foreman 5-Serving Multi-Plate Evolve Grill System that provides only 75 sq inches of cooking space, this grill is larger. It gives you an area of 155 square inches to cook your hamburgers and steak. Thus it has the capacity to meet the demands of medium-sized family.

Direct contact heating element

Have you ever lost your fatty meat to the flaring up of flames? To avert such anomaly the Kenyon B70086 Rio All Seasons Built-In Electric Grill features the direct contact heating element. With such a design, there isn’t any space between the heating element and the grills. Thus it also maximizes the heat transfer to the grills.

High power element

At the heart of this electric grill is the high wattage heating element when compared to the Benchmark 62030 30 Dog Roller Grill. With its integrated 1300 watts electric coil, this adequately heats the 155 square inches area. Thus it will quickly attain a high searing temperature without any delay.

Weatherproof cover

Like Kenyon’s trademark, this grill also has a strong cover. Using the heavy gauge stainless steel material the manufacture provides the weatherproof housing that can withstand even regular grilling at the beach environment. Also, even its corners are rounded and smoothened to feel safe and look attractive.

The Good

Cleaning this grill isn’t complicated

The control buttons aren’t protruding or submerged to trap dust during cleaning. That makes it easier to wipe its smooth stainless steel body. On the other hand, the grill grate and the lid are dishwasher safe. That will help you to achieve quick cleaning in minutes. By simply sliding out a pin the lid detaches from the main grill thus giving way for cleaning.

Insulated lid

At the excitement of cooking it is very easy to forget and grab a grill lid with your bare hand. To keep you safe and avoid accidental burns, this Kenyon grill has the insulated lid. Besides it also gives you the easy to grip lid handle.

 UL approved

The design of the Kenyon B70086 Rio All Seasons Built-In Electric Grill fits the dual environment. Since it is UL approved for both indoor and outdoor use, you can use it in your balcony or backyard without any worry.

  Deep oval flange

Although it has the slim base, the deep oval flange makes up for the thin base. The protrusion of the hood increases the grill’s capacity to hold large cuts of meat. Owing to its 23 x 15.6 x 9 inches measurement, you can happily make a roast of a whole chicken on this Kenyon equipment.


Have you ever opened up a grill’s lid only to be met by the condensed liquid on the lid spattering on your floor or table? The hood of this grill is adequately vented and thus won’t allow steam to condense on the lid and create a mess on your expensive carpet and floor.


The structure of this grill allows you to carry it on your truck to your vacation destination. First it’s lightweight and weighs 26.6lbs. Besides it has the slim base and easy to detach oval flange hood.

 Neat look

When you assemble this grill on your tabletop, it provides the outstanding look. Even a rather dull balcony will sparkle with life. It will even attract a gathering once you start grilling and the aroma escapes into the atmosphere. From the features described above, the design of Kenyon B70086 Rio All Seasons Built-In Electric Grill presents a professional work. At the click of the button below, you can own it today;

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 The Bad

 Not for a large serving

This grill only provides 155 square inches of cooking area. Thus it can barely cook food for a handful of people. If you need the grill that can serve a larger group of friends then go for the Masterbuilt Electric Patio Grill.

Who Is It For?

It’s ideal for those living in condos that need the professionally built electric grill to use in their balconies. Owing to its simple design but elegant look it fits those who wish to give their houses the luxurious look. If you mostly live marine life then this is the grill to have by your side.


This Kenyon grill excels in many features. It has the sturdy casing, simple to use controls and high wattage heating element. Except for the limited size grilling area this grill possesses all the standard features you might wish for. Click the button below and experience the difference of cooking on a Kenyon B70086 Rio All Seasons Built-In Electric Grill.