Kenyon B70090 Frontier All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill Review

Have you been browsing through electric outdoor grill reviews looking for the best grill machine? Then have a look at the rectangular-shaped Kenyon B70090 Frontier All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill. Like the name implies it’s the grill sturdily built to lasts for seasons. And just like the previous model Kenyon B70060 No Lid All Seasons Built-In Electric Grill it provides precise temperature adjustments. Below are more convincing features of the grill;

Specifications and features

Marine-grade stainless steel body

As a true Kenyon grill, it boasts the marine grade 304 stainless steel body. Such a rugged body gives it the ability to last from season to season. Furthermore, it is also weatherproof and thus becomes ideal for oceanic bbq parties.

Medium size cooking area

Even though this grill’s cooking surface isn’t as large as the Easy Street Electric Tabletop Grill with 3-position element, it provides the medium size cooking area of 155 sq inches. In fact, it doubles the cooking surface area provided by George Foreman 5-Serving Multi-Plate Evolve Grill System.

Concealed heating element

Its electric element design speaks of professional design. Tapping from the efficiency of the concealed heating element Kenyon gives you the grill that minimizes heat loss. The 1300 watts electric element makes direct contact with the cooking surface. As a result, it eliminates flare-ups resulting from fats drippings.

Double layer non-stick coating

The non-stick coating on most grills and grill plates wears off easily. That’s why this Kenyon equipment provides you with the double non-stick coating to withstand seasons. Therefore you won’t also have to smear lots of butter on its grill plates.

The Good

Simple to use controls

With all the controls mounted on the front face of the grill, it becomes very easy to reach them. Furthermore, the bbq grill employs the digital touch controls for precise temperature adjustment. Besides using the LED technology, the grill provides for an easy to view the display of a selected temperature level.

Cool to touch sturdy handles

For easy handling, this Kenyon B70090 Frontier All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill has two handles on both side and its lid. Since the handles feature cool to touch technology they help to prevent accidental burns.

Automatic shut off

If left for about 60 or 90 minutes of inactivity, this grill automatically shuts off. Such a safety provision not only saves power but minimizes the chances of accidents happening. Therefore when you accidentally forget to switch it off it won’t run on forever.

Minimal preheating time

Nothing annoys like a grill that takes ages to preheat and thus allow you to toss in your food. However, this grill provides a very short preheating duration of about 7 minutes only. Hence even when you are in a hurry to make breakfast it won’t let you down.

Simple to clean

Cleaning this Kenyon electric grill is simple. First, the lid easily detaches from the main body. The outer stainless steel surface wipes clean in seconds using a paper towel. In addition, its grill and lid is dishwasher safe too. Furthermore, the controls are leveled up to the surface thus making up for easy cleaning.

Waterproof touch controls

Even though its control panel utilizes the touch-sensitive buttons, they are waterproof. Thus even a slight splash or wet fingers won’t affect its operation. For example when cooking it’s very much likely that your fingers might get wet. You can still control the Kenyon B70090 Frontier All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill even with such fingers.

 Outdoor use approved

This Kenyon grill has been professionally designed to suit cooking in the outdoor environment. It, therefore, fits such use in every way, no wonder its UL listed as fit for the outdoor cooking.

 Safe to use

Electric pieces of equipment can be dangerous if handled poorly. However, this grill minds about the safety of the user. That is because it employs the three-prong plug and couples it to the GFCI power cord.

 Attains high searing temperatures

Searing meat demands very high temperatures. Considering that this electric grill heats up to 500 Fahrenheit degrees, it, therefore, becomes ideal for quick searing of meat.


A tight covering hood concentrates heats during the cooking process. However, without a vent, water droplets soon condense on the hood. This grill has the properly ventilated hood thus won’t cause such condensation problem like that experienced in the George Foreman 240″ Nonstick Removable Stand Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill. This grill truly portrays the well-thought design of the Kenyon grills. Professional chefs use professional grills. Click the button below for a grill made by grill masters;


The Bad

Smaller cooking surface

Considering that its grilling surface is only 155 square inches, it provides a small grilling surface. It will thus only serve a small number of guest or a household.

Disposable drip tray

Even though this grill is equipped with a drip tray, it isn’t long-lasting. Instead of using a sturdy stainless steel drip tray that can be wiped and reused several times, it employs the disposable drip tray.

Who Is For?

If you need the sturdy, efficient and easy-to-use medium-sized grill then this Kenyon grill fits you. Although it isn’t ideal for the large household, its safety provisions, concealed heating element, and double-layer nonstick coating makes it hard to ignore.


Besides the disposable drip tray and limited cooking size, this is beyond the average grill. It has both the aesthetic looks and functionality. For the luxurious lifestyle and grilling around the beach, this is the grill to go choose. Do you want to give it a try? Then click the button below;