Masterbuilt Electric Patio Grill Review

When you go through many outdoor electric reviews you are bound to meet grills of diverse designs. One such grill with standard features to look for is the Masterbuilt Electric Patio Grill. When living in a restricted area where charcoal and gas grills aren’t allowed, this is one piece of equipment to look for. Do you wish to know more about this patio grill? Read on to the end of this review!

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Features and Specifications

Sufficiently powered

The grilling power of an electric grill rests on its electric element. To suit any heat level this Masterbuilt grill has a 1650 watts electric element.  That provides enough heat at both low and high levels.

Standard cooking surface

The entire grill measures 21.5 x 20.5 x 16.5 inches. It, therefore, provides adequate grilling area to carry 6 to 9 burgers. Thus when you want to serve breakfast for a medium-sized family you won’t have to go through several rounds of cooking when you have the Masterbuilt Electric Patio Grill.

Extra food preparation tables

When fully assembled this grill offers two extra food preparation tables on either side just like in the design of Char-Broil 17602048 TRU Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill. That means you won’t have to look for an extra place to prepare your spices or hold a plate. Furthermore, the two plain side tables give the grill an attractive view.

Tool storage shelf

Like the Fulgor La Scappi ODEC720T2ASS 20-Inch Stainless-Steel Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, it also has a sturdy shelf located at the base. Owing to its size it can hold several grilling tools and thus help to keep them at one point. With all your grilling tools within your reach, you won’t waste time hunting them up and down.

The Good

Trouble-free to relocate

Although this grill weighs 42.1lbs and not as light as George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, its heavyweight is happily supported by the sturdy metallic body. Transporting from patio to the store is simple, due to the two rolling wheels. You can thus push it effortlessly by yourself.

Warming rack

In addition to the main cooking area, this bbq grill also provides a food warming area. Thus as you prepare the main dish, you keep the vegetable, soup or side dish warm. That helps to cut down the cooking time.

Grease pan

When grease and fats are left to scatter on a grill surface they not only make cleaning difficult but also fuels flare-ups. This grill uses a grease pan located at the base to trap grease and fats and thus prevents your steak from charring.

Cool to touch lid handle

With its smooth and curved lid handle opening or closing the lid offers very little challenge. Hence when tending to your cooking food you don’t risk burning your fingers. Furthermore, the handle also provides a good grip.

Stands stable

In its fully assembled state, this grill stands tall. However considering that its stand widens at the base, it rests balanced to the ground. Furthermore considering that the tool storage shelf also joins the four legs, it has very little chances of buckling.

Removable grate

Cleaning a whole electric grill with all the parts attached is not that simple. However since grate requires frequent cleaning, this Masterbuilt Electric Patio Grill provides the removable grates. That gives you ample space at the sink to do a thorough cleaning.

Deep circular hood

Covering the grates and hence lock in the heat is the tight-fitting lid. To contain large-sized roast and whole chicken, the hood features elevated depth and thus looks like George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill. That means the hood will close easily even with the large cuts of meat tosseed on the grates.

Simple but elegant

Even though this Masterbuilt Electric Patio Grill features simplicity in constriction, it won’t look odd when erected on your patio. Its towering height, the flat side tables and contrasting colors of the frame and the grill makes it stand out.  As you can see, this Masterbuilt Electric Patio Grill has many promising features.  Why not click the button below and experience its benefits?


The Bad

Non-foldable side tables

Even though it has side tables that act as preparation space, the side shelf isn’t foldable. That means it is difficult to create more space when using the grill where space is limited.

Take a while to recover from heat loss

Even though this grill has the tight hood that locks the heat to the food being grilled, it suffers a drop in temperature once the hood is opened.  It then takes a while to recover from the heat loss.

Who Is It For?

This grill is ideal for the man that requires a standard features grill for his patio. It provides you with almost all the vital features that you can require from an electric grill. It won’t disappoint when you have a medium-sized household.


If you need to upgrade to an electric grill that doest disappoint in many areas then this is a grill to consider. From the spacious storage shelf, side tables, variable temperature and balanced on the ground, it promises to uplift your cooking experience. Don’t just wish for it, click the button below and make it a reality;