T-fal GC70 OptiGrill Electric Grill Review

The T-fal GC 70 has one distinguishing feature; the ability to automatically adjust to food’s thickness and size. When you consider its size and heat capacity you can categorize it as the best electric patio grill.

So what makes it admirable by consumers? How does it compare to other high-end grills like the George Foreman GGR50B?

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Features and Specifications

Powerful heating element

Just like electric counterpart Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill, T-fal GC 70 OptiGrill is also served by the 1800 watts heating element.  That provides enough heat concentration for the 600 sq centimeters cooking area.

Six cooking programs

The T-fal simplifies your cooking. It provides you with six pre-programmed cooking options. That includes options for cooking fish, red meat, poultry, sausage, sandwich, and burger. You can thus match your food to its program’s cooking option

Automatic sensor cooking technology

Upon placing food on the patio grill, it will sense the size and thickness of the food then subject it to the correct cooking temperature. That ensures that the food is matched with the right heat intensity from the six cooking programs.

Non-stick plates

At the heart of the electric grill lie the nonstick plates. The plates feature die-cast aluminum. That makes it sturdy and rustproof too.

Dual cooking modes

This grill makes it easy to cook frozen food.  It provides you with the defrosting plus the cooking mode specifically meant for the frozen type of food.

In addition, when you don’t want to go manual with your cooking, it accommodates such a requirement. Simply switch the manual cooking mode. That gives you complete control over your cooking.

The Good

Apart from the features mentioned above, let’s look at the benefits of owning the T-fal GC 70 grill;

Simplified monitoring of the cooking process

The overall design of this grill makes monitoring your cooking process simple; from the grill preheating to when the food is ready for consumption. Once the preheating process is complete the flashing light changes to purple color.

At the same time, at each level of cooking (rare, medium and well-done), there are visual lights indicators. The light changes form yellow to orange and finally red for the three levels of cooking. At the same time, the visual lights are accompanied by audible beeps.

Easy cleaning

One of the most difficult parts of a grill to clean is the grill plates. But this patio grill simplifies the cleaning process. It provides you with the removable non-stick grill plates just like in the Cuisinart 5 in 1electric griddler. Its accessories like the drip tray and plates are dishwasher safe too.

Angled plates

The construction of the plates takes the tilted design. While in that posture, the fats will easily drip away from the food then collect in the drip tray. That contributes to the healthy cooking of fatty foods.

Sturdy design

To match the intense heat and provide years of grilling, the housing of this T-fal grill employs the brushed stainless steel material. The plates, on the other hand, are of die-cast aluminum material. So in overall, it’s the sturdy grill just like the marine grade Kenyon B70082 grill.

User-friendly controls

At the center of the grill’s handle are located the user-friendly controls. The strategic location of the controls makes it easy to reach. In addition, each control setting has the right picture that indicates its purpose.

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The Bad

Despite the overwhelming features highlighted above, the T-fal GC70 isn’t an excellent electric grill due to the following drawbacks;

Delicate automatic sensor

The grill requires careful handling otherwise the automatic sensor may fail. When it does, even the smooth operation of the food level indicators is interfered with. However, even without the automatic sensor, you can still count on the manual mode that gives you complete control over your cooking.

Limited cooking surface area

Although the unit is served by the powerful 1800 watts heating element, its cooking surface is limited. Thus it’s the grill that will prepare food for about 4 servings. However, due to its high heat packed in a small grilling space, it provides faster performance.

Who is it for?

This grill is ideal for that person who is inexperienced in grilling. It simplifies your cooking process despite your limited cooking skills. In addition, it suits the small apartment dwellers that need the fast and reliable electric grills where gas grills are barred.


Except for the few drawbacks cited above, this grill is valuable for that person just getting into grilling. Furthermore, it boasts the sturdy design, defrosting and even the manual cooking option. Grilling has never been much easier with this OptiGrill machine.

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