Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill Review

Kettle grill has gained immense recognition in the grilling world for the advantages that one can get by using these appliances. These are fully enclosed grills and considered to be the best for a smoky barbeque.

Well, as we speak of the best kettle grill, one of the finest products available on the market are Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill.

This grill has got all the significant features that one could ask for. Of course, this is not a party griller unless you have invited a few of them for a dinner gathering. It has a medium capacity but the performance is unparallel.

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Features and Specifications


The design of this model is signature with very few upgrades given to its overall appearance. It has the same kettle body, all rounded from the top and perfectly enclosed. Then there is an ash collection system in this griller which makes your task a lot easy.

The cooking area of this model is 363 sq. inches and it can accommodate around 17 burgers at one time. This makes it a perfect griller for a large family and in cut-throat competition with Kingsford GR1031-014984 Barrel Charcoal Grill which is also a high-in-capacity model.

This model is available in various colors to add a contemporary element to the griller. However, you can also find the traditional black color in this model.

Since the exterior of the griller is coated with porcelain, you don’t have to worry about rusting or oxidizing of the griller.


Technically, it is a heavyweight appliance. But the two-wheels on the legs make it easy to move around the house and garden area.

With portability, I mean that this model can only be rolled in the house. If you want to transport it or take it along to your camping trips then this is not the right appliance for such purposes.


For the beginners especially, safety should be at number 1 when it comes to grilling. There are some small yet thoughtful upgrades given to this model which makes it safe in usage.

The lid handle comes with a protective heat shield so to prevent your knuckles from burning. In the earlier versions of Weber, the legs of the griller were simply popped into brackets and were not held into place through anything.

In this model, you will find secure legs that are attached to the body using spring loaded pins. This feature also allows the legs to be removed easily and store when the griller is not in use. This way, the grill is sturdier and more dependable.


The durability of this model matches Weber 15501001 Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill. It has high durability. The spring-loaded pins that attach the legs make this model more balanced and firmer.

Rusting is out of question because of the aluminum dampers that are there on the top and bottom of the griller’s body. There are many reviewers that have claimed to have this model from decades. Such is the durability of this model.
Simplicity of Use

This is a perfect grill for the beginners because when it is about a charcoal grill, things cannot get any simpler. This model has got an easy, no-fuss design with aluminized steel one-touch cleaning system and removable ashtray.

The ashtray is enclosed which means that even if the wind is blowing, the ashes will not blow away from the grill. You can easily take out the ashtray and dump it into the dumpster.

To make things simpler, the side handles of this model have integrated hooks where you can store all of the grilling related tools and accessories.

The Good
Easy to Clean

The surface of the grill is plated steel due to which, less food get stick on it. This way, it does not give you a hard time as far as cleaning is concerned. You can simply brush away or scrub the top of the steel to clean it. Also, it does not require a lot of maintenance.

Lid Thermometer

The lid thermometer is very helpful as it allows you to check the food temperature. This way, you can follow your favorite recipes without worrying about overheating the feast.

Less in Maintenance

This model is made of porcelain which means that it will never rust or oxidize. With convenience in cleaning and various other features, this product gives you a least hard time for maintenance.


When compared to the other competitive models, because of the attached legs and high-quality metal used in the making, you will find this griller sturdier than any other competitive model such as BEAU JARDIN Charcoal Grill.

It might have few features but the ones it has are highly purposeful and thoughtful. This model is a great purchase for large families or the ones that are big on hosting barbeque parties at home.


The Bad

Less Accurate Thermometer

The thermometer seems to be less accurate in displaying the precise temperature. You might have to purchase a thermometer separately.

Better at Smoking

Well, many people have mentioned that this model is better at smoking food than grilling. It has features more efficient for smoking.

Who Is It For?

I will recommend this model to the people who are just beginning with grilling. The simplicity of features and the least demand for maintenance makes it a perfect product for someone who is new to barbequing.

Other than that, people with large families will also find it quite efficient and performance-rich as this model has a large capacity of grilling at one time.


Barbequing can become more exciting when you have a good griller to use. The Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill may not have many fancy features but it does have great performance and promising quality.

I will advise you to shortlist this model while searching for the best kettle grill as it has all the important features that you can expect from a standard griller. This is a highly considerable product that you can purchase.