YAMAZEN Wide NFR-1100 S 9 Electric Grill Review

Have you ever experienced the true taste of broiled meat? You need the right char-broil electric grill to enjoy such a delicacy. The YAMAZEN wide grill NFR-1100 S 9 (the focus of our review) is one such cooking equipment to consider.  This Japanese grill promises to improve your grilling work and make it much easier than before.

But can it deliver an efficient service and compare to other top performing grills like the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill? Well, let’s have a look at its core features that makes up the wide grill.

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Features and Specifications

Low profile design

The grill, although wide features the low profile tabletop design like the Kushi Infrared Smokeless Indoor Grill for BBQ, Kebab and Yakitori (Table Top). When you rest it on the kitchen counter it positions the cooking surface to a convenient cooking level.

Furthermore, it rests on short and sturdy legs that give it a good grip of the table.

Double grilling surface

The construction of this YAMAZEN wide grill NFR-1100 S provides for efficient and faster grilling. That is because the food being grilled receives sufficient heat from both the top and lower surface. Its double grills that sandwich the food contributes to evenly cooked food.

Bigger cooking surface

The entire equipment has a width of 46 cm, 30 cm deep and reaches 21cm high. However, the actual grilling surface measures 20.5cm by 31.5 cm. That provides a larger grilling surface to a medium serving of a family.

Adequately powered

As electric cooking equipment, its cooking power depends on the power rating and the size of the grilling area. But this gill accepts the power input of 110 volts and consumes 1100watts of electric energy. That should give you a sufficient amount of heat for the wider grilling area.

Variable temperature control

Just like the Char-Broil 17602048 TRU Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill allows you to vary the cooking temperature, this grill is also equipped with the variable temperature control.  Located on the extreme right-hand side of the grill is the rotatable knob for varying the cooking heat intensity.

And since the temperature control is thermostatic, any time the heat level threatens to go beyond the preset value, the power automatically goes off.

The Good

Transparent window

Any chef knows it. There is always the temptation to open a grills’ lid to check on the cooking food. But opening the lid lets the heat escapes. The construction of this YAMAZEN wide grill NFR-1100 S takes care of that. It gives you the visible window through which you can peep through to the food as it cooks. That helps to conserve the heat in the grilling chamber.

Longer power cable

To enable you to cook at a good distance from the wall and thus maintain its neatness, this grilling machine gives you 1.5 meters long power cable.  Furthermore, the cable is adequately rated to meet the grills power requirement.

Adjustable grill height

For the perfect grilling and thus the mouth-watering food, the YAMAZEN grill provides a way for varying the grill height. It gives a grill tray that you can invert and thus bring the food 15 mm closer or away from the grill.

30 minutes timer

For the simplicity of grilling different kinds of food, this grill is designed with a 30-minute timer. Thus you can set your food to cook for a specific period not exceeding 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes elapses the, a warning bell will sound and the power automatically switches off also.

Lightweight and portable 

The complete grill has a lightweight of 11.07 pounds and measures 46 cm wide, 30 cm deep and 21cm high. That makes it the portable electric grill that can easily transport from one place to the other.

Detachable parts

When fully assembled the electric grill assumes the sturdy and compact design. When you want to clean it, the parts easily detaches, therefore, making the cleaning work pleasant and easy.

Cool to touch lid handle

Even when this electric grill is hot lifting the lid doesn’t become challenging. That is because on either side of the grill is sturdy and easy to grip handle. Besides, the handle is also cool to touch thus making it easier to handle the equipment.

Polished look

As it rests on a tabletop, this grill presents the polished look. Even the parts of this grill, the way they lock and fit easily, paints the picture of a professional job. It’s, therefore, an asset that will never look odd but rather doubles as a room decoration.

Owing to the richness in features and benefits as described above, this grill is promising in performance. Don’t be left out, click the button below and make grilling easier with YAMAZEN wide grill NFR-1100 S


The Bad

Even though this grill has plenty of admirable features, it has some flaws that keep it from becoming an excellent electric grill.

Limited grilling surface

Due to its small grilling surface that measures 21.5 by 31.5 cm, it can’t prepare plenty of food to serve very many people. This is the major drawback for YAMAZEN wide grill NFR-1100 S.

Who Is It For? 

It’s ideal for the person wishing for the budget-friendly electric that’s also rich in features. If you live in a small apartment, this is a quick and efficient grill machine that won’t take up plenty of your kitchen space.


Although it’s not one of the famous grilling brands, its standard features and performance make it comparable to other established brands like the George Foreman 5-Serving Multi-Plate Evolve Grill System.  For example, its key features include the thermostatic heat control, glass window on the lid and the detachable parts. With just a click of the below button you have all the mentioned benefits above and much more;